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Control Winamp with your cell phone.

Control Winamp with your cell phone.

Use any WAP enabled device to control Winamp. Just point your WAP browser to http://your ip address/ and you have controls to play, stop, skip ahead and back, or even jump to a certain song (similar to Winamp's jump feature). Wapamp will even display the currently playing song on your remote for easy reference.

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February 13, 2002 by John Smith10481 downloads

Wapamp - Control Winamp with your cell phone.

Staff review

Cell phone control for Winamp

You need a WAP enabled device for this plug-in to work. The dll installs ok, but, I don't have a proper device to test this, if anyone finds any bugs, please email the author and let him know.


Really really useful - I've already written a set of PHP scripts to control a copy of winamp connected to my hifi, over my wireless network. I thought about doing a WML version as well, so I can have super-fast loading pages using a PDA. I don't have to as this does it. Fantastic. Easy to install. If you've not got a WAP browser for your PC then get WinWap and try out this plugin. The following options would be fantastic for v2 (hint hint!!)... change volume, fast fwd/rewind, pause, list the playlist and select a song manually, turn on/off shuffle, turn on/off repeat, display current volume level, display current position within the song. Fantastic plugin, so easy to setup!! - June 6, 2005 by Ben Bradley

Super - This is the eseaist, most efficient and a super plugin. Thank you very much for a plugin like this. Really super only you have to install plugin and direct your wapbrowser to ypour ip that simple and usefull. Nice super plugin !!! - March 8, 2004 by Mustafa Cekic

Amazing Plugin!! I LOVE YOU! - Got it working first try. An absolutely great plugin that I'd even pay for!!! John Smith, YOU CAN HAVE MY VIRGINITY! Never stop developing! - July 30, 2003 by J F

Couldn't get it working... - Couldn't get it working... Looks like a wicked plugin but for somereason, my wap browser gives me the "500" error. A readme file would be nice as well :D O well, I guess I'll keep on trying... - March 26, 2003 by Clint Alves

Yes. It WORKS. SuperCOOOOL.. - Coolest thing i have tried. Remember use the winamp 2 not winamp 3 otherwise you might get problems. Once installed it runs automatically in my winamp. Dont have to do anything except give the ip-adress in the bookmark of the phone. The most suprising thing is that it reacts INSTANTLY. Wap is usually slow otherwise. Now I can control my winamp from the phone all free of charge (not for much longer infortunately). THIS IS A MUST HAVE if you have a GPRS phone (cheaper wap then)and an internet connection. - February 4, 2003 by Alexander Regamey

I got it working! - I got this baby workin perfect. A quick message to "John Smith" - Please keep working on it, volume and pause control would be very nice!!! - March 24, 2002 by Sy Doveton