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WinAmp Profiler

Allows you to create and manage multiple profiles for WinAmp, and more...

Allows you to create and manage multiple profiles for WinAmp, and more...

Saves your playlist and settings. Also can- Start play as enqueued- Protect playlist- Preserve cwd- Generate HTML playlist- Automatically start playback- Put random skin on start

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September 10, 2001 by X - Fixer11805 downloads

WinAmp Profiler - Allows you to create and manage multiple profiles for WinAmp, and more...

Staff review

Great idea for a plug-in

Allows for you to create multiple profiles for Winamp... so that you can save your settings and preferences the way you want them. Very useful for those that have more than one person using Winamp on the same machine... now everyone can have their personal settings saved without having to manually change things every time.


Doesn't work for limited users in Windows XP. - As this is the reccomended plugin to get Winamp working with multiple users I downloaded and installed it. It worked just fine from my administrator account but not from my limited user account. It gave me an error telling me it could not write to the registry. Searching the forums some more I found Winamp Multiuser and it works for limited users and what I reccomend. You can find it at - October 28, 2005 by Jon Penfield

Finally! - Finally I found this! I use WinXP multi-user feature and I've been losting my playlist. With this plugin, I can create not only playlists, but separeted configuration for plugins and Winamp configuration file. We should be able to activate this feature in Winamp, but this plugin do the work! - July 9, 2005 by Rodrigo Vieira

A must have - This really should be included in winamp (having muli-user capability is pretty much standard practice for every program in every OS), however, if they did implement it I doubt it would be this good. This plugin is simply amazing. Not only is it a must have for any computer with multiple users, but it protects your playlist (for example, if you autoplay CDs with winamp, your playlist is no longer deleted!!!) - July 8, 2003 by Leroy Brown

What was needed - Managing the family's WinAmp preferences is now a doddle. As a bonus, the "Generate HTML playlist" function includes a feature I wanted (playtimes of individual songs). I'm not even sure which is the icing and which is the cake! Great job. - April 10, 2002 by David Reimer

Update - If you have any troubles, try downloading update from - January 6, 2002 by X - Fixer

Pretty sweet. - Let me tell you, this is rock to the nth power. - September 16, 2001 by Christian Anderson