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Winamp Desk Band

[Update] Winamp Desk Band 1.2.2

[Update] Winamp Desk Band 1.2.2 - Control Winamp from the taskbar.

This plugin was created to be a space saver and to allow faster access to Winamp functions.

The desk band features many functions, as run/show/hide Winamp, playback control, volume control, shortcuts to open file/jump to file dialogs. It can be moved and docked everywhere on the desktop, and even be a floatable window.

The toolbar is fully skinnable and customizable, and a comprehensive documentation is included.

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October 13, 2003 by Lord Darius55235 downloads

Winamp Desk Band - [Update] Winamp Desk Band 1.2.2 - Control Winamp from the taskbar.

Staff review

Very handy tool

This adds Winamp controls to your Windows taskbar.

It includes play/pause/stop/prev/next as well as volume control and more!

With the ability to be skinned and also control where the buttons are placed, this is a real little gem!


Excellent plug in! Thank you. - November 25, 2010 by Booker

Perfect...except!!! - This is exactly what I needed. Installed fine. Quickly discovered that the toolbar doesn't show up when running 64bit explorer. Totally bummed out now!Nice plugin. Please update for 64bit support!- Coarse - October 14, 2009 by Coarse Adjuster

Very Nice, but could use more - I like the ability of adding my controls to the taskbar.... frees up some desktop space. I'd like to see a seek bar and scrolling track title feature, but other than that, I think it's awesome and more stable than another desk band or control bar I have tried. this is the top of my list. - June 1, 2009 by buthon

needs updated - it might work with XP, but it didn't work with vista, so for me its useless although its exactly what i was looking for. also, i think the words in the taskbar are unnecessary, just gimmie winamp buttons, and volume. - March 12, 2009 by Mike Walsh

Nice plugin, but WMP better - Nice work in this plug-on. I like that I can customise it to a good degree and also the hide/show button and Jump To.However I was hoping that it would make the WimaAmp task itself disappear from the task bar like WMP does. As it doesn't I don't see how it's space saving as you now have 2 WimAmp tasks in your task bar.I would say I prefer the more simple kind of task bar/system tray control plug-ins instead, like QuicKey, as they just do what it says on the tin and also have keyboard short cuts.Would love a task bar control that incorporate all of that, but that's just wishing, right? lolThanks for creating this and I hope you see this as positive feedback! - July 7, 2008 by Ina Petersen

Works okay. - I used to use this plugin a lot, until I switched to Vista. Apparently this plugin does not work with Windows Vista. It does not show up as an available Toolbar. I always loved using this plugin before, but oh well. Hopefully the author will correct this! - February 11, 2008 by Joshua England

Perfect K.I.S. - I registered just so I could comment on this plug-in.Not ostentatious, or obnoxious. It's not buggy because there isn't much there to generate any. Exquisite in its minimalism!A perfect example of Keeping It Simple!Great work, and thank you! - February 11, 2008 by Jerry Ozbun

Desk Band Skin - Hi, i have read in documentation, and i like to create my own skin. You have asked: "If you feel like creating a new skin for Winamp Desk Band, don't hesitate to contact the author, so your skin may be included in a next release of Winamp Desk Band." I've uploaded my own skin on this link: and enjoy! ;)Note: I'm brazilian and i don't speak english very much - December 11, 2007 by Joao Pedro Wojcikiewicz Duarte Silva

The best! - The best toolbar add-on ive seen! Thanks! - May 6, 2006 by John Olson

The one - This is just the perfect taskbar controller for Winamp. The one and only I've ever liked and aproved. I've tried many others, but none seems so flexible, steady yet simple as this one. Theres just one feature I'd like to add: translucent PNG skinning. It'd be sweet. - March 14, 2006 by Armin Cifuentes

One thing missing - Great app, but it needs a Mute button. - September 12, 2005 by chris higgins

How the frak do you activate it? - There's no .EXE file, and it's not in WA's Plug-in. I can't find any docs either. Please email me @ johnrsellers at gmail dot com. - August 24, 2005 by John Sellers

You have tryed the rest now try the best! - Ok so you are looking for a toolbar to controll winamp (just like in WMP10) and you have been looking all around for one that works well looks good nd takes up little memory, go no further this is the one you want. I have had a go at all the others on this sight and this one works the best, its simple to use lots of different looks and if you dont like the skins you can maek your own, what more could you ask for. One thing it would be nice if we could make our own buttons for any shortcut keys we have set up or macros ect. - August 18, 2005 by Andy joy

nice plugin - it's very usefull, and it's easy 2 use. now i dont have to open my winamp to change the song of my playlist thx bro - August 13, 2005 by christophe Meert

Great! - I find Winamp Desk Band to very useful and it works fine! To those of you who don't like the icons: make your own skin, it's not that hard ;) I would appreciate it if Desk Band could be made theme aware. I know that most people don't skin their windows GUI with WindowsBlinds, but if you could spare time for implementing this I'd find it helpful. All in all a very useful plugin. - April 5, 2005 by Martin Eden

Windows 98 - It doesm't work on windows 98 :( - December 15, 2003 by The Wicker Man

works with winamp 5 :) - when toolbar is inactive , i wish it would scroll the title , time of song and maybe a small vis. .... still very kool ++++ for working with winamp 5 :) - December 15, 2003 by nikkie c

a word from the author - hi everyone, don't imagine i've forgotten my baby :-) i'll try to release a new version soon, with all the enhancements that are requested here. If only I was not so busy working hard to earn a few money... life is hard... Just one little thing aboout the 16x16 gap on xp : i'm not responsible for the bar placement, it's handled by Windows. Besides that, the quick launch bar put on the right will have the same behavior, it has been tested. (i put 4 stars coz i use it every day and i like it very much, although i must wait for Visual .NET to implement XP graphic style compatibility which is the very missing thing) - April 4, 2002 by Lord Darius

Missing some features, but amazing - I finally created an account to rate this plugin. It is a wonderful space saving plugin. - March 28, 2002 by Medieval Gnome

Great, put not quite finished - Like everyone else I love this! I've been looking for something like this for months and I came across this earlier by mistake. It's great, but like everyone else I miss a configuration screen and don't like the icons. Also on XP it leaves a 16*16 gap for me as well. Can't wait for a final to be released! - March 19, 2002 by Stephen Ball

exactly what I was looking for, but there is one thing missing - that was exactly what I was searching for. The only thing missing is: I can't edit the toolbar. All I want to see are the 5 buttons: play-pause-forward-revers-stop ... But in the readme, it says this is only a beta, and a configuration dialog will come soon. Once that is completed, this thing is perfect. - January 12, 2002 by Jochen Herberger

Good, but missing somthing - I liked the idea but... I found the Icons a little un-original, the winamp icon shows the winamp app, but does not hide it when it is clicked a second time. The title looks a little plain and the whole thing takes up too much room. However... It is good to keep out of the way, or not have to move it away all the time. I think that as it is right now, it doesn't need any more changes, It would be nice to see some refinement though! - November 6, 2001 by sE US

Cool!! - I like the interface and in W2K I can dock the toolbar wherever I want instead of having my Taskbar full of extra icons and buttons. It install very easy and seems to be free of bugs, so far. - October 30, 2001 by jim muth