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WinampRC Extended 07b

Control Winamp from a network.

Control Winamp from a network.

Now open sourced (GPL license)...This plugin is just an extended version of the Stefan Schmidt's one (winampRC) because he didn't really finished it and project was discontinued <:(This WinampRC version support some advanced features like "Playlist", "Jump to file", "HotKeys" (and maybe more in future releases)...It's intended to be a little clone of Winamp with the same keyboard shortcuts and the same functionalities but a straightforward GUI.

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October 29, 2003 by Jean-Charles Lefebvre9267 downloads

WinampRC Extended 07b - Control Winamp from a network.

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Extended version of Winamp RC with more features

This is a more juiced up version of Stefan Schmidt's Winamp RC; which is a plugin that allows you to remotely control Winamp from a network. This version supports more advanced features regarding Playlist, Jumping to File, and hotkeys.


Get the old one instead - I missed this when I was searching before. I thought, hey, newer version, it must be better, so grabbed this version and installed it (making sure to uninstall the old first of course.) Well, this version has issues. First of all, I notice it won't show any details. No song title, no playlist. Even if I select update from the menu, I still get no details. Well, I could live with this, but, I'm not particularly fond of the way closing the client causes the winamp running the server to crash. Some people won't run into these issues, but, the point is that the issues exist in the first place in this supposed improved version. I also was annoyed that this newer version didn't make any of the improvements I had hoped to see versus the old version, such as a more full configuration. IP security, or even just the option to disable without uninstalling would be nice. But now the option to choose what port it will run on is gone too. The configuration button just provides an about style box saying no configuration needed. One would tend to think that it could improve and solve these problems eventually, but it's no longer being developed. I do think it has good potential and if someone took the code and improved it, it would be just wonderful, but, if someone has done so in the > 2 years it's been opensource I haven't yet found their version. Whether or not there is another, the fact is that this particular version has issues so I say look for the older version and use it or find another plugin to do the job. - January 7, 2006 by Nazo San