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Winamp Radio Scheduler WRS

FM Radio Scheduler For Winamp 1.x

FM Radio Scheduler For Winamp 1.x - 2.x

New version 2.02. Lots of improvements and new features. Added a small playlist manager (can be used with files too), song logging, and tons of customizations. Intended for use with Winamp 2.x but many users reported it working pretty good with Winamp 5.

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February 9, 2004 by Andrei Constantin Iancu44119 downloads

Winamp Radio Scheduler WRS - FM Radio Scheduler For Winamp 1.x - 2.x

Staff review

Doesn't appear to work with Winamp 5

Installs ok, but, then hangs when you run it with Winamp 5. The startup screen seems to hang (task manager gives 'not responding' message)... and Winamp 5 gives a 'can't find output' error message. It would be nice to get this updated for the current version of Winamp (reason for low 'Completeness' rating).


A real shoutcast scheduler... - I'm impressed... Positively !! A suggestion: avoid this version 2.02 and go straight to the last one at Andre's site cause this 2.02 has got some bugs which do not exist in the last version. Besides that, you may plan entirely your daily shoutcast program including jingles in an easy way and it works very accurately (hey, I use it still on Winamp2.80, don't know about other Winamp versions). - December 6, 2004 by Agostinho Ferreira