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Wap Server For Winamp 2

Mobile Control for Winamp2

Mobile Control for Winamp2

Gives currently playing info, volume level info, and the ability for, next, play, pause, stop, previous, vol up, vol down, mute, set half vol, set full vol... all to your WAP enabled mobile phone. read HERE for usage instructions

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August 28, 2003 by Darren Horrocks22289 downloads

Wap Server For Winamp 2 - Mobile Control for Winamp2

Staff review

Nice tool to control Winamp from web browser

Very easy to install and set up. Open up a WAP browser on your cell phone and your ready to go, it allows you to control volume and prev/next/play/pause/stop functions. Allows you to control Winamp from anywhere. Updated version with security features.


My First Thought was Man its not working - A read me file would have been nice. after MANY hours I got it working from my cell and Opera Mini!1. First open a port on your Linksys "Port Range Forward" area to the IP addres of your computer that has the Winamp Running ie: pick a tcp/udp ports to 3200.2. Config winamp to use this Plugin by using "Ctrl-P" goto "General Purpose" area highlight "WAP server for winamp [gen_wap.dll]"click "Configure selected plug-in" p.s. if you dont see anything after you click "Configure selected plug-in" close the Winamp Preferences window and the WAP server for winamp will be there.3. Enter 3200 and click enable then DONE button4. Now goto on your computer.5. On Your Cell phone WAP URL area type http://yourIPnumberyoujustgotfromstep4:3200lets say step 4 gave you the number Your Cell phone WAP URL area enter!Enjoy!Thanks Darren for making this plugin! - May 11, 2008 by Tom Jones

winamp - geras - October 10, 2007 by mantas lapsys

help - where do i go with my phone? what wap site? and could someone give a mirror or something of that howto site.. thanks <: - November 18, 2006 by puvo zai

Nearly perfect - Just add an option to type the volume in a box to make it more confortable! And you get 5 stars! - February 18, 2006 by Coltoiu Matei

I'm reluctant to try this... - ...because the link to the How-To (from the main description) brings up a '404: File Not Found' error. I'd love to check this out, but without a How-To, I'm not even sure where I'd start! (Sighs) I figured it'd work with my phone, since it's the same one shown in the pic! (LOL!) Can someone mirror the How-To for the rest of us? Thanks! - April 26, 2005 by Shadow Systems

how does it work? - how does it work?? someone needs to put some sort of instructions up somewhere... - March 2, 2005 by tom allwood

:\ - It would be perfect if i just could make it work :-\ How does it work? - July 22, 2004 by Magnus Nygaard

cant logon - hey i installed this software and hoped it will work... but to my dissipointment it dident! i got a nokia 7250i with java and gprs and wap so i messed around but it dident work.... the phone cant connect through tcp to port 83.... anyone know how to fix this problem? yes i run a internet radio... its located at ( ) - May 7, 2004 by tompa chrissy

this is excellent - Bizzy, you rule. :D - December 16, 2003 by James Herbert

Very nice!! - Just installed this and I love it. I have a new Sanyo 8100 phone ... dont know if its that GPRS thing, but it works flawlessly - September 28, 2003 by Ernie Babinski

It Really Works! - WOW! Finally a WAP server that works! It's very small too... only 79K. Lightweight & fast, couldn't ask for anything more. Play,Pause,Skip,Volume. If you've had bad luck with the other wap controls like I've had, try this one, it really works. - September 7, 2003 by Nathan Audette

i can now really control winamp from my bed. - It's work with any wap device. Make a good playlist (i currently use a playlist with the best shoutcast radios) a then go anywhere, you can control winamp. You can also show can is currently playing if you are not here O:-) PS : use it with Switch Off ( ) to shutdown your pc when you want a quiet pc to sleep ;-) [David] - September 3, 2003 by David Bober

ultimate pwnage! - Don't listen to the tards who tell you you need GPRS to use this, they are plain wrong. It simply rawks :D - August 31, 2003 by James Herbert