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Vis Saver

Launches Current Vis Plugin when screen saver activated

Launches Current Vis Plugin when screen saver activated

Nothing more, nothing less. Just remember ctrl-shift-k!

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March 1, 2001 by Michael Jervis15455 downloads

Vis Saver - Launches Current Vis Plugin when screen saver activated

Staff review

This is a cool plug-in

Nifty little plug-in that allows you to set your current Winamp visualization to be your screensaver. So...say you are listening to some music and are laying down or relaxing or whatever...your screensaver will come on in the form of whatever visual plug-in you have set Winamp to be. -dg


Nice try, but far from perfect - Vis Saver starts the visualization, that's fine so far, but it will not stop it when moving the mouse or pressing any key. And there are more problems (where it sets to focus to). Search for WPSS, the "Winamp Plugin Screen Saver", it's way better! - July 25, 2007 by Gregor Wenkelewsky

I don't think this works - I have downloaded, installed and activated this plug-in and it doesn't work. - June 25, 2005 by Phil Wood

Good Idea....but still doesn't help with what i need - Great idea, not sure if it worked or not.....see I have a small problem and I'm trying to find a plug in that will work for me: My comp has 4 (yes....4) screens, 3 across in a row and a smaller plasma screen (reserved specifically for winamp avs) below the center monitor. When I turn on a regular screen saver, such as starfield or mystify, it looks beautiful, spanning the saver across all screens, without cloning one screen. I want my winamp avs to do that!!!!....can anyone help me? Are there any plugins for multi-monitor support?? PLEASE......if you have an idea, e-mail or this account at Thanks, and sorry to ask for help on a review, but i was hoping you might know something about the screensavers, Justin - October 11, 2004 by Justin Mangum

Cool, but needs pass - I think this is a great idea, and works perfectly, except when I try to use a password with Nt2k. - January 3, 2002 by ted hahn

WOW - pretty damn good... - May 7, 2001 by rory ketchum

life saver - fast download and well good, gives me more savers just by enjoying winamp.........very cool, get it or stay bored. - April 26, 2001 by robert hart