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Live song/playlist updater for the web.

Live song/playlist updater for the web.

winampLIVE uploads your current song and playlist to your website via ftp. Options for local save and current song highlight in the playlist.

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June 24, 2002 by Adam Niedzwiedzki9206 downloads

winampLive - Live song/playlist updater for the web.

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Update song info on website

Allows for you to update your current song and playlist information on your website via FTP. Nicely organized and fairly easy to set up.


really good but... - I have found any problems :( On my system the plugin works not problemless. Besides the playlist is limited to 194 tracks; I don't understand it. Only a hex-editor banned this problem! I think that more options (track length in playlist, play length of all tracks etc.) are possible but I am NOT a programmer to enlarge this fine plugin! I am happy enough that I solved the problem with the playlist limit by myself ;) But I hopeful that Adam (*winkz*) will remove any problems and add more features in the next version. Go on! I count on you! :D - August 28, 2005 by Schnuddel 0815

unstable - - December 27, 2003 by Olivier Oswald

Excellent - just make the few changes and it's perfect. - Please change the code around so the plugin will stop trying to connect when something isn't set up right, the constant bombardment of error messages can stop a novice computer user to never use winamp again. The delay it takes to upload information each time the song changes would also be a nice fix. A "solution" to not having your playlists uploaded is to just create a bogus directory with an empty "winamp.m3u" file in it - technically your playlist is still being uploaded, but it won't take nearly as long. - November 23, 2003 by Jon Kent

Great, but - I like the way you can save to file AND/OR FTP. And the "write your own" template for the files is great... BUT, if the FTP isn't configured right or you loose the internet connection, BOOM! It's the hordes of error boxes marching across your screen. And an option to NOT upload the playlist would be nice... being mine is in the THOUSANDS. Otherwise, first rate. :) - August 14, 2003 by PowerFM *****

Works, with a few caveats - This plugin does exactly what I need: create and upload a small HTML file to be #included as an SSI on my main page . Problems: 1) Do NOT under any circumstances clear the "Playlist filename" text entry field (for example, if you don't want winampLive to create a playlist log). Doing so will CRASH the plugin and keep you from launching Winamp until you manually remove the plugin and its associated registry entries. 2) It seems to "grab" Winamp processing during its initial ftp upload and not let go until the upload is complete. As long as you have all the settings correct, it does let go eventually. Fix those two bugs and I'll give it five stars. - July 9, 2003 by Andrew Rich

Promising, but.. - Gave up trying to configure the FTP as RegEdit and the TaskManager were the only way to stop the remorseless error box armies WinXP, Winamp 2.80, Cable, Sygate Firewall, SMC Barricade Router. - August 1, 2002 by Bob Someone

Awesome plugin - What a great idea. I play a lot of music in the office here, and now instead of asking me what I'm playing every 5 minutes, my collegues can just check my homepage, Great work. - June 24, 2002 by Mikey McCorry