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Winamp wakeup control

Cosmetic update.

Cosmetic update.

This plugin will allow you to preset a wakeup time for winamp to do certain task, like start playing an mp3, and or stream an URL at a specified time of the day, now has a snooze option.

now with AM and PM options

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May 12, 2004 by Stian Gr�nland89880 downloads

Winamp wakeup control - Cosmetic update.

Staff review

Fairly straightforward alarm clock plugin

Allows for you to set a certain time (would be nice for AM and PM controls) for Winamp to start playing. There's a nice feature for boosting volume on playback too. You can choose a file or stream to wake up to.


Finally... - FInally something good. It's a little fancy, but it's OK! - August 25, 2006 by Max Saint

Just What I Wanted!! - Absolutly perfect, the only problem i had was the desktop icon didn't come up and its hard to get to to change the time but beside that its AWSOME! Very simple and I LOVE the MAX Volume setting ;) Good work this is a every day plug-in ill use! - May 26, 2006 by Dunkler damon

Holy crap! - socks got rocked off so hard, I can't even find them. You sift through the garbage computer alarms at, and through all the worthless plugins at and finally you find a gem like this. Incredible. It does exactly what it says it will, no bull. Thanks a lot, man. - September 23, 2004 by geromy birge

Nice work - Nice work, Stian! I actually thought about buying a clockradio.. now you probably saved me for that expense! This plugin is even better if you have a wireless keyboard. On the other side, I have to get up from my bed to get the volume down :) If you have plans for an update, I would like to see an option to set how many minutes the snooze function should wait between each volume boost. - July 1, 2004 by Dan_Michael Heggďż˝

YaY!!! - Pretty good plug-in....I relly like it!! - May 24, 2004 by Robin Kristiansson

The Fanciest Alarm Clock Ever - This plug-in does everything it says. It'll start up Winamp and play whatever track you set it to, including the last one you left it playing. You can also set it to have Winamp start at max volume, just to make sure you and/or the neighbors wake up. One thing, it DOES have AM/PM, its just set up like a 24-hour clock as opposed to the the traditional 12-hour AM/PM set-up. - May 14, 2004 by Travis Smith