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External Application: Shell-Proxy with optional PHP-Class

External Application: Shell-Proxy with optional PHP-Class

Winamp ShellProXy is a package of two components:

A) The w5sp.exe, a commandline tool which acts as a proxy on system shell
B) A php-class which serve a full featured winamp remote control to a webclient

It's useful for:
- Controling winamp via console window or shellExecute-calls with script-languages.
- Controling winamp through a webclient with the php-class and w5sp.exe

I recommend to visit:

NEW Version 1.0 (released 19-Apr-2004):

- Fixed a bug that stops executing the w5sp.exe when trying to read
a (why-ever) corrupted winamp_status-file

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February 6, 2004 by Horst Nogajski11212 downloads

w5sp - External Application: Shell-Proxy with optional PHP-Class

Staff review

ShellProxy plugin that allows for remote control of Winamp

This one may be a little bit on the technical side for the general public. It does comes with a good readme.txt file to help describe it's features and usage.


terrible idea - using exec() is a bad idea, should only be used when necessary, and i dont see this implementation as it been necessary.i thought this would be cool till i saw that. - September 9, 2007 by dark noise

why not exec() in php? - What do you think why exec() exist in PHP? For not using it? It is not fine to give this Tool 1 Star, only because you don't love the exec()-function in PHP. So, don't hear of that guy. The Tool works fine, also by using it with PHP in a webserver-environment. I'm using it every day. Greets, Horst - August 8, 2004 by Horst Nogajski

exec() in php? - Don't choice it for php conectivity, write the control with one of the telnet plugins and you wont need to lanch a program from the page. - August 7, 2004 by Henrik Andersson