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Winamp Sleeper Application

by Sid Mansukhani

by Sid Mansukhani

This is an external application and does NOT need to be placed in the Winamp plugins directory. This application can either switch off Winamp or shutdown your computer after the specified number of minutes. This application has been coded to work with all Windows systems. However, it has only been really tested on Windows XP using Winamp 2.x & 5.x! Please email me if you find any bugs or if it doesn't work on a certain Windows platform. When emailing, please make sure the subject contains the words 'Winamp Sleeper Application' as I have a very strict Junk Mail Filter! Email: [email protected]
Thank you for your feedback!

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March 9, 2004 by Sid Mansukhani25509 downloads

Winamp Sleeper Application - by Sid Mansukhani

Staff review

Straightforward timer app

Very simple application that shuts down either Winamp or your computer after a specified amount of time. Straightforward and easy to use alarm clock.


just what i need - I usally use the sleep funtion on my radio when i go to bed with this nifty plugin i can use winamp instead. thanks for a great plugin - September 8, 2005 by Dustin Barnes

well it's OK - 've just tested it with win2000(NT): it works with shuting down winamp. see you when i have tested it for CPU shutdown! - March 11, 2004 by tricard dius