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WinampRC is a network remote control for winamp.

WinampRC is a network remote control for winamp.

WinampRC is a network remote control for winamp. You can control these functions over a network (LAN, internet,..)- Previous Track - Play - Pause - Stop - Next Track - Shuffle - Repeat - Seeking Bar - Volume - Panning - P l a y l i s t

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February 22, 2000 by Stefan Schmidt38870 downloads

winampRC - WinampRC is a network remote control for winamp.

Staff review

Control winamp from the internet.

WOW I can not control the playlist over a network with winamp. Now this is kicking that llamas ass if I have ever seen it. c-


Pretty good for what it does. Keeps it simple. - Well, there are others out there that are probably better, including one that uses Ajax to draw a nice little image representing what winamp roughly looks like on the other system, but, I'm running winamp on an old computer and, I probably needn't mention that something running a web service using java and such to do all that brings an old system to it's knees. Well, that's where this comes in. It wastes very little power with a very simplistic system. Unfortunately, I find a few annoyances. Such as when it has an error, it exits winamp (I had some kind of connect error earlier.) No chance to get to the configuration or anything. Also, the only way to disable it is to uninstall. It has no security options on it, so I'm not sure you'd want to just leave it enabled 24/7 on a PC connected too directly to the internet (but then winamp shouldn't need incoming connections anyway.) Finally, to get to the client, you must manually run it. It's located in the winamp plugin folder and no icons are created for it (not even on the desktop, though I hate it when things place icons on my already too cluttered desktop. Start menu would have been nice though.) I'm giving it a three start rating for now because it's in need of improvement, but, for it's intended purpose, it's pretty good once you get it all up and running and create an icon so you don't have to browse to it every time (even I can't memorize that filename well enough to manually run via command line, and I run 3/4 of my programs that way.) Actually, it kind of deserves a 3.5 because it's one of the very few that don't kill a weak processor with a lot of junk that you don't really need, which I consider a good thing whether it's on an old PC or a very powerful modern PC. - January 7, 2006 by Nazo San

The Best Remote Control for Winamp!! - I just wanted to say how sweet this thing is. I tried a couple other remote controls (networked winamps) and they stink compared to this one. Thanks for making this possible! I would like to be able to load playlists and have the file browser a bit more windows-like. Easy set up is to install the program on both machines, restart winamp on the slave computer, configure it's plugin for this under general (just keep the default port and type a password), open the warcc02b.exe in the winamp/plugins dir on the master computer and click setup, enter the IP of the slave computer, default port, and password, then click ok and then connect. Have fun! - February 26, 2005 by Brett Beats

great - it works perfectly! i can now control my winamp on a machine which i have connected to my stereo-system from my laptop. its great! the reason i gave it 4 was that i miss some options like resizing the windows and loading different playlists. otherwise its great thanks to the writer of this plugin, i know what it takes to write programs\\scripts and i apriciate your work. - January 17, 2004 by tox2ik the learner

A Great Start! - Well it passes the first test that most plugins fail.... it actually does what it says it does! I got it working with very little effort! You can control winamp from a remote location. However, playlist management seems to be limited to files on your machine. Also, it doesn't have any live voice dj features, which would be essential for remote djing of a radio station. Therefore, the usefulness of this plugin seems to be in question; right now, it's more like a toy than anything else. But if the author adds some features and improves upon the ones already implemented, this could be a very useful plugin for radio station owners! - August 17, 2002 by Kris Craig

Can't add multiple tracks - My only complaint is that you have to add one track at a time to the playlist. Very annoying if you have more than 5 songs. - June 6, 2002 by Ben Gunsberger

It Rocks. - Now I can use a laptop to control Winamp on my other computer that has the good speakers. A must for every lazy person. - May 19, 2002 by David Bailey

Good start, but why not finished? - OK, so it remote controls WinAmp on my network, but none of the controls are labelled (or have tooltips) so I've been merrily clicking buttons not knowing what effect they've been having! (And then discovering that one of them switches on/off Shuffle!). Also you have to click on the playlist 3 songs AHEAD of the one you want!!? The main functionality is there but it seems the author just gave up after that? (Post the source so someone else can finish the job!!) Or is there a more recent version that I'm missing out on? - May 2, 2002 by Ralph Bacon

Just good - Very good program, it's almost perfect, but it has some bugs to take care of, for example the playlist doesn't match with the server's one, causing to play any song but the one you selected. Another thing is the client's playlist builder doesn't support network files. Nevertheless the program is pretty usable, thanks Stef! - February 20, 2002 by Were Jaguar

excellent - Perfect to control winamp in a LAN environment. It offers all the controls like other remote control plugins (back, forward, playlist, volume control, etc). You can remotely edit the play list, too (it's a bit tricky - but it's working). WinampRC is running very stable on my NT and WinMe system. I looked through several remote control plugins - winampRC is the best for me. Good job! - October 6, 2001 by Peter Kroebel

Almost perfect. - Can be used for many people in the same office to control one MP3 player. Two of us work in the same office controlling the third computer that holds our CDs / MP3s. This allows either one of us to turn the sound down when we need to make a phone call / skip a bad song. - July 22, 2001 by Royce Fay

ALMOST THERE !!!! - Does the job. I was having issues controling Winamp remotely with terminal services. Hey, the less resources waisted the better, and this one is practically invisible. The security issue is definitely something that needs a fixin. Needs to limit itself to some sort of shared directory in the server config. GOOD ONE THOUGH - June 2, 2001 by Riche Stanley

Almost Perfect - Best RC for Winamp exactly what I was looking for as mentioned by others the control could be easier like if it were formed after Winamp and auto refreshed it?s self after a change. Keep up the great job - May 26, 2001 by Methos Frost

excellent for beta! - Great app, does what I want. But big security risk, and no installer for n00bs. Playlist control DOES work buts its really tricky, update, add, send, update, needs to be simpler. Keep workin' Stefan, you're on the right track! - March 29, 2001 by rob hanson