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Featured Plugin, 2002.

The power of the Virtuoso(tm) 3D surround sound engine has been brought to Winamp. Virtuoso(tm) is a powerful spatial enhancement system originally developed for consumer electronics and avionics systems and now available as a plug-in for Winamp. Virtuoso(tm) creates a fully immersive 3-dimensional sound for both headphones and loudspeakers. The Virtuoso(tm) plug-in integrates seamlessly with your Winamp player and provides additional EQ and sound control functions.Features: * Patented virtual surround sound DSP * Operates with headphones and loudspeakers * Control audio output using the stunning and powerful GUI * Tailor your virtual listening space in real-time * Load and save room, reverb, sound and EQ presets * Fully integrated, including window docking and skinning to your favoriteskin! * Documentation included * Pentium II 500 or better recommended * 7 day free trial period

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February 1, 2003 by Slab DSP Limited353750 downloads

Virtuoso - Featured Plugin, 2002.

Staff review

Very intuitive way to set up 3d surround sound

This plugin is put together extremely well... the interface is incredibly slick and easy to use. The majority of configuring is handled by moving and manipulating graphical representations of speakers, listener, and room size, to create a 3d surround sound environment. Also comes with reverb and eq presets to help give your sound that additional depth. Useful menues and help options maintain the professional application feel. A really worthwhile dsp plugin that gives you a good deal of sound control power while providing a very intuitive interface.


LOOK GRE8 but nothing - I don't how the peoples give 5 stars for this pluging.I best and better is one plugin bit it. I have used all the plugin posted on Winamp. but Jammix is the best.if u want simple than second one is Enhancer 0.17 - August 3, 2006 by Nilesh R

Quite Nice - Quite Nice - May 15, 2006 by ari kutari

fajne - spoko program - November 24, 2004 by wiktor dubiecki

AVERAGE CRAP - I read some of the reviews posted here and wanted to test if out for myself.This plugin isnt that great. I think it sounds better with no plugin at all.I am a computer technition and not a computer-illiterate fool---and my computer is very up to date and capable of running the plugin, but it sounds bad and i uninstalled after 15 min of tweaking around settings.Oh yeah----- and its A FUCKING TRIAL!!!!!!WHO all of the good remarks posted here are most likely posted by the author or some shit. - February 10, 2004 by YO MOMMA

It is not good as it looks - I have 6 channel sound card and with this plugin I can turn only 2 ! - October 20, 2003 by Raider1 Raider2

Good Plugin but... - This is an awesome plugin. Good at delivering good surround and ambience effects. But it often crashes winamp when I want to change the plugin from preferences. Also its window vanishes when I minimize winamp and maximize it and even crashes winamp. I need to restart winamp to get the window back. Please somebody fix it. - January 4, 2003 by Rohini Chandra

im not even dling it - im not even gonna try it you have to fucking pay for it!(according to various reveiws) by the way, hasn't anyone heard of screw-up-your-computerware? - September 20, 2002 by jc jc

No Big Deal - I've been through about a dozen DSP enhancements so far, looking for the one that works best for me and my system. This one, although elaborate, works no better than some of the simplest, rawest ones out there. Besides this, it is also somewhat unstable. - July 28, 2002 by oneamong1000 _


New Dimension To Audio - Virtuoso has added a new dimension to audio enhancement. mp3s sound so much better. I just love the virtual speaker output. I cant wait for the new version. - June 27, 2002 by Wesly Mallard

Smooth - This things smooth - June 27, 2002 by Stephen Choi

This is Great - This is one of the best plugins I have used. I have to agree with Gareth - all those complaining about this plugin should get their mamas to set it up for them. Vituoso is the best. BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST - June 27, 2002 by Simon Sinclare

Superb - This plugin has been done extremely well. great job. - June 27, 2002 by Peter Lang

Well Done - Indeed very intuitive. - June 27, 2002 by Pardes Lauder

damn this is good - this kicks ass. DFX, Dee DSP, Enhancer and izotope out of the window and into the garbage truck. - June 27, 2002 by Limsoon Wong

Brilliant - This is brilliant. So much to play with. I read a review by a dumb guy who complained about too many things to play with. I have this to say to you buddy : if you dumb dont blame the plugin. I just can't stop playing with this. Absolutely love it. - June 27, 2002 by Gustavo Moller

Great Deal - Thank you SLAB for this great plugin and thanks a lot for the great deal you guys offer. There is nothing better than Virtuoso - June 27, 2002 by Faron Tilburg

Bravo - Bravo Bravo. Wonderful plugin. every body should download this. - June 27, 2002 by Craig Burton

sounds great - there is nothing better than virtuoso - June 27, 2002 by Anthony Neumann

Wow - This is a great plugin - June 26, 2002 by Alan Richardson

HMMM_ Nice - This Program was ALRIGHT- but I don't realy understand the point- not much different - June 24, 2002 by BUddy Bravo

I've seen better... - It's not that bad of a plug-in, but it's only a trial version! After a while they expect you to pay for somthing that really isn't anything THAT special. I don't recomend downloading this. The featurs are ok, but your time is limited. I don't like time limits! - June 23, 2002 by Jeremy Emfinger

Yeeees Indeedee!!! - This is really a great plug-in. Those who bitch about it are those who don't have the ability to configure it properly or who are trying to install it on a 64K IBM PC. Hell, a trained ape could do it. I've tried DFX and quite frankly I think it stinks for a number of reasons. Every time you launch Winamp DFX reverts to the default skin which is a royal pain the dupa. Speaking of skins there ain't many for DFX either at least not many classy ones. Most of the ones I've seen can be downloaded from Also, the DFX sound enhancement ain't all it's cracked up to be. Now for the good news! Given the fact that Winamp has some of the best skins around it's great having them seamlessly integrate into Virtuoso. Again, if you have trouble configuring Virtuoso....ask your mother she can probably do it for you!!! - June 14, 2002 by Gareth Betts

??? i can only imagine - [email protected] I have quad speaker and this plug in currently doesnt have that setting has it it just doesnt work hopefully yet Four speaker and a subwolfer out a make just incriedetable sound from this plug in plez tell me whe you have the upgrade.. ps my e-mail address is above if you can help me thanks - June 13, 2002 by Matthew Wagner

This rocks! - Virtuoso is fantastic! I can't believe how much better my headphones sound. I can't wait for version II. Rock on Virtuoso. - June 9, 2002 by Mark Donaldson

What did you do - shore my mp3s still play but it makes this high piched fuzzy sound in the background that sounds like crap and hurts my ears i dont think a sound blaster live card shold be subject to this shotey software - June 6, 2002 by Tom Riper

Harry Pothead... - I didn't even download it... - June 6, 2002 by Miky Ma

Ramos - Great - May 26, 2002 by Matt Millar

This thing sucks! it recks winamp! - This sucks it slows your computer like it was 1mhz and the sound sounds like hole bunch of pots and pans going! And you can uninstall it! you have to delete all of winamp even all your old plug ins to get rid of it! so don't download it.. it sucks - May 26, 2002 by Bremt Tremeer

Thanks for your support - Thanks to all you Winamp fans for downloading and trying our new plug-in. We realise that you need a pretty good machine to run this thing. We're listening and hope to release a more efficient implementation soon. We hope that you like the Flash interface. We're already working on Version 2 which is hot and will be FREE for those who register Version 1!! That's right we keep our promise on upgrades. For the latest check our web site. Take care. - May 24, 2002 by Slab DSP Limited

Love it - I love this plugin. - May 24, 2002 by Rizi Electra

This Sh*t Is Good - This sh*t is the best sh*t I have seen in years. I'd give it million starts if the guys at winamp would let me. - May 24, 2002 by Mario Borg

Best 3D Plugin - I have seen so many 3D plugins but none like Virtuoso. Virtuoso redifines the meaning of 3D. It make my mp3s sound so much fuller and better. Keep it up SLAB DSP - May 24, 2002 by Manno Toatoa

Great Plugin - Virtuoso is the greatest. DFX, Deedsp and others bite the dust. All those homies out there try this out and you'll never wanna do anything else. Peace on earth and Virtuoso rulez. - May 24, 2002 by Kisun Ratna

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Baby - Yo Yo Yo. This all go. Best Best Best. This is gonna change the world of 3d sound. Fit for the kings out there (even those lovely queens). I just love this. - May 24, 2002 by Jason Schuster

Fantastic Work - Well what can I say, this is great. All my mp3s sound so much better now. its worth much more than just $14.95 - May 24, 2002 by Harish Sharma

Not snowball's chance in hell... - Okay, now here this, this program is crap! Thus far the only sound enhancing program that is worth downloading is "DFX". "DFX" actully delivers on all of it's promises unlike some of these other sound enhancing programs. If you really want the sort of full sound that you expect from a sound enhancing program and one that works marvelously well with WinAmp, just download "DFX". The rest (and I've tried them all) are crap! - May 22, 2002 by Joe Doe

Get real. - This plug-in is truly great. I can't believe some of the comments posted on this board. If your machine is too slow don't waste your time installing this plug-in. Furthermore don't waste your time posting dumb complaints when you haven't even experienced this DSP effect. Duh! - May 22, 2002 by Chris Knight

wonderfull - It is fantastic sound!!! - May 21, 2002 by jonathan verveake

Garbage Plugin - Sorry but this made my mp3s sound total crap...I spent a good 20 minutes with different types of mp3. THEY ALL SOUNDED CRAP!!! Nice interface though, I would have gave that 5 stars. - May 18, 2002 by Tam Honeyman

Well... - You can download it to see how much it blows if you really want to, or you can just take my word for it and save your time - May 13, 2002 by Keith Dreier

This Has got me Hooked - Just when I thought I was done with wianmp this Virtuoso plugin has got me hooked again. This is best 3D audio plugin for winamp ever. I recommend it to anybody. This is DA BOMB. - May 13, 2002 by Billy Zane

maybe it's my fault... - ...but i've never heard so horrible noise coming out of speakers... - May 13, 2002 by Alan �is

Great, but needs fast machine - This plug-in is great but it was obviously not developed for those with old machines. I tried it on an old PII and it was marginally stable. On my desktop PIII it kicks ass. The 3D effect is far better than DX5, especially with h/phones! - May 12, 2002 by Marc White2

damn - it would have been better if it was a ful version. - May 12, 2002 by bhargav reddy

virtuoso - WARNING!!! - May 11, 2002 by patrick peelen

virtuoso plug-in - it,s relly good - May 10, 2002 by shong ming sun

Ooooooooooo! Swanky!!! - Very good, does everything i want it to and more, BUT evrything is a F**king demo these days, why doesnt someone create an excellent, working, impressive pluggin, for free, and then if it's a success, make plugin version 2(must be better than v.1) and then charge for that??? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!!! - May 9, 2002 by Alex Kyriakides

One of the best things to happen to winamp!!! - All you guys stop bull$hi!ing, this is the best effect plug in , i give it 50 stars!!! Sounds great on my speakers and my headphones , I love it. Good Job. Keep it coming. - May 8, 2002 by zoran jovic

BEST DSP PLUGIN - This is the best 3d audio dsp plugin for winamp. SLAB DSP has done an excellent job. This plugin improves mp3 music so much that i never wanna stop listening. love those cross-talk cancellation effects - sounds coming from all around you. Hope to see more plugins from you guys soon. - May 8, 2002 by Philip Karn

J U N K........... - I downloaded this so called "PROGRAM" and had nothing but problems with my computer until i deleted it. I wouldnt recommend it to anybody. - May 7, 2002 by bob barnes

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - WOW!!!! I never see one thing like this in my life, very good!! - May 5, 2002 by Guilherme Amaral

What A Pity! - Well, for the first time, it seems, my computer can't handle an audio plugin. Everytime I enable Virtuoso's processor, the music that is playin' begins to fail. Anyway, Virtuoso can't handle an audio card that use Genius 5.1 (still not so virtuoso, like the name). So, let's go back to the fantastic iZotope Ozone. - May 3, 2002 by joaquim jardim

THIS IS AMAZING! - So much to play with... I love it! This is probably the best Winamp plugin I have seen! Where have these guys been all my life? The sound is amazing and the hardest part is deciding which preset sounds better! Look forward to seeing more from you guys! - May 2, 2002 by Anthony Keeling

coool - oh my gawd! it skins itself to match my skins . it docks and windowshades as if its really part of winamp! presets, reverb, damping, damn ... i have no idea what kenneth is on about for the interfce and audio it has everything. these guyz haven't left anything out. soudns awesome too but needs a bit of cpu grunt ... still playin with it - May 1, 2002 by Thomas Maxwell

Interface is nice but.... - Gets 2 stars for the interface, but not nearly as effective as Izotope's Ozone, or DFX 6.1 or Dee DSP 1.20. Just changing the audio image is not enough for me. - May 1, 2002 by Kenneth Oransky

We hope you guys like this!! - Try Virtuoso with loudspeaker, bud earphones or standard headphones and experience the difference. From the design team at Slab - M. Donaldosn, R. Beyer, S. Singh and M. Poletti - April 30, 2002 by Toby dumbass

Totally unbelievable!!!! - This plugin is so awesome it does everything that the other DSP's do and then some. Man you gotta get it - April 30, 2002 by Simon Weston