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Winamp Joystick Control

Control Winamp with Joystick.

Control Winamp with Joystick.

This is a Simple general purpose plugin allows you to control winamp with joystick. i have develloped this plugin with my 3axis 4button joystick, but still it should work with any joystick.

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July 23, 2003 by Lakshman Kumar9072 downloads

Winamp Joystick Control - Control Winamp with Joystick.

Staff review

Operate Winamp with a joystick

This one installs ok... there isn't any configuration available tho. I personally don't have a joystick handy to fully test it out; if anyone encounters bugs or problems, please let the author know.


Too basic - I tried this plug-in using a 4-button gamepad and also found the axis don't do anything. The only control's I'm able to use are (A) pause, (B) play, (C) volume up (until 94%, then it goes to 1%) and (D) volume down. The next/previous and search functions are totally missing. - April 3, 2007 by Matthias vdHeide

Works but crap - The buttons Play/Pause and Next work fine, but volume up and down work bad (no constant steps, goes to 1 if it comes over 100) I can't do anything with my axes. I have the Xbox controller on USB with XBCD (Xbox Controller Driver) - April 18, 2004 by Tom van Leeuwen