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Volume Logic

Free 30 Day Trial version

Free 30 Day Trial version

Volume Logic makes any playlist sounds great with automatic adjustment of volume dynamics and spectral balancing. It improves the quality of your listening experience by digitally remastering your audio in real-time with the same technology used by the pros.

Volume Logic incorporates a state-of-the-art 5-band dynamics processor that examines and corrects your audio thousands of times a second. The result? Low levels are intelligently raised and loud signals are kept under control, all in real-time. Volume Logic brings ALL your cuts to life.


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May 2, 2005 by John Carey202694 downloads

Volume Logic - Free 30 Day Trial version

Staff review

On the fly volume adjuster

Up and running as soon as this is installed. It is a 30 day free trial of the plugin so you will get a nag prompt everytime Winamp loads.

The output quality with this installed is good and with the modern winamp skin, it matches in well with the look and feel of Winamp.

Only niggle with this plugin is that altering the volume level in Winamp isn't updated in the plugin's window, otherwise this is solid and stable.


No longer updated - Since this product is no longer being updated, by some accounts since 2005, I cannot recommend this at all. The link provided for Octiv on the VL is dead and the company who purchased Octiv does not update this software. I do not understand why a 4 year old unsupported product is being promoted so heavily. - February 3, 2009 by Christopher Wojcik

thanks - wow - November 13, 2008 by soon peng

volume logic no more - please look at thid web sitewww.plantronics.com - April 21, 2008 by neil henderson

Puts OctiMax to shame - The recently discontinued Volume Logic was and still is the most incredible single audio enhancement "plug-in" I have EVER used. It's predecessor OctiMax was very decent in it's day, but the latest (and hopefully not final) incarnation as Volume Logic completely decimates OctiMax. It was well worth the $20 I paid for a license. I hope a similar open-source program/plugin is created or that Octiv/Plantronics makes VL free since one cannot buy a key any longer. RIP Volume Logic: I await your next incarnation. - November 10, 2007 by Ty Heard

non - i wood like to purchase - October 17, 2007 by stephane desmarais

ok - its good - August 12, 2007 by alexandru garduli

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT - An amazing plugin and damned cheap too. I had been looking for some sort of volume control for a long time given the different levels of the music files imported into the database. Volume Logic has not only done the job of balancing the sound but has also has given depth to tracks whose quality leaves alot to be desired. Highly recommended - July 8, 2007 by Nick Hilsdon

Nice output processing - Nice output processing -- definitely enhances volume and depth. Not enough configurability, though. AudioBurstFX is better. - July 3, 2007 by Chris Grose

Nice P;ugin - I really like this plugin and it works far superior to other similar ones! Easy install easy setup and operation!! Good stuff!!!! - June 12, 2007 by Carl Ells

Great - This works very well! - April 11, 2007 by Sandy Beasley

Very Minor Difference - My biggest gripe with this dsp probably has to do more with the way winamp works. I want crossfading and normalizing. Creative Mediasource does this easily. When I installed volume uses its own dsp when I clicked on crossfading in winamp, it said "this requires the directsound dsp". So I couldn't have crossfading AND normalizing. Very dissapointing. As a matter of fact I don't think I can use crossfading with any other dsp plug-in. To me this is a huge design flaw with winamp. - February 4, 2007 by Chris Norton

Fantastic - I submit my hearty wishes to John Carey for his fabulous work. This plug in is really fantastic and it works superb. But to my pity its a trial version.John try to publish a free version of VL it will be really usefull for winamp users like me. good job dude, regards, Sathish ([email protected]) - December 26, 2006 by Sathish arvind

Best Volume Control I've Found! - This is absolutely the coolest volume leveler I've found. Very simplistic, yet very functional. Well done! - November 25, 2006 by Kevin Vick

Excellence in Excellence - Honestly. Just download this product. Use it. Love it. Simple instructions. This is what I wrote to the makers: Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! I would go as far as to say; Excellence in Excellence. Your product has blown me away with it abilities to make listening to music an Art Form! Within 10 minutes of downloading and installing your product I am feeling as though I have never experienced music, the way it should have been, my entire life. This small piece of software is something I will tell every single person I know, that has a computer, about. With my poor little Creative 5.1 (analog) Surround sound speakers being used as a test setup; I see now that I have been missing a lot of potential with them, and of course am seeing a better speaker setup in my future. You remember the old Memorex commercials? Yeah. Close to that. I just tried three different types of headphones as well. The BOSE Triport ($130US), Logitech wrap-a-round with mic ($40US) and some cheapy ear buds. The difference is not just notable in all three sets, I needed to turn down the volume from my normal listening level. My ears were screaming 'I quit!' from the depth that the Bose gave. The other two sets had a definite improvement in clarity and richness of sound. I was starting to install a small and inadequate music listening/computer studio in my basement. With this I don't think there will be need to complete the room. Awesome technology! Thank you! - November 8, 2006 by Girkshnip Gradeus

A Perfect No Muss Or Fuss Processor. - I am the head technician for 5 Star Karaoke/DJ Services In Rockford Il. My boss and our other employees had no real idea what a audio processor was for. Being semi retired from the broadcast industry as a chief engineer, I have spent thousands of hours with compressors, expanders as well as doing lots of live and theater sound. I spent most of my life in the study of transmitters and audio processors which is my specialty. This dsp gives you a lot of bang for the buck. We have it in our five systems and it is a perfect device for the layperson with its genre selection for processing. Those of you familiar with Sax & Dottys as well as other karaoke hosters that use winamp know that your DSP position is used by a Pacemaker, so i needed something to ride gain in the output configuration. This unit performs as some broadcst units that cost thousands of dollars. I highly reccomend it for anyone who wants great processing in a dsp and is on a tight budget. My only complaint, is in thier billing. Trying to talk to a live person at Plantronics is near impossible. But the device is perfect. I wish it could be configured for PCDJ. - August 8, 2006 by John Winquist

Essential... - Volume Logic is a combination of intelligent auto gain compensation, a five-band(!) compressor and a soft saturating limiter. VL compensates for big differences in gain of tracks in the playlist, so everything stays almost at the same volume, then routes the signal through the multiband compressor which greatly enhances transients and overal definition. The limiter, finally, avoids overloading the signal, and contributes to the constant volume. This is PROFESSIONAL product, unlike most of its competition here. The sound out of this is amazing! I've been working with software single and multiband compressors for many years, and this is in a class of its own, regardless of the bargain price. Yes, I registered it. My shitty work PC has only a crappy build in speaker, but even through that matchbox, the sounds becomes ALMOST acceptible. Try it, then tell me if you've found a plugin which enhances your sound more than this; dare! =P - March 31, 2006 by Rich K

OK but definitely not great... - Volume Logic's sound output is -as with many compressors- very dense/breathy on a decent surround/stereo system, even with the lowest 'Drive' setting, 'General' as EQ profile and no Bass boost. It's okay for tracks with a very high dynamic range like classical chamber music though. Overall it' pretty tiresome to listen to over long periods of time. With most of the music/shoutcast stations out there I would rather wish there was some kind of magical dynamic range restoration plugin for winamp but I guess the crappy PC speaker systems out there give this software a right to exist. - February 25, 2006 by m4rc m4rc

NOT really that good - It won?t take 24bit or 32 bit input from at 44100 Hz a major flaw if you want this to work with a high-end MP3 decoder like MAD plug-in for Winamp. To those of you that want superior quality you won?t find it here - The decoder alone (ex: MAD plug-in) does most of the improvement, this plug-in only separates the music into 5 different bands and raise the volume for some bands and lowers the volume for others making whatever you listening more balanced - But from a technical point of view this plug-in won?t improve the quality. It would only improve the volume of the 5 bands BTW you can get MAD Plug-in free just Google it - December 26, 2005 by m h

Strong Sound - For march is very good - December 5, 2005 by HUANG JINECHENG

Purchase Sw, Copy prot is thick - The software works well enough that I decided to buy it. After the purchase, found that the copy protection is rather 'THICK' to the point that: I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT I purchased the software not knowing the below. Upon installation it generates a 'RANDOM' system ID. NOTE: If you rebiuld your system, you'll get a new RANDOM ID that the esellerate will have to validate. Assuming that they will help you. NOTE: You only get 3 installs for $20.00 bucks. When you run the software the first time, it will 'silently' phone home back to esellerate and do a * * PRODUCT ACTIVATION * * So I am therefor tied to esellerates web site for ever if I want to keep this product in future. Hope this helps... - October 18, 2005 by Robb Thomas

my search is over - For years I've been searching for a decent audio processing plug-in (or that magic combination of plug-ins). As a former radio program director, I'm very picky. I noticed a reference to this plug-in in a forum on another site, and downloaded it. Since it piggybacks your output plug-in, you can still run DSP plug-ins if you want. Personally, with Volume Logic enabled, I don't need any DSPs anymore. True, it gives you a nag screen when you start Winamp (to remind you of the 30 day free trial). If the price is reasonable, I'll gladly buy it and never have to worry about setting up 2 or 3 DSP plug-ins again. This program is EXCELLENT. Nothing else comes close. - September 14, 2005 by Jim Williams

Control - Simply excellent. Efficient and very practical. The final result is excellent. - August 22, 2005 by Sergio Spohr

Great plugin - It does wonders to the quality of the music but even if it didn't. I just love the way it adjusts the volume. I never have to adjust anything now, even when I have some classical music WITH heavy metal on the same playlist. - July 2, 2005 by Vitaly Belman

This Rocks!!! - without being to technical this plug in puts some umph into the sound system to such a degree you hear the difference immediately. It puts some punch in the various notes without muddling the sound. It does what it says and more! - June 19, 2005 by charles carrington

What about WMA files? - VL has the Best overall sound effect of all Winamp DSP plug-ins that I've ever tried. It really improves sound with great detail and superb dynamics. The very popular DFX looks like 'a whiter shade of pale' compared to VL. But... VL does not play WMA files at all, and it boosts hiss, crackle, pops etc. on quiet parts untolerably lot. For that reason, it is absolutely useless for reproducing classical music. Such a shame, because piano music with VL sounds really superb. They really should work on circumventing the noise boost problem. - June 1, 2005 by Dragan Milunovic

Sounds Great but - Sounds Great but it crashed my system when I tried to forward to the next tune. Bummer. - May 17, 2005 by Chris Marion

VL - i think its a cool device. makes the sound out the 5.1 sound off the hook. parties gonna sound real good. thanks - May 7, 2005 by chris hudon

Volume Logic - Awesome, but not much noticeable difference. - May 3, 2005 by Daniel Wong