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Hauppauge IR Remote Control For Winamp

Hauppauge IR Remote Control For Winamp

Hauppauge IR remote for Winamp
v1.0 (build 307)

1 - Volume +
2 - Volume -
3 - Play
4 - Pause
5 - Stop
6 - Rewnd <- (10-15s)
7 - Frwd -> (10s)
8 - Next
9 - Prev
10 - OK - Switch between Frwd/Rwnd and Volume
11- Video-Toggle Full Size
12- Start/Stop Vis (unnamed btn)
13- Vis - Next ("teletxt" yellow btn)
14- Vis - Prev ("teletxt" blue btn)

1 - Hauppauge TV Card must be present
2 - Hauppauge drivers must be installed and little thiny IR thingy plugged into the card
3 - Plugin will be suspended if other software already using IR port
4 - This is "stand alone" version of plugin - it wont release IR port until you exit Winamp

Download plugin

May 19, 2004 by Alexandre Ostanine32974 downloads

WAIR - Hauppauge IR Remote Control For Winamp

Staff review

Hauppauge IR remote control support for Winamp

Use a Hauppauge IR to control Winamp. Fairly straightforward. I personally didn't have the supported remote and wasn't able to properly test it out. It did install ok tho. If any bugs are encountered, please contact the author.


HCWUTL32.dll Missing - I have the same problem also ,as I got a satallite card & not a TV tuner Althought my remote is the same as the picture .. I was optimised but now i`m Disapointed! :( - April 25, 2008 by Ahmed Hasan

A sigh of Comfortable Convenience - At long last, so long mouse... helluw IR Remote !Just play your playlist and kick back and enjoy the distance you now can experience from your mouse. Especially convenient with parties !The only thing, only one program (either IR or Winamp)can run using this. Well guess it's only logical.Note: I have the Hauppauge WinTV package, including the remote seen on image - November 20, 2007 by Alexander Great

Not working for HVR-4000 - Great work, and nice try - but no worky for my HVR-4000. - November 16, 2007 by dabade van driel

No going to work with my remote - I have a more recent Hauppage remote and card, and with this plugin, it is unable to find the HCWUTL32.dll. The remote works with the Hauppage, windows media and Media Centre programs. I suspect that the new system has a slightly different driver model. - October 28, 2007 by Danny Staple

Great!!! - Thanks to the author of this plugin. (Close ir remote from taskbar before running Winamp) Used for about 2yrs now.Can we have an upgrade to the new Hauppauge remote (WMC Type) as this plug in will only suit TV cards with pictured remote. - October 3, 2007 by Andy Cooper

Sound theory... - Now if you could just get it to work with the new remotes, like the one that comes with the WinTV GO-Plus. - December 30, 2006 by AJ Tech

Does not work with my Hauppage Remote - I have the newer "MediaCenter" USB remote - the back of the remote is labeled RC6 ir. It doesn't work. When I start Winamp, it reports "IR Port Either not found or Used By Other Sofware - IR Remote Inactive" I don't have Media Center running (it works great with MediaCenter, by the way) Please let me know when you get it to work with this remote. - August 3, 2006 by Patrick Faustino

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! - Great!! Works wonderfully!! I've been messing around with my remote.ini file and other stuff - nothing worked, but this did it! THANK YOU! - March 22, 2006 by Joseph Eriksson

Sounds great! - ,but how does it work? no hardware required (except for the remote)? (please mail me if you know: [email protected]) - January 4, 2005 by Otto vanZanten

Works As Stated - Downloaded and installed, since I have a PVR USB2 with the silver remote. Works great! :) - May 29, 2004 by Marc Goins