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Commandline tool for Winamp

Commandline tool for Winamp

WAHelper is a simple autoIT script what it does is
look to see if winamp is running or not.

If winamp is not loaded WAhelper starts winamp then passes
WAcommand /playpause to winamp.

If winamp is running wahelper simply passes
WAcommand /playpause to winamp.

This way you can use wacommand and start winamp
automaticly by just just using play. The only flaw in the best
command line tool available for winamp

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June 19, 2006 by Brian Kellogg4694 downloads

WAHelper - Commandline tool for Winamp

Staff review

Autostart with WACommand

This uses the WACommand program to start &/or load Winamp as needed to start it playing.

On the test machine this worked once and then running of WAHelper in a number of different configurations failed to respond and just remained in the system's memory. Shame since this could be useful.