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Winamp Voice Control

Winamp Voice Control Lite ed. Update: 1.3

Winamp Voice Control Lite ed. Update: 1.3

Let's Control Winamp via Voice.

Sys Req:

(1)Win 98/2000/XP.

(2)SAPI 5.1

(3)VB6 Runtimes

Visit: for more info.

Update: 1.3

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September 23, 2006 by Dipak Auddy25631 downloads

Winamp Voice Control - Winamp Voice Control Lite ed. Update: 1.3

Staff review

Winamp voice controller

This is run as an external app though seemed to not be able to find the running Winamp install as per it's help and subsequently crashed out. As such this is not tested and used at your own choice.


WAY too sensitive - I was hopeful about this, would be ideal for controlling winamp while playing Civ 4. I have trained my windows voice profile previously for another app, and this one recognises my voice commands very well. Unfortunately it also decides quite a lot of song lyrics are commands. Also seems to be a bug with the volume controls where it will keep executing the same command repeatedly until you give it another one. Finally, the annoying "pausing," "playing" etc that are read out in the computer voice are largely redundant. I can bloody well tell the song has paused, due to the fact that I can't hear it anymore. - May 27, 2007 by Tom Copeland

Perfect! - Works perfect! One of the best plugin's for Winamp ever! - January 13, 2007 by Tobias Bosma

Junk - Crashed for me too; Multiple error messages when attempting to install. - October 19, 2006 by Ben Dover

Amazing ! - Downloaded this, installed fine, but I needed more software to get it working correctly. This is all free from microsoft: (you want SpeechSDK51.exe) Once this was all installed correctly, and the voice recognition trained, I tried running this app with WinAmp. Verdict: Absolutely amazing ! Never have to switch windows to change songs. You can quite happily move around your playlist while runnig full-screen apps like games etc. All in all - highly recommended! - October 16, 2006 by Simon Edwards

Actually works. - This actually works, just ran the app, then winamp and clicked enable voice control. Didn't always understand my accent (Australian) but that's just because it's the MS speech engine. Only the lite version though, which isn't mentioned in the title. - September 26, 2006 by Dean Browne