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WinAMP on TV

Full Screen WinAMP interface for use on TV

Full Screen WinAMP interface for use on TV

Full Screen WinAMP interface for use on TV Full Screen WinAMP interface for use on TV WinAMP on TV provides a new interface for Winamp, running full screen 640x480, it provides nearly the entire functionality of Winamp plus a full Artist/Album based playlist editor, built in visualisation functions, it will eventually link with a second program that will allow you to use a remote control to control the program. Note this is an Alpha version, some of the features dont yet work, and there are still a few issues that need resolving. I've had several e-mails from people who've had problems running the program because they're running the wrong version of DirectX, you will need DirectX7 installed to run it. I've also fixed a bug in the installer that was causing the Visualisation module to be stored in the wrong place. Visit my website at for more information. New in this version is the ability to skip to titles using the numeric keys as you would type letters on a telephone. This version has new Fastext buttons at the bottom of the screen (mapped to F1-F4), it also allows you to add whole artists and albums to the playlist, Delete Tracks is back again, and it's gained a new Wincue mode which automatically adds a new random track when it reaches the last track in the playlist.

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December 7, 2001 by James Watson89895 downloads

WinAMP on TV - Full Screen WinAMP interface for use on TV

Staff review

Check out the new version...more numeric key options

Ok this plug-in just rules. Take the time to check this out. Winamp on my TV has never looked so damn good! WOW man Just WOW. New updates: allows you to skip titles using the numeric keys. Bug fixes and increased database capacity also.


What a way of doing it - I like the idea, but it's easy enough to set up a TV as a second monitor, and use winamp as normal, and just drag it onto the TV screen. Like you say it's just an alpha version but it's a bit hard to use. - February 3, 2005 by Jason Steenstra

Keep up the good work... but - I like the idea, it's about what I looked for... but. First I think the way it's controlled is very confusing. Why not use al the arrow keys for the lists etc. (upper view) and assign the standard WinAmp ctrl buttons (z,x,c,v & b) for prev, pause, play etc.? Also I'd like to see and navigate the actual winamp playlist, not something WoTV cached. I thin there should be some option to clear the lists and load a specific directory or drive (a MP3 cd). Navigation through artist and albums doesn't really work for me. - February 1, 2002 by Berend van Berkum

It is god damn skinable - Press F2 you get a list of skins currently installed, if you want skins check out for the latest skin downloads, or make your own, it's simple, create a directory below the WinAMP on TV directory, copy the default files into it, then change them to your hearts content. - May 24, 2001 by James Watson