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Winamp Alarmclock

An alarmclock for Winamp 2.x

An alarmclock for Winamp 2.x

Options include fading, snooze and configurable repeat, shuffle and volume. Alarm can be configured to alarm same time every day, or separately for each weekday.

1.2 version fixes shuffle/repeat and adds option to use current Winamp playlist. Resubmitted, since there has been apparently a mixup - offered file was version 1.1x.

Source code for alarm is available now at

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January 29, 2004 by Harri Salokorpi120654 downloads

Winamp Alarmclock - An alarmclock for Winamp 2.x

Staff review

Functional alarm clock

This one is pretty straightforward.... defnitely has all the options you need for an alarm clock. You can set up different alarm schedules for different days, adjust audio level, fade, shuffle, snooze, etc. A good way to wake up. New version with a few small bug fixes.


Almost perfect - I though it was a perfect plugin. Its "unperfection", in my opinion, it is not given by a defect, in fact it is given by a lack of something:-setting the alarm duration (like in 00:01:30 will be turned off)-having the oportunity to set more than one schedule per dayI am saying this because I am a freak who likes to wake up and sleep again an hour or so before the real wake up with the getting of the bed and start my day crap.Maybe an auto snooze with its execution in minutes and seconds could make it perfect. - August 12, 2009 by facundodiaz

Neat! - This is nifty, no nonsense, and effective. 5 star all the way.It has - Fade in for peaceful wake-up. (crank up the volume if you want a sure-shot wake-up).- Plays current playlist with shuffle and repeat. basically whatever you want to start your sweet day with.- no price. Freee. rather priceless. :-DA few things this doesnt have is a sleep function and a system tray to remind you to keep winamp on & that you have an alarm on. - April 10, 2009 by Nikhilesh Sanyal

BUGGY - Good in theory... This POS just (and has) woke me up 2 hours early for the last time.TEST YOUR CODE BEFORE YOU SUBMIT IT! ESPECIALLY WHEN IT AFFECTS PEOPLES LIVES! - February 10, 2009 by Aluminum Falcon

Works for Me - Wakes me up every morning to a howard stern pirated mp3. - January 1, 2009 by scott schreiner

It does what an alarm clock does. - After searching for such a plug-ins, I installed two others, which either didn't worked or were too invasive.This is just the perfect one for me; you can set an hour for each day separately, set a specific playlist or song (with shuffle and repeat options), plus a fade-in and a snooze option. - November 19, 2008 by Narushima poussier

Almost beta - I had some trouble with the fact it doesn't work when paused. Tested it again a couple of minutes ago and hope to wake up to it tomorrow :) - June 28, 2008 by Koen Riksen

Useful, functional, works with Winamp5 - I really like this thing. Only annoying bug is that repeat and shuffle randomly deactivate after a few songs (in Winamp 5.52) - March 24, 2008 by Fabian L

Great plugin - works like a charm! - Of all the Winamp "Alarm Clock" plugins I tried, this is the least temperamental.It allows for the current playlist to be played, or one from a file (I use a BBC Radio 1 playlist).My only downpoint for this plugin is that while the fading in feature works well, it can only fade in over a maximum of 10mins. I would like to have seen that doubled, or possibly more.Overall this is a great plugin, and it will more than likely do what you want it too... - March 20, 2008 by Andy McMillan

does its job - however, i noticed there is a bug with the repeat setting. it only works occasionally, depending on the previous state of the repeat checkbox in winamp. - March 16, 2008 by A Guy called Yathosho far as it goes... - The ability to set different alarms for different times on different days makes this more of a *scheduler* rather than just a mere alarm clock.BUT(!) if it could also be set to play different *radio stations/streams* as well as files, it would then rate 5 stars! - February 23, 2008 by B Brown

Exactly what it says and wonderfully so. - One of the best plugins i've seen. There's not much to it. Simple just like winamp. I couldn't have asked for anything more. - October 28, 2007 by Jody Nope

Almost perfect - the alarm works just fine when your file is stopped. even when winamp is minimized. The alarm doesnt work when your file is pauzed. i listen mainly to live sets, so everytime listing from the beginning is bit boring. easy to use and almost perfect ;) - May 4, 2007 by Ampora Blanco

Nice job - This plugin was the second one I tried, and suited perfectrly for my needs. Its a simpl alarm clock biuld into winamp with snooze and fade property. if two sings could be added, it would be better: sleep property and start without having winamp allready running. Thanks again. - April 10, 2007 by Merlin Faith

Works But With 2 Major Bugs - This Plugin works fine except for 2 blaring bugs that are really annoying. 1. If winamp is paused when the alarm is supposed to go off, it won\'t. 2. When the alarm is playing and you have repeat/shuffle on, if you pause the song it will disable both options. It will not be disabled if you stop the song though. If these 2 bugs were fixed this mod would be awesome, but as it is at the moment it\'s pretty average. - March 22, 2007 by Pete _

Great overall, works pretty well - The only problem is really going to sleep. There should be an option for fade out, so you could go to sleep and slowly have the music fade out for 30 minutes, and then winamp would stop completely. There should also be a hotkey, so when you use the hotkey, it activates fade out and you can go to sleep, which should include a visual confirmation that fade out's been activated. That would make this the perfect alarm. - November 25, 2006 by David Foltin

does what it says, plus a lil more - I really like the fade-in feature --- now I can lull myself AWAKE with Alpha - Nyquil! - June 26, 2006 by Allah Mustafa

Solves The Problem To a T... - Plain and Simple.....IT WORKS!!! Not much is to be said. The Program works exactly as it should. It installs quick and painlessly, and setup is just as easy if not easier than setting a digital alarm clock. - April 9, 2006 by Clinton Martinez

a fine alarmclock - I tried a few other alrmclocks on winamp and settled for this one because it combined functionality with useful features. One missing feature is the option to play a directory, instead of a song or playlist. Perhaps this could be implemented in a future version. Thanks for making this open source. - October 29, 2005 by Aharon Varady

Not that great - This plug in works--sometimes. I'm glad it had lots of configurable options, but I could not get the alarm to work right at all. It wouldn't save my settings (perhaps there is a minimum time you need between current time and alarm time). There is hardly any documentation instructing the user as to the proper operation of the plug-in, so if you download this, get ready to do some testing if you want to wake up on time! If you like to fall asleep to music, forget it. I would have my stereo set on maximum volume and winamp volume at 1%. You can see this program will fade up to 100%, hence the blaring alarm feature I was looking forward to. Well, if winamp is playing a song when your alarm is supposed to go off, the alarm won't activate, and you'll still be asleep. So, if those two things were fixed, this might be a worthy plugin. Until then, I'm sticking to my electric alarm clock. - September 12, 2005 by Curtis Kline

Looks good - Would be nice to see a feature along the line s of "play this song on my current playlist as the alarm". Other than that, looks great! - February 9, 2005 by addy biru

good stuff - Everything about it is perfect. ...except for 2 things: 1. i've found a little bug: setting the time for the alarm can be a little bit touchy or forgetful (doesn't update) if you have it in 12 hr time format. 2. needs a feature to just play the current playlist besides that stuff, and even dispite that stuff, this is the best alarm out there for winamp that i have seen. has (mostly) all the right features and isn't bloated. - October 30, 2004 by David Thomas

Works Great - I've been using it for quite a while nou and it hasn't let me down (or sleep, for that matter). It's easily configurable, non intrusive, FREE, intuitive and it works really great !! Thanks ;) - August 28, 2004 by Razvan Brates

Great, just great ! - This one is the best clock for winamp. Setup it, run winamp, and you will wake up in music thanks Harri Salokorpi - June 4, 2004 by Mathieu Charron

So far, so good - This is a great plug-in for winamp, but I have one suggestion: Make it so that winamp does not have to be open, only the winamp agent. This way, if the computer gets restarted, or if Winamp gets closed for some reason, the alarm will still work. - May 18, 2004 by Dave G.

Functional, Does the job, and does it well - I have tried a few of those so called winamp alarm plugins. This one features an eays to use interface and it works like a charm. It well deserves 5 stars. If you get only one alarm plugin for winamp, get this one! thumbs up. A top notch plugin! - April 20, 2004 by Samer Hassouneh

superb - exellent plugin, best one out there. thank you 'author' :) - February 4, 2003 by ewrw wer

Nice and Clean - This one is really self explanitory. This one works every time you run winamp. Make sure all the settings are the way you want it and have winamp running. It even keeps it settings witch is nice, so all you have to do is start it. I have ran it through all the tests. The other ones dont work all the time and they can let you down. Have fun with this one. SirMerlin FHA - July 28, 2002 by Aston Martin

That's the only working plugin! - It's perfect. I've tried some other alarmclocks, but none worked (WinXP?). This one is great, works perfectly. Get it, if you'd like to make your Winamp works automatically! - July 7, 2002 by Norman Sand

Excellent! - Good and working alarm clock plugin. Pros: + Free!! + Good configuration dialog ( simple and efficient layout) + It works + Enough customization options + Small size Cons: - Tooltips/small in-program help would be nice - More features Tips: - Always test alarm clock settings before actual usage - If your alarm type is 'every day same time', remember to select 'current alarm active' checkbox. - June 27, 2002 by Samuel Tervaskanto

I had a good morings sleep - I slept well this morning waking up 30 mins late. This did not work and has failed me! Cant blame my sound system cuz i have a 15" sub next to my bet and i wouls had defantly heard/felst it! I was woken up by the sounf of an instant message. - May 20, 2002 by Josh Hamilton

I can't sleep!!! - well, only cause this thing actually works, unlike the others i've tried... Easy to use, and it doesn't screw up like the other ones i've tried before! - May 13, 2002 by Greg Postma