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Volume Leveler 15

Sound Compressor

Sound Compressor

Tired of jumping out of your seat every time you change from a quiet song to a loud song?
Tired of adjusting the volume each time a good quiet part of the song comes up?
Well this preset does it all!! It levels the output volume to a wanted level; it even raises quiet parts up to the volume level you want it to reach :)
The cool new feature now is that you can select how much this preset is sensitive to bass or treble by using the 4th slider:D
This preset requires winamp5 DSP_SPS plugin to work.
More info on how to control this preset is included in a text file with the preset :)
I thank everyone for their replies and any suggestions are welcomed :)

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December 31, 2005 by ABE3K DSP106763 downloads

Volume Leveler 15 - Sound Compressor

Staff review

Does what it says and you can tweak it to your system as needed so it should cope well on different systems. You may also need to adjust other aspects of your audio setup inorder to get the best out of this preset.


tried it, deleted it! - I tried it, and it sucks balls!! It causes Winamp to crash and fall on its ass. If you want a HIGH quality sound compressor, look into the Stereo Tool 2.10 by Hans Vanzutphen. I use it every day and it is about the best quality I have found. This plugin, the Volume leveler caused huge embarrassment when I went to DJ a party, and the computer crashed right in the middle of a song due to this sucky plug in. Sorry to bash your invention if the owner is reading, but it needs some fixing!! - January 29, 2008 by Tyler Sanders

kills my ears! - This is complete rubbish! I've just installed it and my music went totally blasted! Pulling all sliders to minimum didn't work well. Just deactivating the plugin helped. This plugin is just noise! - December 29, 2007 by p e

I haven't found a prob ... yet - I think this is a pretty good idea esepecially for regular listeners and internet radio broadcasters. After tinkering with the preset, it's finally working pretty good for me - Thank goodness for Volume Leveler as I don't know of any other Winamp plug-in that does this sort of thing !?! - July 24, 2006 by Phillip Nadvesnik

To sensitive - It does what it says, but it is by far one of the most annoying plugins I have ever used. It reminds me of when you go to a store or something and they have music, and their amp sucks and the music gets quieter every beat, except this magnifies it by about 5, it is WAY to sensitive. A smarter plugin would either adjust on a per song basis, be A LOT more passive, or have like maybe a sound limiter that would prevent it from suddenly blasting your speakers, but wouldnt CONSTANTLY adjust volume. I swear if I had listened for more than 45 seconds I would have a major headache. Good idea but poorly implimented - July 3, 2006 by Jared Hohman

ABE3K - Excellent! I have been using this plugin for a long while. Just got around to downloading the latest version. Does all it says. Smooth, fluid response to sound levels. Keep up the great work!!! - May 18, 2006 by Bubba Roo

Volume Leveler 15, that's too much - This plugin is much too sensitive, the volume doesn't stop changing on every note of every song and it becomes anoying after only a few seconds. It would be better if it would only level the volume between two songs or two big parts of a song but it's also leveling the sound on every guitar or drum notes... I don't like it but it's a good start. Make it much less sensitive and much smarter. - January 4, 2006 by Frank Malenfant