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Bugs fixed(crashes at starting with an empty playlist)

Bugs fixed(crashes at starting with an empty playlist)

Play Diet Diet Revolution in Winamp!

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February 28, 2001 by Dr. Quake320312 downloads

WinampDDR - Bugs fixed(crashes at starting with an empty playlist)

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DDR for Winamp...

Allows you to play Diet Diet Revolution inside Winamp. You must have the .WAV and .MSD files to play. New version with bug fixes. -dg


Cool - June 25, 2010 by David Bry

PACK - MSD ??? - May 6, 2009 by lordpack lordpack

Alpha version... - It is great idea but plugin still not completed. The window is too small indeed.I think it's possible to solve the problem with .msd files. A lot of .dwi files can be found with google. Just rename it to .mds. - September 19, 2008 by Qwerty Asd

cool - very cool! but must be use file can dance...I can not use - March 23, 2006 by yan wu

love it but where do u get the files - I love these sort of things but 1 slight problem where do u get the files? - September 11, 2005 by Nitronumber9 hill

Needs work - Seriously DWI or SM files would make this rule x10! - April 2, 2005 by Jason Wood

Good Job!!! ^.^? - I have the .MDS files from the page that Frankie Miranda posted, (4 post b4 my, thanks by the way ^_^) but I don?t have the songs can u help me? I haven?t play it yet because I don?t have the songs but I?m definitely giving it a 5 out of 5 (^_^) - January 14, 2005 by Oni Sumo

Meh... - It's cool alright, but it should be able to use either DWI or SM files. MSDs are hard to find really. Plus, more people use DWI and StepMania now anyways. Still, very nice, but flawed with hard to find file formats. If you can make a DWI/SM supported version, I would scream and play ASAP. - January 3, 2005 by Case Boyle

This be awesomeness - This is the shiznit, it\'s for all ddr fans! DDr, in WINAMP? What next? Winamp and...FPSs? Holy crap! - November 11, 2004 by Andrew Turner

Just becouse msd. - yes is cool but you can also go to ( download it and you will know diference - March 7, 2004 by Diego Ahumada

very nice - this is a nice plug-in....when i dont want to play my full screen version of DDR.u can get .MSD files at- and for a full version of have to download songs for it yourself though...u can get the songs at- u have to register though but its free... so agian nice job! - January 31, 2004 by Frankie Miranda

Too Cumbersome - You have to go through way to much crap to get this thing to work. You should also have the .msd files as well as the .wav files available for download. I am surprised I had enough patience to get this thing to work. It's worth trying, but you should have all the necessary files available for download. We shouldn't have to search for them all over the internet. - June 21, 2003 by Zach H

what the hell - why bother getting this, its stupid, and like anyone knows what a MSD file is anyways!! - June 7, 2003 by brandon floyd

Some people - ok, first of all, don't say this is crap, cause it is a very good try, unfortunately, some of the people who have tried it out cannot find msd files. This is due to the fact that msd files are now obsolete compared to the bms and dwi files and these sopposedly "SM" files. So, sure it may be hard to find msd files, even harder to find them so they come with a song. I posted a review to this earlier with a site that used to have msd files and the whole lot, that site is now inactive and trying to get it to work will quickly lead to a throbbing headache. This is one of the first ddr programs i ever used, now there are others that do not need a music player to function properly such as Dance With Intencity and Delight Delight Reduplication, but the newest one is called Stepmania ( this is by far the best, check it out, looks like i'm using up too much space so i will say one thing to all those who dissed this because they couldn't get it to work. How about you use your brain, please be less shallow. - January 4, 2003 by Max Richardson

Diet Diet, Delight, DWI! - How about a version that let's you play Dance With Intensity inside Winamp... hardly anyone uses Diet Diet anymore. Other than that, I guess it's okay. - November 29, 2002 by Ashley Beene

Winamp DDR - Nice, but how do i play this? - August 7, 2002 by Mike Brown

somebody help me - i give it one star for the idea but it would be nice to have some .msd files to play with. is there a web site u can go to??? how about include them with the prog. no that would be too easy. it is best to piss off the whole world. NOT Fix it Dr. Quake!!! NOW!!! - July 31, 2002 by Michael Potts

Where the hell can i get those damn msd files - ahhhhhhhh.. so fucking annoying spent an hour ryin to find msd files. post web sites to find those damn MSD's then i will give u a better rating. - July 28, 2002 by sKiTz03 X

sux0rz - its called DANCE DANCE revolution not Diet Diet Revolution.... Diet Diet is another program to play ddr on the computer.... and besides... WinampDDR is still buggy so just stick to DWI. - July 25, 2002 by brok lam

???? - Sweet Game if i was able to play it. what do i configure the msd directory to. i've looked over the instructions that came with it a thousand times and i still dont understand. do i need DDR already in my comp to play this email me plz. - July 9, 2002 by Anthony Giordano

Great job - Wow this is really fun, although it's a bit rough around the edges, I like it a lot. Hopefully, more songs will be made for it and it can be improved. - July 1, 2002 by demon nope

Alright - Hey you should put it DWI compatible also since a bunch of DDR Songs are in DWI - May 17, 2002 by Goku Gohan

hmmm... - its ok, but it could be a heck of a lot better. the notes are kind of wrong to. can some1 invent a plugin that comes with the msd files and everything you need attached. plz p.s. if u just want games go 2 - May 9, 2002 by cow moo

Needs New version BADLY - This plugin was noble when it was primarily released, but the MSD format is now becoming obsolete when the DWI format is available. I suggest heading to & pick up "Dance With Intensity", which this Plugin was based on (Some manual assembly required). It's not a plugin yet, but somebody with the skills should remake this plugin to be user friendlier. - April 26, 2002 by Tim Stodden

OK How the heck do I play this plug-in - Ahem, so I download this and it asks for msd files. How do I get this msd files, I thought it would work with normal mp3 files. Please e-mail me and help me. - March 21, 2002 by Jorge Leon

cant find msds - Dude where the hell do you get these files!I need it!E mail me at [email protected] by 3/15/2002 then dont send any more! - March 10, 2002 by tenryuchris emple

Pretty darn....good! - Thnx 2 dis game I've managed 2 master DDR and noq i can do it in the arcade! Sure u use ur fingers instead of ur feet but its still pretty damn good! My only complaint is you dont get to see ur end score... - March 2, 2002 by butterflygirl 747

ARGHH!!!!!!! - Where can I get the friggin MSDs? e-mail @ [email protected] Otherwise, it would prolly get a 5 star - February 23, 2002 by Half NElson

not a bad plug in at all. - well yes, unlike many of these other dumb asses, i found my own way to get the mp3's for ddr [2nd mix - ddr max]. and i have also found many great MSD files [lol unlike many other tree huggers]. and this plug isn't half bad ^_^ but i say it needs one of those meter things that tells you if your passing or failing like it does in the real arcade. and some of the arrows fall off beat sometime =o\ - February 1, 2002 by Ron Villanueva

where can i get msd files? - i like this game but where can i get the msd files? can you email me some? - January 26, 2002 by David Saephanh Saephanh

????? - where the hell do i get those .WAV and .MSD files??????? - January 5, 2002 by Alejandro Di Bartolomeo

game - very nice game - January 4, 2002 by bella blue

hm.. can't dl? - i haven't dled this but it looks and sounds cool 6_6 and plus.. wouldn't it be more fun with da game pad? or just play it on ps or sumthing ^_6 sall good it was good to look at lol - December 19, 2001 by Alex Vu

MSD - dr quakes homepage aint working so where else can i get the MSD FILES!!! - December 12, 2001 by D00D Guy

WHERE CAN I GET THE MSD FILES!?!?! - it said to save it to your hard drive and open the msd sub folder BUR ALL I GOT WAS THE PLUGING INSTALLER - November 1, 2001 by Matt Trifilo

i want use it, but................ - I want use the "ddr win amp" But i dont know. Please tell me. Send inf. to: [email protected] - October 19, 2001 by gerardo lopez

I thought it was pretty fun... - ...using 'Get Up & Dance' and it's MSD from I give it 4 stars - October 6, 2001 by Eric Blehph

This games sucks - I think this game's author muz be a craze, what a stupid plug-in! (the game is quite stupid) It says it need DDR's .msd file, but you need download it, so troblusome! When u selected the wrong directory for the msds, u will get hanged! stupid files - September 6, 2001 by Slivester Chua

WINAMP NEEDS ME - i need ddr - August 24, 2001 by Biggus Everitt

It SUCKS - it wont even work with my winamp it just screws it up!!! - June 27, 2001 by Richard Duemmling

Yeah right. - Still, I'll remain civilized. I made some disgusting games and one skin by myself, but this... just look and type 'emile' at the skins directory and download my skin.. It is bad, isn't it? But not as bad as this.. is it? - June 22, 2001 by emile nijssen

Nifty... - I love DDR, and this thing is pretty cool. But you need to mention that you need to download the MSD stuff on your website. But another weird thing...the MSD is off of alignment with the song on slower computers =/ You should find some way to fix that...kthxbye - June 19, 2001 by Otaku Link

msd files and songs - If you want an msd file and a song to go with it to run this then email me at : [email protected] (one request per email) - June 19, 2001 by Jonathan Eggers

it sucks - This game sucks. - June 17, 2001 by Patrick McCafferty

problems - I could not ****ing play it. something's wrong with my, whatever. - June 7, 2001 by nobotaio yui

I haven't tried it. - But neither had bandy bo, when he (or "she"--who knows with a name like that?) arbitrarily gave it 0 stars. - June 7, 2001 by Aaron Gasaway

Dance It up! - This game is awesome! Needs some touches, but It rocks! Worth getting, so get it now! - June 6, 2001 by Cory Elliott

honky people... - i say we try a beatmania or keyboardmania yea? - May 27, 2001 by pork ky

This Game Sucks Ass - This game sucks major donkey you know what. Don't waste your time with this poo. - May 27, 2001 by Cheese MacFayden

About winamp DDR - A good softwere and good techno music a amazing fun and its a real game so i dont have to go to the shopping to play on dance revolution.But some links are broke on the author site.Ok - May 25, 2001 by Ricardo Zappelini

Gah... THiS Suxx0rs - 1:52 AM EST - Dance Dance for PSX was definatly better than this...give it's going nowhere... - May 25, 2001 by Joe Cabral

Very quickly to download - very quickly to download - May 23, 2001 by Lucs Luke

Its so great I won't use it - I need some msd files to get it to work but my prev user opion guy says its bad and want s to give the maker extreme pain and suffering i thing he's being a bit to hard on him.(bill G. should get that treatment:) he may even like it) - May 23, 2001 by Cosmo Spacely

Great thing - That game rocks!! - May 20, 2001 by Steve W.

tastes good^_^ - ddr on-the-fly - May 14, 2001 by little lisa

Mm... - The add-on is great...but a score system and a different background for each song is better - May 14, 2001 by Even B.

hell - what the hell is this? - May 12, 2001 by kh lo

i can't resist ddr - another pound lost last week - May 12, 2001 by Andrew M

It's the GREATEST!!! - This one's very fantastic. I don't to borrow to play DDR. If only I could rate it ten.... - May 9, 2001 by Don Buenaventura

great! - dance pad supported now! - May 6, 2001 by Linda Hamilton

Too many suckers here - What is the admin doing now! - May 2, 2001 by netddr lin

This Sucks Moose Testicles - Whoever made this ghetto version of Dance Dance should burn in hell. I also this that he/she should be raped by a thousand diesed infested gorillas! This sucks! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa, Shervin S is gay! - April 28, 2001 by Sam Valorose

HAJAJAJAJAJHAJAJA - First off, i would like to say that Shervin S is a flame shot. This game blows anus and Hong Lingyi should be blown by eighteen goats! - April 28, 2001 by Raffi Donian

ok lor but why is not run one - i want to ask about msd and how to use it. why i cannot make it run in my winamp player - April 24, 2001 by chan hou nam

Finally - I got one problem tho, i'm going to sue you for finger sprains!! Lol, j/k, but it's would have been better with scoring, you know something to show off with - April 19, 2001 by Roth Ea

Thank You! - DDR made for the computer. It's great, no, it's spectacular. This one is meant to be played with fingers...not feet. But that doesnt stop me! Well done! - April 14, 2001 by Shervin S

HEy dude - I think DDR on winamp was not true not now it is so rock on. It's a no brainer but this is rockable. DDR DDR DDR DDR DDR DDR DDR DDR DDR DDR DDR DDR DDR DDR DDR DDR DDR BLah Blah. Whoo Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo It's Dance Dance Revolution - April 6, 2001 by Kyo Kusanagi