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Winamp Bluetooth Remote

Control Winamp via Mobile phone

Control Winamp via Mobile phone

Use your mobile phone to open and control Winamp via a Bluetooth connection.

The following commands are available:

Previous Track, Play, Next Track, Skip Back, Stop, Skip Forward, Minimise/Maximise, Pause, Quit Winamp, Load Winamp, Toggle Shuffle, Toggle Double/Normal Size, Increase Volume, Decrease Volume, Toggle Equalizer, Left Mouse Button, Right Mouse Button and Mouse Pointer.

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April 7, 2006 by Peter Richardson55839 downloads

Winamp Bluetooth Remote - Control Winamp via Mobile phone

Staff review

This is untested since no appropriate hardware was available to test with.
Provided is a readme file on how to use the .hid file required (there is 3 different versions for different screensizes/models) so it should be clear on what to do to use this as long as you have the phone required.


simply: NICE!!easy to configure, when you change the global Hotkeys options - November 3, 2009 by fdiwald

works for k700i - works great on my k700i...for those having problems with the volume keys reversing your screen, kill "hkcmd.exe" from your process list...and it should work fine... - December 30, 2006 by Chap Camongol

how to - exelent programm, had a little bit of trouble because it doesnt work as they say in the manual. with my btoes 2.0 i just have to click on my bluetooth places->view devices in range->your phone then the services are detected-> and then just click on mouse and keyboard control (might be diferent with other languages) the the phone starts blinking with the remote menu select the plugin and enjoy. its the only way it works for me. doing it according the manual doesn't work. - August 23, 2006 by jeanbaptiste weetiknietmeer

Super Dooper - With this little plugin, sitting 10 meters from my computer I can ... start winamp, play my music at full volume and convince the person using the coputer that it has a virus :) All of this with out even having to get up out of the chair. - May 29, 2006 by Audrey Niehaus

Solid plugin - I was skeptical at first, however I downloaded it and ran the program on my k750i. To my amazement, it runs extremely well, as it uses global hotkeys to control Winamp. Great plugin for those of us who like to control ou music from other places other than sitting at the computer. It also removes the need for the remote control hardware devices, so it frees up a USB port on my PC, as the bluetooth already takes up one USB and is used for other things, making this piece of software a port-saver. - May 4, 2006 by Alain Berger

WOW - I have a SE S710a and it worked perfectly... nice skin and does everything for my winamp... thanks man!! - April 28, 2006 by Chris L

Pritty cool - Handy control program. Kinda works with my W800 using SP2 native bluetooth drivers. Only problem is that pause and shuffle shuffle dont seem to work despite having the global shortcuts set right, you really do need to check all your shortcuts. I'm still gonna use it for controlling winamp because it's still totally useable. Nice plugin. - April 27, 2006 by Chris Allen

Sorry - this Plug in dont works with my Sony Ericson t630... but that?s a nice Idea! bekommst Du sowas auch f?r mein Handy hin? - April 26, 2006 by Ronny Jechorek