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WinAmp Keyboard Shortcuts

WinAmp Keyboard Shortcuts

WAKS, WinAmp Keyboard Shortcuts, enables you to control winamp with keyboard key combinations, like Win+Right skips forward current track, Win+Up skips to next track, Win+PgUp increases volume etc. Currently, it supports predefined combinations, support of modification of combination is planned. But, I think, noone will need it.

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August 8, 2002 by deniz can cigsar9806 downloads

WAKS - WinAmp Keyboard Shortcuts

Staff review

Shortcut hotkeys for Winamp

Convenient way to control Winamp... covers all the main functions such as play, pause, stop, volume, etc. You can't configure your own key combos, but, the predefined combinations should make it so there are no conflictions with other apps. Easy to set up and use; a good download for shortcut fanatics.


Works as advertised - Works as advertised, despite not being able to customize the shortcuts, they are logical and easy to remember. Exactly what I was looking for. I am satisfied. Thank you! - January 3, 2009 by ALEX Vercetti

FFXI Global Control #1 - This, is the one and only plugin for winamp that can circumvent Final Fantasy 11's programming against using hot keys in winamp, so I highly suggest it as a back up Global control to any winamp loving FFXI players. - December 4, 2004 by Ramiro Franco

Best shortcut program Ive found! - Best shortcut program Ive found! - October 21, 2004 by Gambit ThirtyTwo

Really nice plugin - really annoying bugs - This is actually the best keyboard shortcut plugin I've found, in all it's simplicity. BUT, quite often, it locks up any program I use the keyboard in. Thank god it's possible to kill winamp without the use of keyboard, because even the task manager locks up! Fix the bugs, and it's a magnificent plugin... - May 11, 2004 by star fish