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A sleep timer / alarm clock plugin to shutdown your computer when it's done playing and wake you up in the morning.

A sleep timer / alarm clock plugin to shutdown your computer when it's done playing and wake you up in the morning.

WinampSwitch is a simple Winamp-Plugin that shuts down your computer when WinAmp has played all the tracks of your playlist.That's especially useful when you want to listen to some trackswhile you're in bed and you're too lazy to get up once more justto switch off your computer.You can also you it as an alarm clock that wakes up your system from hibernation mode in the morning.

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October 24, 2001 by Fred Schaettgen69503 downloads

WinampSwitch - A sleep timer / alarm clock plugin to shutdown your computer when it's done playing and wake you up in the morning.

Staff review

Great shutdown tool...

Very useful plug-in that simply automates a Windows shutdown after the Winamp playlist ends. There's even a nifty 10 second abort time if you accidentally enabled WinampSwitch. Very straightforward and easy to use. Solid plug-in that will definitely come in handy.


damn great - first of all i want to say that tyhe fact that u need to login to ur computer to turn of the music is the best sollusion ever, i can't say much about the shut down feature since i don't use it, but all in all it's great - September 16, 2008 by Christoffer Wilhelmsen

Great idea, cant fault it - i'v been using this plugin for over a yr, never had a problem works great as an alarmclock and/or music at night, if you use winamps default playlist is good used in conjunction with "Playlist Autosave" (winamp doesnt save changes to the default playlist as they are made so when it starts as alarmclock it reverts to the last saved version). no "current playlist" button/function its only drawback. - September 23, 2007 by Brian Johnson

Very usefull - It is very useful for ppl who want to be woken up every day by their favourite music.Shame I found it so late. :(Btw.any chance of including an option which would allow me NOT TO SHUT DOWN? As I have my PC online 24/7 I just need to PAUSE/STOP playback through night. Thank you!Anyway, works fine on XP. - August 12, 2007 by Jay C

Almost perfect - Tray icon doesn't disappear right away when you shut down Winamp, you have to drag the mouse over it (Win XP). Other than that everything works perfectly. - December 26, 2005 by Ben Johnson

Best Winamp-Plugin - I use this plugin nearly every evening. It shuts down the computer after the playlist has been finished. And it still works with winamp 5.111 !!! - November 11, 2005 by hans huber

Shutdown and alarm plug-in - Very nice, easy to use and very useful. - May 6, 2005 by Kostas Golder

Life got better - I added this plug-in recently to my winamp and life got two times better. Easy to use, very friendly, and good features. If you want a plug-in to swith off or switch on your pc with winamp get this one, you wont regret it. - November 13, 2004 by Jorge Irizarry

The best waking clock ever - wery good plugin!!! it?s wery god that can close the computer and then the next morning open it without problems. - November 7, 2004 by Jonatan Svensson

Best Alarm plugin - One small bug though - This is truly the best shutdown and alarm plugin available. Very, very easy to use. You can set the computer to also standby/hibernate. And it starts up automatically in the morning as well!! The only quibble I have is that the timer control (shutdown after specified sec / min) doesn't work by pulling the winamp window to the left. So, if I'm playing a MP3 playlist, the computer shuts down as promised, but if I'm playing internet radio, then it doesn't. The same problem happens if the playlist is on 'repeat' mode. Maybe in the next version! - July 24, 2004 by A N

The best plug-in for Winamp!!! - I heard about it in a forum somewhere and started looking for it...finally i found it. I've never seen anything this good before...used it once & I F****** liked it! - May 18, 2004 by Rain Hendrikson

Nice... - It's a great plugin for winamp 2.8x or older. But the shutdown tool doesn't work with winamp 2.9x - May 25, 2003 by Jordi Perez

Great program. Patience required - I have to agree that it's the best winamp alarm out there. And it, coincidentally, meets my exact needs for my mp3 player/laptop in my living connected to my stereo. It does need a little explaination though. Like that you need to load a play list for it to work and you need (if you have win2k or XP that's based off a NT engine that requires a user name and password) to enter your password so that task scheduler can read it. Other than that little explaination (which anyone can more than easily find on this webpage.), it's a great program. - February 19, 2003 by Kirby Pupupuland

All that and a bag of chips - This program not only does exactly what it says it does, but it came with prompt brilliant technical support from Mr. Schaettgen. I was also having problems running the program in XP, so I wrote a letter to the creator to ask him what I should do about it. He responded within a few hours and helped me to clear up the problem. On top of everything else, this plug-in kicks ass. Check it out. - January 28, 2003 by Gary Bingham

the best. - by far the best winamp alarm clock. you're an idiot if it doesn't work for you, or if you think it sucks. the ease of use is what prevented the 5th star, but this definatly wakes me up, and if it doesn't wake you up, you should be shot in the forehead at least 5 times. i'm sick of bullshit reviews by haters. give the guy credit... it's a self executing program that works with winamp ... and it does in fact work. - December 6, 2002 by The Capo

ineffective - The plug-in just didn't work period. Total waste of time in my opinion. (Perhaps not XP compatible??) Also I didn't understand what the heck the "wake me once" dialog was supposed to mean... could be more clear. Time for a second revision methinks ;-) - May 15, 2002 by Bob Wehadababyitsaboy

cool, small app - This program was just what I was searching for. It works fine under Windows 2000 and you don't have to go into the Plug-Ins Properties everytime you want it to shut down at the end of the playlist. Just drag the Winamp window over the left end of the desktop and it will automatically do what you told it at the end of the playlist. Great job! - November 23, 2001 by Fabian Everding

The greatest - I've spent a long time searching for something to wake me up for school with my favorite music.... and here it is...and it's free !!!! :-D Now, I put my computer to hibernation, and it wakes me up right on time. Really it's the best! [email protected] - October 13, 2001 by Horza Horza

why not... - ...send bug reports to the author? (yep, that's me) btw. sometimes there's a more up-to-date version available under - September 18, 2001 by Fred Schaettgen

Doesnt seem to like ME - IT DONT WORK!!!! all the damn thing does is make ME ask for your user password and unloads your system tray! Sort it out! - September 17, 2001 by Silent Bob's Obituary