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winamp netsync 0.3b

Synchronize 2 winamps over a network, also can be used as a remote control, you get a "virtual" winamp of remote side

Synchronize 2 winamps over a network, also can be used as a remote control, you get a "virtual" winamp of remote side

Start the server one one machine, connect with the client from another. Synchronize both to the client's winamp, if playing the same song, the sound will be simultaneous and allows you to synchronize winamp. Also works as a pretty good remote control, let's say you have a shoutcast server running, connect to it and rewind tracks, fast forward tracks, or just make it louder :)

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March 7, 2000 by Gary Dikarev46432 downloads

winamp netsync 0.3b - Synchronize 2 winamps over a network, also can be used as a remote control, you get a "virtual" winamp of remote side

Staff review

Ok not sure why but there must be a need.

I wasnt able to test the plugin out before the review. Im not all that sure why someone would want to do this but I do like the nice and simple UI. c-


Superb!!!! - Super!!! I've also 2 in my room other in my kitchen... Sinchronization always been pain in the neck....:) Nice Job.... Although it may desinchronize after few numbers and singchronization possible only from one computer.... Even that....Its a nice tool to have.... - April 22, 2003 by Alexandre Ostanine

Gotta see this! - i haven't tryed yet, just made the download, but answering the staf team, i have 2 computers networked, and with that, i can: 1) Emulate quadriphonic sound system 2) have multiple audio outputs 3) Plug 2 Deluxe32 Lightrigs with diferent settings Once i've tryed this, i'll post here the rest of my opinion. - January 5, 2003 by Rui Maldonado

Works as advertized! - Works fine on XP & Win2K. Love it! - November 3, 2002 by JP Hebert

No Probs on XP - Winamp NetSync 03.b works fine on my networked PCs running on XP. I have them connected via a Linux box. Haven't yet found a way of adding to the seperate playlists from one PC - currently I have to manually set the playlists on each to be the same. Also an option to re-sync at the start of each track would be nice. - August 6, 2002 by Robin McKenzie

Dagnabit! I done said sumpin!_{',-'}_ - And it aint showin up wit da rest of da reviews. Go back a few posts, and what I says about this thang is there! __{',-'}__ - August 3, 2002 by Xan Kriegor

here's the need for it: - you could use this great utility for many things: 1) sharing a song with some random person on the net, asking them if they like it (great for chatrooms) 2) if you have more than one computer (I have three) and you get them networked, one computer can sync so that the entire house is playing one song - connect the three computers to three huge stereo systems bigger than the computer, and you've got a party several other uses and the interface is great - all it asks is that one person hosts, another person joins his/her IP, and that they both be running winamp - May 11, 2002 by L Jacobs

winamp netsync - Great idea. I've got a home network, and can listen to the same audio throughout the house! - March 14, 2002 by Carl Stephenson

Just don't use it on XP - I didn't have a chance to use other versions, but I know for a fact that 0.3b doesn't work on XP. Just thought I'd mention that. - December 21, 2001 by Adam Labay

Awesome! - Netsync is cool! I can now tunr off and on my streaming server, fast forward and alll sorts of stuff, for remote controll this is the bomb! - August 30, 2001 by Mike MacRae

DOLAZI GLASNIK - kako e be decki citate cite a ako ako citajte voa e arno da vi kazam pozdrav od _DJ_EroS_ i kako i da e mozete da go spustite ako nemate so da prajte ok toa e toa aj se citame so novi podatoci MADE IN MACEDONIA Internet Cafe Neo Planet - August 17, 2001 by rade dosev

haha =) - My favourite plugins are those that i see no real good meaning with, but that just makes me laugh... it sure looks fun hacing my 3 comps run the same music and also running each of them a different preset from the Advanced Vizualization Studio =) - June 12, 2001 by Alex Palex

Too Sweet - I have been looking for a plug in just like this. Usefull for playing the same song throughout the house from different computers! Get the new version here: - June 8, 2001 by Phil Sammons