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Wide Reverb

Various Styles of Real Reverbs

Various Styles of Real Reverbs

A Fast & Real Reverb pluging for stereo sounds with 6 deferent algorithims. There some Pretuned Styles but more Styles can be tuned and saved.(30 days Trial)

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July 5, 2001 by Abolfazl Salimi Zebardast42645 downloads

Wide Reverb - Various Styles of Real Reverbs

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Reverberate your music

Straightforward dsp plug-in that gives you some control over reverb and delay. Nice presets available as well as the ability to save your own settings. This is a 30 day trial demo. -dg


Outstanding Software - I would gladly purchase the software or at least key code of sort, if indeed it is considered freeware. Unfortunately, when I sent an email to address listed I received a "failure to deliver notification" statement from MSN. If anybody has recently successfully purchased this software or recieved a key code I would like to hear from you.Thanks,Chuck [email protected] - August 15, 2008 by Chuck Pruitt

a little advice from DjNooN - Get it, now....... - July 6, 2001 by Mustafa Yenigun