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WinAlarm 2 point 6

Wake Up To Winamp With WinAlarm

Wake Up To Winamp With WinAlarm

"Space Bar Snooze"

Do you need just 10 more minutes of sleep?
Well now just hit the space bar and Snooze. (Hit it twice if the screen saver is running)

WinAlarm can have multiple alarms, fade in and out the volume and shutdown your computer after the alarm. There are 3 configurable "Sleep Timers". WinAlarm has cool little "snapping" "skinned" windows counting down the time to your alarms. It can even say the time after every song so you know how long you've overslept.

Thanks to all who have registered the evolution of WinAlarm will continue!

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December 8, 2002 by Brian Stuart115282 downloads

WinAlarm 2 point 6 - Wake Up To Winamp With WinAlarm

Staff review

WinAlarm 2.41....with improved volume controls

Forget those clock radios with the flimsy speakers. Let yourself wake up everyday to whatever music you choose with this nifty plug-in. Very complete configurability... you can even save different alarm presets for certain days and times. Nice sleekly skinned windows for your interactive pleasure... countdown times... computer shutdown option available... fade in and fade out... etc. This is a very useful tool that will make your life better.


Have spent many hours trying to find a good Winamp Alarm for my computer. I have chosen this WinAlarm. It is best. I like the manger interface, it is very comprehensive; also I can have multiple alarms with different tunes and playlists. The alarm interface is very clean and simple. I only had one problem with using the computer in Standby mode, but that really has to do with the monitor not turning on (I like to see the psychedelic visualizations in the morning on weekends). - December 13, 2010 by [email protected]

Wondertful Plugin! - I love this plugin, there is nothing out there like it and it works so well! I was tired of listening to the morning talk show news on the local radio stations. It is so much better waking up with my own playlist of music! I also like the fact that you can set the days of the week, program multiple alarms and even have it shut down the computer when its done with the alarm. I just set the computer to auto-turn on just before I go to bed and then winalarm shuts it down for me in the morning! This really helps me to conserve on energy used to run my many computers. Thanks! - March 23, 2009 by Kurtis Scheuerlein

Very nice, but... - ...I personally miss a configurable fade-in time and I think that 10$ for a simple alarm program (eyecandy aside) is a bit much to ask. - March 24, 2008 by Fabian L

Great Alarm Clock - I dont have to say much about this alarm clock, cos it do all what you need, and it is cheap.great job - August 15, 2007 by Boris Klein

Easy & Fluid Program, A Must Have - WinAlarm is easy to use easy to install and looks great. If you love winamp like I do, you have to have this. Wake up to your own music with the great sound of Winamp and you will just feel better. WinAlarm is simple to use and has all the features you could want in an alarm, it is totally worth the ten dollars. Good Job!! - July 26, 2007 by Philip De Terlizzi

Bright and Clear - WinAlarm is the perfect solution to waking up to your music or recorded podcasts. The added bonus is the ability to fall asleep to the same selection.The superior nature of this plug-in is shown in the ease of use and setup for not one but multiple alarm and sleep settings. The support provided by Brian is second to none. Bottom line this is the best of the many alarms I have tried, and dismissed. For me personally, WinAlarm, is the first and only Alarm Plugin for WinAmp.WinAmp should ship with this alarm.Courtney - May 18, 2007 by Courtney Nieman

very nifty plug-in! - and very reasonably priced, for the benefits it provides. definitely like the fact it'll do you the favor of stating the time, after each song, especiall since I tend to ease into a waking state. good stuff indeed! - March 10, 2007 by Gary Reed

Best plugin times two - This is the best plugin I have seen for winamp. It is easy to set up, easy to use, provides a REAL set of features. I bought it for my old machine and was going to transfer it to my new machine, but decided to just pay him for another copy. It's worth it. I use it to lull me to sleep at night and to wake me in the morning. It is one of the reasons I keep using Winamp. - February 14, 2006 by Rick Goldgar

Great plugin!!! - I never buy programs on the net, there is always a similar program that???s free. After the trial period I found that something was missing in my like, like the mornings. This program is just like the other alarm clock plugins, the diverse settings makes this alarm clock head and shoulders above the other plugins. The diverse settings and features of this plugin are well worth the cost! - February 2, 2006 by I Turnbull

^_^ - Usually i find a freeware version that will "do job", but when i got this on trial i saw it does EVERYTHING i need it to. I never usually pay for software on the net, but this was a definate exception. I can set a weekday alarm to get me up for uni, a weekend alarm that gives me a lie in and any others i feel i need! You can set the alarm and just forget about it. Nice features include: Play exsisting playlist, or any other playlist. Multiple alarms. Visual alarm clock on or off (i prefer off, a simple icon appears in the system tray). Choose the alarm to shuffle your songs. Spoken time at the end of each song. Spacebar snooze. Volume fade-in (adjustable!). Snooze time is adjustable. I HIGHLY recommend this plug-in. The author of this program has emailed me back within 24 hours of any outbound email aswell. Now THATS customer support! ^_^ - January 30, 2006 by Matt Choules

Amaizing - For only 10 bucks, nothing beats is. will play everything and easily customizable - January 22, 2006 by alex broszeit

Great Alarm - This has made many a pleasant waking possible. I set a whole week of my frustrating ever changing schedule into the alarm, and always wake up on time. You can customize the waking music to your anticipated mood, and needed motivation. I have had the pleasure of seeing freinds delighted with their own aquisition of this software, and I in part share the glory for it's discovery, and so in return, thank you very much Brian Stuart. I have only found one error which has no bearing on it's usefullness or reliablility, and that is that the volume level is settable to 255 but when typing it straight into the field only a moderate number is allowed, through the scrolling bar to reach 255 is fast, it would flow better with that bit of silliness fixed =) -Jonathan - January 18, 2006 by Jonathan Ortony

room for improvement - I like Winalarm a lot. I got it to replace Musicmatch's alarm b/c Musicmath became unreliable when it popped up registration windows almost every time it opened. There are few things I would like to see improvement on in Winalarm: 1) the volume setting doesn't ever seem to make Winamp play at the volume I want it to be when I wake up, specifically Full volume (I'd rather jump out of bed then not hear the alarm at all). 2) Musicmatch had a task icon that would start Musicmatch when it came time for an alarm to go off, I would like to see that in Winalarm so that once I've set all the alarms I need for a week, all I have to worry about is keeping the computer on. - January 10, 2006 by Ransom Jameson

Best Winamp Alarm Clock - I went systematically through every alarm clock plugin that I could find on the winamp site and none of them compared to Winalarm. It is the most flexible alarm clock plugin with the best user interface. And it's a whole lot more pleasant than a real alarm clock. - January 3, 2006 by James Immordino

. - . - September 8, 2005 by Vladimir Vasic

Just what I was looking for - Perfect on/off timer for a retail store piping in tunes from the server! Great job! - May 27, 2005 by Neil Katara

Best alarm clock I have! - WinAlarm 2.6 is the best alarm clock I have ever used. Not only does it wake me up each morning my gradually increasing the volume but it also has a sleep timer so that I can have soothing music playing as I fall asleep! Well worth the $10 registration fee! - May 23, 2005 by Alex Schnier

works very well - all the features i was looking for and more, easy to use, and, I think, worth the ten bucks you need to pay to keep it after 30 days.... I tried another alarm plug in that really just wasn't as well done. This one has been through a lot of tweaking it seems to get it "just right." Necessary when waking up before 4 am for your shite coffee shop job. I recommend "blackened" by metallica, as loud as you think your neighbors will let you get away with! Thanks, good job. - March 12, 2005 by Everett Carmody

Great Customer Service - This is probably the best alarm i've used yet. It has countdown, so you can wake up.. realize you've got 3 hours left, and go back to bed... its got multiple alarms.. for those of us who like to stop alarms in their sleep.. and most importantly.. it has amazing customer service.. My computer decided to stop working right, and i lost my key to winalarm.. well, i emailed brian and he helped me get a new key... his response time was like... 1 hour.. 2 hours tops.. all in all, the best 10$ i ever spent! - January 19, 2005 by Spike McAllister

Amazing - I've been using this program for over a year.. and just recently.. my computer decided to take a crap and not work... This program has amazing tech support.. i lost my key, and the developer has been a great help in getting my key back to me... its such a great program.. wayyyy worth the $ - January 17, 2005 by Spike McAllister

Win Alarm - This Alarm is super reliable and very user friendly and customer support is top notch deffinatly worth the $10 - January 13, 2005 by Brad Best

Simply the best - I have tried all the alarm plugins for winamp, and it is this simple: THIS IS THE BEST. 6 out of 5 stars. Not only is it the best; it is the best by far. Just don't bother with any of the others. On top of this; I wanted a special feature added, so I emailed Brian, the creator, and he re-coded the program specially for me! Now that is service! Download this alarm soldier! NOW! - January 12, 2005 by gregor henderson

GET A J-O-B!!! - stop with the's not cool...look...winamp is pay for premium by should do that with your alarm clock(which isn't that great)...people don't want to take the time to go through the registration for a piece of software that messes up your computer anyway...there's plenty of free alarms on the site...why do you have to be greedy? - December 4, 2004 by None Atall

WinAlarm = Awesomenitude - I really wanted to make WinAmp my alarm clock in College. I don't remember what foolishness triggered this Idea, but I have a feeling it dates back to Freshman year (oh wait - nope, .mp3s weren't utilized until the end of my freshman year, and you had to run them through some program in DOS - crap, I'm old!) So, at any rate, it wasn't until after I graduated that my quest for my WinAmp alarm clock was fulfilled in the form of WinAlarm 2.1 It was fantastic. I'd wake up to whatever I wanted and it got loud, and my computer was too far from my bed to hit the snooze button without actually getting up out of bed. I suddenly held down a job and caught morning cartoons. Life was bliss. But then Winamp 3 came along, and the plugin didn't work anymore. I was a sad little scout. Winamp (now Wasabi) was a nice program though, and it did some things I couldn't live without, so I gave up Winamp 2.xx for the new, less my beloved WinAlarm. Fast Forward to ... ummm .... sometime this year. I heard about Winamp5! so I thought I'd, in all fairness, give it a shot. After the development (and subsequent inclusion) of JTFE, I was sold on 5 and have been using it since. Just the other day I thought "Man, I wish WinAmp had a sleep feature." You guessed it, it occurred to me, months after starting to use Winamp5 that WinAlarm might just work in my new favorite application. I gave it a test install and everything worked beautifully. I LOVE this program. The updates to WinAlarm 2.6 have made it more flexible, and presumably more stable (not that I personally ever experienced any issues ... but that's what new versions do, right?) In short, WinAlarm was the best $10 I've spent in 36 moons. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to hold down a job again! - September 30, 2004 by Brady Lee

Best Software Alarm Clock - Whenever I got annoyed with my buzzer alarm clock, I would always think of how nice it would be if I could wake up to my MP3 sounds of a rainforest or the ocean. I googled for software alarm clocks, and I tried several, but none of them met my expectations of what a software alarm clock should do. But then I came across WinAlarm 2, and I knew I had a winner. It has a great user interface, it's reliable, has all the features you would expect from a software alarm clock, and best of all, it works with the best audio/video player in the world. It supports multiple alarms, so you can set different wakeup times for each day of the week. It even has a Snooze bar which works by hitting the space bar ... the biggest and easiest key to find when you're eyes are not quite open yet. Has a sleep timer if you like to fall asleep to music. Many other nice little features too. Try it. You won't be disappointed. - September 20, 2004 by J Valente

Pros and Cons - This is a really great plugin. When it works. I downloaded it for a trial, and the nag screen blocked my Winamp. Now every time I start it up and nag screen comes on, winamp minimises and is totaly unreachable. I can restore it, alt-tab to it, or nothing, except kill it from Task Manager. I fear reinstall is my only option right now. Great work! >:( But, besides that, the plugin is great. Though I'd reccomend it only to the people that plan on registering, thus avoiding the nag screen and asociated problems. - July 19, 2004 by Tomislav Nazifovic

A real winner! - This is the Winamp application that everyone MUST have! I use my computer as my alarm clock, and what better app to use than one like this, with a great GUI. Shy of having a sleep timer that plays the CURRENT playlist for a set time period, it has everything I want in my computer's alarm clock/timer. But that's the ONLY thing I see that it lacks, as it is very highly configurable. Get this app. And please pay the small fee - Brian works hard for this fee, and deserves a return for his programming skills. Scott - July 16, 2004 by Sky Williamson

MUST HAVE! - This plug-in is simply irreplaceable - I depend on it every day. Sooo much better than the simple ?beep? or regular alarm clock! It is highly customizable, and so far the best of its kind. It?s got an elegant and convenient interface, ability to set multiple alarms, fading-in volume, and much more. Definitely worth the money! - May 19, 2004 by Filip Fracz

ShareWare - Ya ShareWare is 3Thumbs down....sry:( - May 15, 2004 by Sara Joy

Best way to wake up in the morning (or from a nap) - Winalarm is so much better than waking up to the drone of an alarm clock, or the bad reception of a radio alarm. I love that you can make it fade in, as opposed to hitting you like a pile of bricks in the morning. You can also use it to lull you to sleep and fade out. I've tried most of the alarm clock plugins available for winamp and I can easily say this is the most customizable and the best. - May 15, 2004 by James Immordino

What would I do without you? - WinAlarm is the most important program on my computer. I am completely and utterly addicted to it. Without WinAlarm I cannot wake up nor go to sleep easily. Thank you kindly, Mr Brian! - May 11, 2004 by adania adania

great stuff - this is a very powerful alarm system for winamp, with the ability to handle mulitple alarms and sleep timers. the interface can be a little confusing at first, but it is not hard to learn. i use the timer while i meditate, and a nice relaxing song will ease me out of wherever i had just been. - December 24, 2003 by Robin Montgomery

zzZzzzz / wake up! - Got nothing else to say besides that this is the best Alarm/Sleeper plugin there is! - December 17, 2003 by Tomas Buday

it's still shareware - yes i know that i don't have to download it, but i downloaded a previous version, didn't like how i had to pay for it, deleted it before using it, came across it again and couldn't use it because of the nag screen. i stand firm in my belief that shareware plugins have no business on the product's webpage. this isn't a slam on this guy, i use a much older version of this plugin, but any shareware plugin regardless of how good or bad it is gets 0 stars from me. - November 5, 2003 by corey artis

What a way to wake up... - I started searching for something to tide me over until I got around to getting an alarm clock, but after 60 days of the trial and $10 sent via Paypal, I can honestly tell you that this is really the one and only alarm clock for Winamp. No really, its the only semi-decent one. Of course, you'd think that Brian would slack off just because he's on top of the massive "Winamp Alarm Clock" market, but so far I have yet to experience a single crash with WinAlarm. Add to that a simplistic and straight-forward interface, plus the added flexibility of Winamp itself, and you've got one satisfying way to start your mornings (EVEN IF ITS AT 6AM, ARGH). - November 5, 2003 by Andrew McFague

Terrific Plug In - This is the best alarm plug-in/program that I've ever used. And it's a hell of a lot more reliable than most of the others out there. Good work, Brian! - September 10, 2003 by Chris Greene

Nice, but use MS Scheduler or Crontab - Good layout and user interface. Definately, the best alarm plugin listed here, but why not set up a recurring task with MS Scheduler or crontab? For Scheduler, select the music file (*.pls, *.m3u, *.mp3, etc) you want play (hint: type *.* in the dialog to see all files). crontab in unix/linix - August 3, 2003 by Luke x

Perfect - Winalarm is exactly what i've been looking for, i was getting ready to attempt to make my own, when i found it, and with the Brians great attitude, you cant go wrong! It does everything anyone could need and more. Best plugin i've found. - April 27, 2003 by tom E

Essential for Urban Survival - I have to say, without Winalarm, I'd never be able to hold down a job. This new version adds some nice features, including a netclock synch and increased volume control. I can't say enough about this program. After using it for the trial period, I knew that I wanted to support it's creator. I mean, it's only a few bucks, and it was well worth it for me. - February 8, 2003 by Linsel Greene

Great Plugin - I use this plugin regularly and really like it. It does a great job, has a nice interface and works like you expect it to. It is stable and simple to use. The author of the plugin responds to feedback and support requests promptly. Keep up the good work, Brian! - February 6, 2003 by J Cara

Very good BUT..... - A very good and nice looking alarm. BUT winamp is so great and is so famous because it is free. So why pay for a plug-in for winamp!? That doesn't make any sence!!! Look there is a 30 day free trail but I rather had a whole free version. Good alarm but not the best of all with other words I SUCKS!! - January 26, 2003 by Dark Wolf

The best way to wake up!!! - This is the best software alarm ever! no buzzer, no bip-bip-bip, tilts, no problems at all. It have all the options I need. Play an hour of music for me to sleep @ night and wake me up with my best playlist in the morning. Small, simple, fast, powerful options, and the most important: STABLE! I strongly recommend... this will be the last alarm you're gonna use! - January 6, 2003 by Marcel Sousa

Worth the $10 - Nice little program; it does just what I need it to do. It was easy to install and registration was a snap. I don't mind paying for something that does what it says and makes my life more enjoyable. Thank you to the developer. - December 31, 2002 by Valerie Wilson

Lets you choose your wake up tune - If I feel like waking up to a rooster crowing, I just put the Beatles ?good morning good morning? at the top of my play list, and leave it to Win Alarm to make sure that rooster crows.....very reliable.....has yet to fail......Great plug-in! - September 20, 2002 by kevin jackson

Can't - I've been using the windows task scheduler from windows98se for quite some time, now i'm using XP, but tasks cannot start without setting a password for my XP personal account! Dammit! I hate to have a password cos I'm the only person using the com and I hate to hafta type in my password all the time when windows starts - August 4, 2002 by Jingshun Lim

PHAT - This is a great plug-in because it has been extremely reliable. I have a HP and it's worthless so I fault them for problems I've had coming out of the sleep mode (like I'll have no more sound until I reboot). But as long as I set the alarm correctly and leave my pc "awake" and turn up the volume, it works every time! Well worth the $10. - August 2, 2002 by Mike Twisselman

This is easily the best plug-in yet developed for winamp - Everyone can benefit from winalarm, no matter their level of use for Winamp. - July 20, 2002 by Justin Jack

superb plugin / retarded critics - "falalala lala la la"- your mere name displays your astounding sense of indifference, and therefore voids any opinion of yours due to your no doubt lack of thoughtful inspection of the plugin. "stuff junk"- i'm quite pleased with the exquisite detail of your commentary! how easy it was for you to cowardly rip on an another human being from behind your monitor; it must make you feel good to degrade a top-notch piece of software. if not, you can be sure that everyone who read your commentary thinks you're 'cool.' the plugin, as everyone else seems to concur, is a fine piece of software worth at least ten dollars. details of its quality can be found in previous reviews. this particular review served as a rebuttal from the two reviews mentioned above, for any damage they may have done to the reputation of the plugin or the author. - July 2, 2002 by blackdiamonds cross

Brian is great and so is WINALARM!!! - I hate alarm clocks and have always had problems with waking up, I always incorporate bad radio stations in my dreams and I end up oversleeping. Let me tell you waking up to my personal selection of over 4000 songs, makes you wake up with a smile everyday!!! I have been using this product for over 2 years now and Brian has been there above and beyond for me!! - June 26, 2002 by Big Dude

Best of the bunch! - Great plugin. I tried to find another that has as many features as this, but I couldn't. The best winamp alarm out there. Brian is also a great guy, he's very prompt with registration and any questions/problems you may have. A++++ - June 24, 2002 by wilson ng

Great Plug in - I've been using Winalarm for years. I love it. I have had nothing but good dealings with Mr. Stuart (He is very prompt about replacing reg. codes if you need another). Well worth the $10 Registration fee. - April 18, 2002 by chris nutting

Best alarm out there!!! - Fully configurable for multi alarms, and multi sleep timers with no hassel. Additionally, you can set each alarm to a different folder or list, or individual song same with the sleep timers... while task schedular will only run the current list, directory or song, will not shut down winamp for a sleep timer, and can not run multiple alarms as it is unable to shut down the program... So if you prefer to live in the stoneage, use task scheduler, otherwise step up and utilize a tool that will function the way you want it to, flame me if you will but refute the facts, this program works better than task scheduler. I give it 5 stars!!! Nothing decent in life is free... - April 16, 2002 by Gary Wentz

The most abilities - Too bad this is shareware. Otherwise it's probably the most functional of the alarms. The reason I'm not using Task Scheduler is because it can't provide a sleep function, whereas this plugin has 3 sleep timers. If anyone knows how to make task scheduler shut off winamp, please tell me. - April 16, 2002 by El Phantasmo

Nice Plugin - I liked it so much, I paid for it! The simplicity of design is extremely good, but the only shortcoming that I could see is that one has to pay to keep it. - March 29, 2002 by lin rhoades

Worth Registering - Actually deserves six stars. Easy to use, and even if you don't register, it works perfectly for 60 days. (then you just reinstall it and the time starts over) - February 10, 2002 by Michael Fiedeldey

unlimited alarms - This baby is amazing. i've used around 50 alarms for my annoucements, and not even a single problem. Will be using this for a long time. hope it keeps getting improved. - January 29, 2002 by camel the musician

THIS IS F*CKING COOL - wow this is a alarm that you can use wan you want to weak up whit winamp bycause it is playing from you playlist only one thing is not cool and that's whay i gave it a 4 star bycause you must register it and if you say stop bugging it doesn't work. So if any one has the serial can you please mail it to: [email protected] - December 19, 2001 by Quinten Smit

Wohooo - Wow! This program is about as perfect as it gets. It has every function (and variation on functions) that you could want for an alarm clock!! yeah its shareware, but its worth it. - October 15, 2001 by Brian Gadd

best alarm plugin available - It overcomes the 2 biggest problems in most alarms. Either they work outside of winamp wasting more resources than neccesary, or they don't play from your playlist. When you have 11,000 mp3s in your playlist you don't want to browse your hard drive to find a specific song to load into the plugin every night. The first shareware I have actually registered and not cracked in years. - September 24, 2001 by Xach Attack

Complete Nuisance - At first I figured hey cool an alarm that I can use every now and then when I want it. WRONG. This thing starts with winamp everytime. You also have to register it. What's the deal with that??? That goes against the whole winamp thing to start out with. This is supposed to be free, meaning if I don't want to register leave me alone. It would be alright if you could get it to go away without having to manualy close it everytime you open winamp. I've been trying to remove it for a while now and that's not working either. - September 13, 2001 by what for

Way to go man! Excellent!!! - Excellent work on the Alarm for winamp. It has all the features i was looking for and thensome. Keep up the good work on many other great plugins for winamp! - September 13, 2001 by Brian DiChiara

Wonderful Program - I love this program. I first got it, along with several otehr alarms, when my alarm clock broke. I tried about 5 different programs, and I coudn't stand the other ones. This program is useful, easy to use, has a lot of features, and is everything I would want out of an alarm for winamp. Wake up to winamp every day. Sure you have to register it, but it's cheaper and better than buying a new alarm clock. - September 13, 2001 by Alex Timofeyev

Cream of the crop - "Every night I fall asleep and every morning WinAlarm wakes me up. Resurrected." This is a great plugin! Just registered, highly worth it. - September 4, 2001 by Joshua Eckerman

Perfect. - I've been using this for about a month, both sleep timer and separate weekday and weekend timers. Works perfectly, and now I never have to wake up to the stupid chatter on the radio again! Just registered in fact (only $10). --violetflame - August 18, 2001 by Kathy Hinckley

Hey, I like this program - I have been using this Alarm program for the last 6 months and I find it to be great! It is what it is and does what it says. For all you whiners about having to register, have you EVER used any quality software that is not registered? Everyone wants your info, get over it! This is an Awesome program, Applause to the designer. - August 18, 2001 by Bryce Brisbin

Again, Good stinking job... - I've been useing this here pulg in now for around half a year...and it just keeps getting better...definate d/l here...NOW!!! - August 9, 2001 by Jack Townsend

WinAlarm Rocks - There are lots of plugins for Winamp that BLOW, believe me I've tried many of them, but this little ap rules. Ben E is a bozo if he cant figure it out, its so simple and it WORKS!! WinAlarm has woke me many a morning and lulled me to sleep every nite. It is EASY to use and reliable. Give it a try at least and if your like me and think its cool, register it, I DID! Technopro - July 11, 2001 by Marc Napier

About Time!! - Finally, I can wake up to the music of my choosing without buying a $200 dollar stereo system and a $20 CD. Not only is this program very useful, it's very easy to use. This plug in is packed with options. You have a full 60 days to test it out, so give it a try today! - July 4, 2001 by Lance None

Great plugin - I jst gotta say that this is one of the most useful plugins I?ve ever used. Nice design and great features. Can?t wait for the next version. Could use some more userfriendly features such as; volume control. Keep up the great work! - July 1, 2001 by Markus Falck

Sorry, I'm with Ben E - you dont have to register winamp why have software for it that does have to be registered....after this is freeware not some MS Corp. software - June 26, 2001 by freaky weekly

I use this every morning and every night... - This plugin has become a part of my daily routine - After using it for a few days, I didn't hesitate to register it... it meets my needs/wants wonderfully. Multiple sleep alarm setups and multiple alarms, completely configurable by file/directory/playlist... try it out... - June 23, 2001 by Sean Hogarty

Yum Registering! - Hey everybody! Let's make a program that is so hard to understand and even see and THEN make it so you have to REGISTER it after thirty days. I give this a 1 because the ease of use is NULL and registering shit for something that's going to be gone (mp3's) is just RETARDED. - June 18, 2001 by Ben E

Useful and versatile - This is definitely the most versatile of the alarm plugins for Winamp. The multiple alarms and customizable sleep timers are great, and the ability to pick up where you left off in an album by utilizing the "Play from current playlist" feature is really handy. Plus, the skins look damned cool. - June 17, 2001 by Owen Landgren

Wake up to Nothing - Most computers cant wake up to anything. I havent downloaded it, But I might dl it and see what it does. - June 15, 2001 by Patrick Vanderzee