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A Improved Version of The Original CrossFader from Dj Jahoda

A Improved Version of The Original CrossFader from Dj Jahoda

Auto-Crossfader is a 'remake' of the Excelent Program WinAMP Crossfader.The Changes Added in this Version applies to:1.- The Interface is more similar to WinAMP Interface2.- You Don't have to Check The Option: 'Allow Multiple Instances'3.- You Don't Have to Lock Manually the 2 Instances Of WinAMP3.- Future Changes will Include a PlayList With Individual CrossFade Times Support.That's All Download It, Test It, And Send Me FeedBack.A must have dedicated to all WinAMP Lovers

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March 12, 2001 by The FreelancE142521 downloads

WACF - A Improved Version of The Original CrossFader from Dj Jahoda

Staff review

This is a nifty little plug-in

Allows for you to run two instances of Winamp and to crossfade between them as a dj would. Definitely fun to play around with...also useful for making cd's where the tracks flow smoothly together. It would be cool to add some bpm changing options to allow beat matching. Also, if the WACF was dockable with the Winamp windows. Regardless, this is a cool plug-in. -dg


hmm, ok, nice and.... - great useful, but am unsure of when it crossfades, is it MENAT to thruough the volume into the red? i could only cure this by setting the limiter on configure on stack for each..also, as mentioned you can only have ONE DNAS runnig, which is an arse as you get a break in transmission while the other player kicks in on it, be good too configure them so they can safely change into the DNAS, so yes, it looks as though when i listen to stream on girlfriends laptop it did let them both use the DNAS but i assume there was a break while it happened.. hmmmand as said.. you NEED to make sure you have limiter/normalise/compress on or it will go berserk when it kicks next track in as it will thump it into the red, something i always thought one should avoid..BUT, high hopes and very exellent project, DONT STOP - October 6, 2008 by paul g

Taht's the right way ... ! - I'm using Winamp since 2.x and i love it really ... i was always looking for a way to use it as a DJ - now it happens! This Plug-In is so easy to start and it works good ... i miss only a few points to rank it with a 5* : - the fading window doesn't fit to the winamp-windows, so it is a little bit difficult to find a good position between - the color is ok, but the size is very small for using on a laptop-screen - the auto-fade only changes by seconds, why not at the right point of db (like squaresoft, you now) I'm looking forward to the next versions of this pretty tool ... DJ Dirk - March 24, 2006 by Dirk Stolzenhain

Great! - This is exactly the option i've missed in Winamp forever! With this plug-in u turn your Winamp into a powerfull but still simple DJ-Mixer. For free! - October 15, 2004 by Anton Reis

WACF ? - is this supposed to work with the shoutcast DSP? if so it doesn't. simply because it opens two winamps and both DSPs cannot connect to the same server. and it's only recognizing data from one winamp. otherwise, its a cool program... if you're DJing to yourself.. - June 22, 2003 by adrian martin

It's okay - Not bad but not great either - May 23, 2002 by Jennifer Guyton

wicked - I think this is so good, u cannot return the crossfader to the middle but who wants to? I have used this @ my mates party & wow, the people thought i had a mixing desk, Must must get for them wanna be dj's - August 21, 2001 by Dean Marsden

Skvele - Uzitecny plug-in. Rad ho pouzivam. Ma vsak svoji vadu. Nekdy se stane, ze pisnicka zacne hrat od znova treba 3x. Nevim proc tomu tak je. - April 29, 2001 by Martin Suk

Nice but... - The controls are a bit sloppy. The crossfader bar doesn't return control to me after it's done fading. Also, a reset button for the fader so it can return to the default position would be nice. And the Winamp windows should bring all the componets with them, such as the EQ and the Playlist. - March 31, 2001 by Mike Zeller