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ViPER's Audio Processor eXperience!

For Winamp

For Winamp

"ViPER's Audio Processor eXperience!"(VAPXP!) is a PROFESSIONAL DSP for Winamp!Newer version is 1.1.36Include "Field Surround", "Real Surround", "Real Super BASS", "Field Rotation", "Gain", "Hard Limiter", "Digital Reverberation", "Soft Dynamic Limiter", etc.All processors under 64-bit precious.Low CPU and memory usage, but a Hi-Fi audio effect!

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November 22, 2008 by YuFei Wang30234 downloads

ViPER's Audio Processor eXperience! - For Winamp

Staff review

Cool DSP

VAPXP is a cool DSP plugin with lots of config options. The output quality is quite good if you do not exceed some slider states. It also has the option to open config files, but no saving :( But overall good work!


Bass Amplifier for free. Thanks - August 18, 2010 by Andy A

I invented Its-not-you-its-me! - See, the thing is-- i get a good laugh when i read another reviewer, on topic of an extension i've tried, such as VAPXP, when their text includes something like "maybe you like if, if you don't know what you're doing". That's hilarious to me. Why? cause it's THAT reviewer who has the brain-damage. If dollars were noodles, i'd bet 20 that those who experience "static", or a "messed-up sound", are probably the same people who set winamp to run in 24-bit mode.In other words-- dude is trying to stick a square peg in a round hole, and complaining about how well it fits, placing blame on the peg-maker, of course.c'mon. you gotta laught at that. that's top comedy! hee hee.rock on, regardless. just rock! - June 20, 2009 by laughing

Something Very Wrong - Something is really messed up with this plugin. Even when turning down or off everything, the sound is REALLY screwed up. Use this if you really want to screw up the sound and staging of everything. Use this if you have no idea what you're doing and no idea what good sound is, then you MIGHT like it. Otherwise forget about it. Rated 0.5 because it's in English and it "works". Not sure what drugs the author was on while making this, but they were bad. Very bad. - February 10, 2009 by Jesse G

Need to brush up on my Chinese - I like to go to a software web page to read up on a product before downloading and trying it. It is entirely in Chinese. Is there an English tranlation web page for this product? - January 30, 2009 by Michael Gradel

Meh, could work with WA5.x - Couldn't get this to even work with my version of winamp...would love to see an update of this that will work with it - December 2, 2008 by Jason Vajgrt