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Password protection for Winamp

Password protection for Winamp

This plugin will set a password on winamp. To modify, choose general and then WinamPassword. When winamp has been started the next time a password form will show up. Version 1.1 fixed some minor bugs and has runtime protection!

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March 7, 2002 by UFO Productions25084 downloads

WinamPassword - Password protection for Winamp

Staff review

Password for Winamp

Allows you to set up a password for Winamp. Works easily enough...just enter in a password, retype it, then the next time you start Winamp, you won't be able to get in without the password. Handy for keeping out those evil conspirators who wish to clutter your playlists with nefarious music. Updated version with minor bug fixes.


oh! - how the hell i configure this godamn thing plz!,i would love to have it! but i cant !, plzz tell me how to install it, my mail is [email protected] - July 22, 2007 by marck cross

Finally I found that - Yeah, well done! It's really helpful, because I have sister and she changes my music, when I don't want that. :). - February 2, 2005 by Powerful NRG

Great worth 5 stars - Great plugin now I can lock my parents out of winamp so they do not F**k up my playlists and skins - May 27, 2002 by M D

haww, this is so.. - Sorry guys but your plugin is just a lot of shit! I can't use my winamp 'cause of it and I have the password but my little alien sister don't have the pass but she can use my fucking winamp! *** fait chier hein j'essaie de prot?g? mes prog pis c? moi ki peu pu les utiliser tabarnak! - May 16, 2002 by Mathieu A.-T

Has?o do Winam'apa - To jest To! ?ci?gaj natychmiast, ?aden baran nie b?dzie gra? mp3 bez Twojej wiedzy. - December 29, 2001 by Dariusz D�browski

Good idea but..... - Hmm great idea i thought when i saw WinamPassword for the first time on this page. But know i have tried it and found out that it doesn't work i real life. I still think that the idea is great, but it doesn't take a person, with just some basic computer knowledge, more than 1 minute to remove or find/change the password. And trust me, im no hacker! Of course im not gonna tell anyone how it's done, if anyone actually hasn't got the brai .... ehhhhmmm computerskills to find out for themselfs. And to the people who made WinamPassword. Ever thought about putting in a feature so you can password protect winamp when it's running?? could be great if you don't want your friends from changing away from your favorit song all the time. :) - October 27, 2001 by Andreas Gunersen

It's Great! - If any of you guys have someone else in the house using ur computer and always messing up ur winamp settings and playlist then downlaod this now! - October 14, 2001 by Chris Davis

Uh......Yeah! - This is really great. It's about time some one thought of this. This will keep the druken illegal immigrants in my house from screwing up my playlist. - August 31, 2001 by Se�or Intoxication the Dizzymeister

this crashed mah winamp - DO NOT DOWN LOAD THIS CRASHED MAH WINAMP - August 30, 2001 by ???? ???????

I like this - Most of the time it's me playing winamp, but my brother and sister are always messing up the playlist with music that I totally dislike. It's simple, effective and well done. Five stars for UFO Productions!! - August 12, 2001 by Afro Kip

Brothers?????????????/// - Its handy when my brothers are listening. they alway delete my favorite music. - August 9, 2001 by Tijgermug Tijgermugske

Winampassword - it never worked for me when it finished d/l it vanished - August 9, 2001 by Ryan Kruzan

Hope bro's not good with computers - This is a nice plugin. Simple, effective but there is one flaw. A search through my windows registry brings me to a file called UFO Productions. A quick look inside reveals a file with my chosen password as the value. it's hardly a problem since there are easier ways to get rid of it but it bears just thinking about. - July 17, 2001 by Guy John

YEEESSSS - this is cool hahahahahah no more friends comin over and wrecking my playlist hahahahahahahahahahahahaha - July 16, 2001 by dobo sed

cooool - Hi UFO, THIS IS SUCH A COOOL PLUG IN. - July 7, 2001 by Richard Rustanto

Awsome! - This is exaxtly what i need. My older bro keeps replacing my songs with classical songs and keeps the same title.Too bad you can only rate up to 5 stars. But here are the extra ones:*************************** - July 7, 2001 by Aaron Venezia

Greattttt !!!i want to give it 10 stars if i can - I always want to lock my winamp from my brother, now i got it hahahaha..ha.haha - July 1, 2001 by BILLY .

phh....come on - Does one really need pass protection for winamp?????? - June 26, 2001 by freaky weekly

This is sweet - If you are looking to lock people out of winamp you have arived. This is the smoothest plug-in i have ever used. Thank-You UFO Productions for such a great plug-in. - June 21, 2001 by Brad Watson