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Winamp BrowserBar

Control Winamp from your Internet Explorer toolbar.

Control Winamp from your Internet Explorer toolbar.

Adds buttons to the Internet Explorer toolbar for full Winamp playback control. Plus buttons to start/stop Winamp, and show/hide the Winamp windows - great for full-screen or maximized web browsing sessions.

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May 7, 2001 by Chris Platts65174 downloads

Winamp BrowserBar - Control Winamp from your Internet Explorer toolbar.

Staff review

Browser Bar icons for Explorer

Very cool plugin that allows you to add Winamp play/pause/stop/back/next button icons to your Internet Explorer toolbar. Functional. -dg


Good - can anybody make this plug in for xp.Explorer not to be like win 95. - July 31, 2007 by resad hasanovic

It's PERFECT - It\'s perfect!Great jobI\'m using IE7 and it\'s ok for net surfing but what can i do when i\'m not on the web and just browse through my files?I\'m looking for a plugin that can control winamp from the explorer. Can anyone help me? - July 6, 2007 by Necris Alex

Netscape? - Any plans for a Nescape version? IE sucks, but I'd love a Winamp Browser bar.... -IMP ;) :) - October 15, 2006 by Daniel Burnett

Usefull... - When will there be a version for Opera...If you don't mind me asking?? - August 30, 2006 by Teo Vlad

simple - the way it should be. Its simple and works thanks! - October 12, 2005 by Tiago Capristano

Useful, but... - A very useful program, quick controls, easy-to-use... But many skins out there provide a feature like this, where the player hides like a menubar at the top of the screen. I can't recall the name of the feature, but MMD3 has this, as well as some others. There is much more functionality in these bars than this. - July 13, 2005 by Justin Le

I never knew I needed this - It's great when an invention comes along and solves a problem you didn't realise you had. First rate plugin! - May 4, 2005 by bon shui

The Best to come out of WinAmp so far. - The best to come out of winamp so far .Peiod! I only wish it had the time of the track in the display and maby somthing to scroll the tracks progress, but that might take up to much space. Anyways Its deffinitly the best ever. ever! - May 2, 2004 by robert byrne

WOW! - I always listen to music while webbrowsing. This makes things so much easier. - July 21, 2003 by Justin Jacobs

BrowserBar - Makes a good thing even better. Good job, Chris! - February 5, 2003 by Derrick Carpenter

Kick Ass! - This is a hell of a good idea. I listen to music all the time at work/home, so this is perfect for me. - October 12, 2002 by Terry Matthews

my bad... - i thought that was it, forgot there is more options in config...i take back that i said its only good its is GREAT!!!!!!! No Doubt.... - August 3, 2002 by d p

slick - Nice touch with the good idea. Cuts donw a little running the mouse everywhere. Buttons fit in the browser nicely, not flashy or bold, look like the are suppose to be there. Thanks for the great idea. - April 12, 2002 by Levi Mueller

No Reason Not 2 Have This One - Can you live without thisone,,,,, I THINK NOT!@# Great Job!!!! This 1 screams Download me****** - March 3, 2002 by Chris Pags

Great plugin - A must have for all lazy people out there. :) - February 28, 2002 by Andrew Ensley

No reason not to use it. - Most of us spend a very large fraction of our computer time browsing the web, and so why not add this to the toolbar. I prefer it to keyboard shorcut keys. And the icons are simple, as opposed to some apps crazy colorful crap. - February 8, 2002 by Rafal D

Useful, but missing an important feature. - This is one great plugin, but it is missing one important feature: a load button! It has all the other controls, but I can't select which song to play from it, which greatly decreases its usefulness. Add a load button, and you'll get a 5. Until then, 4's all I gen give ya, - November 23, 2001 by Tim Bocek

Amazing Plug-In - This Plug-In is the best damn thing I have ever seen... just wish that it was around a long time ago. I love using it... makes surfin' the net so easy and fun. Thanks!!!!!!! - October 7, 2001 by Seneca Tarby

Very usefull - Good job. This is one of the most usefull plugins available for winamp. - August 16, 2001 by Ian Newman

one of the most usefull downloads so far - this is a great plug in... makes everything so much easier, especially when you just want to skip a song and don't want too many windows open. - August 6, 2001 by jason gordon

God's name is Chris - Wow. A must for Web-surfers. Now if only someone made this for Age of Empires. - June 21, 2001 by Mad Hatter

Very useful plugin! - This is one of the best plug-ins I have seen so far. It makes scrolling through songs and simple tasks in WA so much quicker. - May 8, 2001 by Stephen Richards II