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Vocal Remover

I like it. Kinda complicated

I like it. Kinda complicated

Made with the help of a friend. Pretty simple can download a directx version from the webpage

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April 13, 2001 by Brian andrews657712 downloads

Vocal Remover - I like it. Kinda complicated

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Remove vocals from songs

This is a cool plug-in for turning vocal tracks into instrumentals. It isn't perfect...and really depends on what songs your are trying to affect... some songs work good, whereas some you can still here the vocals and some where the music itself starts to break up too much. Still a fun plug-in. -dg


This is really good, i love it. Better than all the options i tried so far to remove vocals. Thanks, God bless. - July 4, 2010 by rama

I had This Before And Loved It But - It won't install on this computer and I don't understand why. I hope/wish someone could/would help me with this problem. I have windows Vista and every time I try to install this it says it can't create a certain file. Is there a way past/around this? Please? All Help would be so appreciated. Also, AnalogX won't work for me either. IT DOES install but it won't show up in the DSP/Plugins! - August 9, 2009 by pommy

Quite amazing - Well, as what most of the DSP tricks have done, this plug-in still works quite well under some conditions.If anyone is thinking of 100% vocal removal for any kind of songs, you are really asking for something impossible from DSP!My undergraduate degree project is related to DSP, so I know quite well what is the limitation of this technology. - July 13, 2009 by AucFai Chan

Guuzta - CCOOOLL - June 11, 2009 by conrado.gustavo

WorksWell! - Whatever the numbskulls say - those are people who see the title of this plugin and think 'Oh I want to remove the vocals from my music...this will do it then. Great.', but as has been said already, they have no idea about the process and, you don't need to be a brain surgeon to find out as we all have google. This WILL WORK on some and not work on other tracks. It is in the nature of what it is trying to do. If the music has vocals in other areas than the standard then those tracks will not be as successful with this plugin.all in all this is a great little toolRecommended! - August 12, 2008 by Paul geaf

vocal - this is remover - March 22, 2008 by sadrac germano

good - is a good program for people who know how work it. - February 27, 2008 by kendry vasquez

wicked - unfortunately, it makes most songs sound like horrid junk, and doens't work for a lot of songs, but I've noticed that it completely wipes out all screaming in songs which is good if you listen to a lot of screamo and such, and are trying to practice. It could definately improve, but it has it's good points - February 25, 2005 by Scott Bairstow

For what it is, pretty good - These sort of programs never quite work out like they're supposed to, but this is better than most that I have tried. It seems to work better for synth-heavy songs, such as music in the pop or techno genre. Acoustic pieces are a different story... The visuals of the program aren't that impressive, it would be nice if the interface were more user-friendly. - November 20, 2004 by Indigo Wessex

not too shabby - Hmmm, well, it is what it is. what could I possibly have to say that's any better than what everyone else has to say? Not a single thing. Still, I just have to chime in. First of all I really want to thank Jeff Spidle. I was playing around with the plug-in, and without even being able to find instructions, I was able to make it do what it says it does. Well sort of. It definitely lowers the level of sound on vocals. Being the sort of do-it-yourselfers who will do anything herself(so long as there's a tutorial or manual available;) ), I thought: why not try and follow Jeff's tips? Why not, indeed, they were very valuable. I broke out my copy of Audacity(okay I just clicked Audacity in the start menu), and started playing away. I didn't realize, that just by clicking reverse, you reverse the phaser, so I fiddled around with phaser effects, and managed to remove the guitars from an old Duran Duran mp3(laugh away folks, guilty pleasure...what can I say?). In the process I managed to remove any trace of Simon LeBon's voice, replacing it with what sounded like a female computer/robot/synthesiser. You get the idea. But still!!! I removed the guitars, never found a single tut anywhere for removing guitars. Trying to install VTS plugins(not compatible with Audacity, see I'm not the savante I thought I was!), I went to the questions section of Audacity's site, and there, buried deep within the multitude of FAQ's was how to remove vocals, almost exactly matching Jeff's instructions! Adding his tip about adjusting the db levels I managed to lower the vocals so far that my voice drowns out the lead singer's! Basically that's what this plug-in let's you do. It's a perfectly good plug-in, you don't need fancy in order for your voice to drown out the whisper produced with Vocal Remover. But with the tips Jeff gave, you can remove vocals from tracks, and make those really cool dance mixes you here on the radio, and online(all the time). The Vocal Remover works!!! I couldn't give it 5 stars, only because taking the long way round, produces better results. But it's a free plug-in(how many times can I type plug-in for a single review anyway?). Aside from making the voice levels even lower, I think the only thing that could make Vocal Remover better is if it actually took the bad singing(you've seen American Idol) and made it melodious, and on key. But that would be a miracle. I can't ask that of the programmer, his name is Brian Andrews, not God. Thanks Brian, and Jeff...Good Job, and Great Info!!! - September 27, 2004 by Nolita Wineman

Nice!! - This is a pretty cool Plug-in, and it works great, but it would be better if some little problems are fixed first. Nice work! - March 1, 2004 by The Great C Gerlein

F**kin Sucks! - Doesn't work on winamp 3.. i've tried installing it to like 4 different locations, i tried adding it as a mod in winamp it dont work!! it just wont show!! it sucks! - October 8, 2003 by Ian Edwards

Cool Work!! - Hey, this program works fantastic. I love it!!. Buen trabajo!!. - October 5, 2003 by The Great C Gerlein

Perfect. - Yes, this plugin may not work for everything- but what do you expect. It follows the industry standard method for removing vocals. Basically what it does is lets the difference between the L and R channels pass, while subtracting the common. Essentially- Result=Left-Right, or Right-Left. Whatever is common between left and right remains in the signal after this filter. Every song I have ever produced has vocals centered exactly in the middle, This is the way most music is produced. Sometimes there is a small amount of reverb put onto the vocals, and that is sometimes stereo, and therefore remains in the signal. Bass guitar, and bass and snare drum are also often mixed this same way, therefore are also partly removed. However, there are typically many mics on a drum kit when recorded, and the bass and snare usually leaks out, so you dont hear this effect so much. So, if you have a problem with this plugin, dont go bashing it, just say simply that it didnt work for your particular situation. Also you can recreate this in a multitrack if you'd like. Simply split the left and right channel, put them each to their own mono track, and invert the phase of one of them. Also I would recommend -6db of gain before you sum them. I think this is one thing the AnalogX plugin forgot. (The -6db gain) The reason being because if the result is left-right, and they are both opposite poles, clipping results... anyway for those of you who can appreciate a tool for what its worth, i hope you enjoy it as i do.. For the rest of you - good luck finding anything (much) better. peace, jeff - July 30, 2003 by Jeff Spidle

Great ball of stupids - People that says "this plugin sucks" perhaps don't know the basics of audio. Do i have to tell these people that: yes! we (audio masters) use vocal remover to remove the vocals from a song? ha! Try to use it in electronic music and hear that great sound you get with this plugin. No man! you read the instructions and remember that there is no plugin or hardware to remove the 100% of the vocal in a song. Less if that song includes not vocals. hahahaha! Great Job Brian Andrews! This is the most useful tool that i have found to remove vocals from songs, much more than audio editors such as cooledit or soundforge. Will we have a new version soon? Hurry up! Brother! - July 16, 2003 by Geppetto El Magnifico

forget this - hmmmmmmmm, it doesnt remove any vocal from any track i try. it only reduces the sound quality. pointless if u ask me - May 17, 2003 by gary lord

I give you 3 for weirdness - Put some techno songs in and you get funny "bloop-ity, bloop". Sounds faded yet mushed... I put my favorite TATU song and it comes out silent... kinda funny... TAKE THAT ATC! - April 14, 2003 by K V

Must be cool but.. - It must be cool because I always like what analogX does.. But it doesn't work at all in winamp 2.81 (it's the version I have).. the plugin doesn't even show up in the Preferences window! Maybe the author should think of an update because maybe it worked with former versions of winamp...? - April 3, 2003 by Tristan DANIEL

no sir i didnt like it - it works with a few select songs but for the most part IT SUX - November 13, 2002 by R Burke

It does work if.............. - YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. I see several bad reviews and I can't see how you say this doens't work. If you have read the instructions on how to use it you would find that it works when you want it to and it is easily disabled. Its a good tool for guitar players who need to hear what is going on. - July 24, 2002 by Garrett hardesty

Fantastic! - This is a great plugin! It worked extremely well for me, and it did not create any problems for me... Set it to 100% and U can only hear the sound of the instrument... Fabulous! - May 31, 2002 by Teo Linda

Some people should read the instructions... - As stated in the readme, this program does NOT work on mono sources, or stereo sources where the voice channel is mixed strangely over the left and right channels. However, if the voice is mixed evenly between left and right (as it should), this plugin works PERFECTLY! Depending on how well a song was mixed and how high-bitrate the MP3 is, this thing can remove nearly every singe trace of vocals. One great example is "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" from the South Park movie. With this plugin at 100%, you can still hear every instrument while the voice echoes below a whisper. THIS THING WORKS GREAT! - April 6, 2002 by Dan Leet

This works - Ignore all the bad things people said about this plug in, it really does work well with some music, and no it doesnt mess up winamp. These authors deserve better than to be bashed by people, after all they work so hard to bring us software we all are using. - April 5, 2002 by gabriel sharp

I cant get it to work - When I get look for it I cant find it please help?? - March 23, 2002 by Joe Garcia

What about NOT??? - The only thing it does, is turn down and change the music... And THAT doesn't sound good! Like some futuristic beep noises! - February 23, 2002 by Christian Jung

OK....... - It's ok, but it kinda ruins the quality of the sound while trying to take away the voice. Also, you can still kinda hear the voices even when it's at 100%. - November 23, 2001 by Paul Rubritz

Great Plug-In!!! - I love this plugin basically because I'm very much of a musician myself and I also love hearing the background vocals to many songs and this plugin is wonderful for that. I used to have to open my Cool Edit program in order to remove the vocal, but now all I have to do is open Winamp, the player I usually use for my music and it's right there-Thanks for making my music expierience more enjoying and convient! Jason - November 16, 2001 by Jason Gibbs

"Vocal Remover" - I give it 5 stars because its a great Surround sound enhancer, not a vocal remover. In fact all the vocal removers that I tested are just Surround sound enhancers. - September 19, 2001 by bassthebomb1 bomb

sorry but this plugins sucks - im sorry to say this but this plugin really suxx! nice try Author but this plugin basically suxx!!!!! it mayb eworks with *.wav files but not with *.mp3 files. If anyone wants to remove the vocals you have to convert the mp3 files to *.wav files and then use cool edit pro. I hope i have cleared up some stuff now ;) - August 25, 2001 by Alexander Holmberg

useless - I couldn't even get it started - August 4, 2001 by daniel FOSTER

Not too good. - It only works on some songs but still good. - July 27, 2001 by Eder Alejandre

With the exception of - Rap, Hiphop, and songs like "Dream On" by Depeche Mode, it works wonderfully! - July 25, 2001 by John McMahon

Bathtub? - sounds as if I were being strangled underwater. It nearly cancels the lower frequencies, not to mention completely distorting any high ones. The end result: A bass-less, waterlogged sound, STILL with lyrics. (And the install file is stupid, too.) - July 15, 2001 by Justin Renaud

Check the song you are using - It depends on your song!!! Tons of songs work good but others suck a little better than the stock nullsoft one you can download but not the best that could be made either. - July 10, 2001 by Brian andrews


The greatest Plugin for musicians. - I just want to say I love this plugin. I myself am a guitar player and this plugin is great to remove the vocals out of a song so that you can figure out how the music sounds without the vocals throwing you off. It is also great for tabbing the song you want. - May 13, 2001 by Corey Chadwick

It's aiiight - Its not all that but try it and see if it works for you.personally I think it works like crap - May 6, 2001 by Veryl Ferguson