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VideoObject DivXMovie plugin v11

Allow Wianamp to play avi/asf/mov/qt/m1v/mpg/m1v/asf

Allow Wianamp to play avi/asf/mov/qt/m1v/mpg/m1v/asf

Enable Winamp 2.x to play video streams -4/3,16/9 free ratio- Full screen mode- Winamp Short Cuts- avi/asf/mov/qt/m1v/ mpg/m1v/asf- DivX (with external driver)- DirectX 8 (or upper) wrapper- Time bar an buttons

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July 24, 2002 by Alex Cappellozza326442 downloads

VideoObject DivXMovie plugin v11 - Allow Wianamp to play avi/asf/mov/qt/m1v/mpg/m1v/asf

Staff review

Turn Winamp into a full media center

Allows for you to associate a great many media files with Winamp... includes avi, asf, mov, qt, miv, mpg, etc. Full screen supported. Very handy plugin.


how to connect plugin? - October 20, 2009 by Sergey Osipov

Win Amp crashes when trying to view AVI - Doesn't work for me. Each time I try to open an AVI file winamp disappears.. (unloads) - October 5, 2009 by Ian

to play divx movies - cannot watch divx movie because i don't know how to connect plugin - March 23, 2009 by julius gavina

Wont play quicktime files like it says (.mov) - 1 star. It claims to play .mov files but when i try its "unable to render frame". Waste of time, thanx - June 19, 2004 by jhgjhg jhgjhg

Good Plugin... - But not as good as VID4WA 26. Still, it supports some different formats, which is why I gave it five stars. - July 23, 2003 by Jeffrey Latham

Almost perfect. - I was impressed with the general layout of the plugin. Although the bar on top could become annoying, as long as you can turn the annoying parts off, it's all good by me. My only gripe is with the lack of an "Always On Top" feature. If that was added, I would've stuck with this plugin for all my video watching needs. - February 1, 2003 by Aaron Emde

Bad Ass Video Player - Couldn't ask for anything better! Thanx Alex Cappellozza!!!! - September 11, 2002 by Mike Ellis

Nice, but not quite polished - As it says it does, this plugin can fluidly play AVI DiVx encoded movies through Winamp. However, I am going to find another player until a few bugs are fixed: - Every single time the player opens, a warning pops up that an "illegal floating-point operation" has occurred; damn unsightly. I am very sure this is an error with the player itself, the DiVx codec and Winamp are not to blame. - When a movie is done playing, Winamp naturally moves onto the next file in the playlist. This causes the plugin and Winamp to crash. - Though not a bug, it is irritating that the plugin doesnt use the standard Alt+Enter keypress for fullscreen. Instead, an ugly green button does fullscreening. - My last annoyance with this plugin is the timer displayed in the top of the movie window. Also standard interface (within Winamp), timers ought to switch from an advancing timer to a countdown timer when clicked. With this plugin's timer, the mode is changed through the configuration menu. Despite my complaints, I still think it is a very nice plugin. I hope the next version is out soon. - September 8, 2002 by Pascal Getreuer

klass piece of work - its damn good that's all i need to say!!! - August 8, 2002 by Venkatasubramanian Muralidhara

Awesome! - Combine this with VID4WA and you got a lean, mean, mp3 player type machine! - July 8, 2002 by Brent Gamble

This thing is awesome!!! - This plug-in is the shit. Put this together with an Audiy Platinum with remote and the RM-X remote control plugin and you got yourself a full-out media center... SOOOOOOO NICE!!! :) - June 25, 2002 by Martin Gaciarz

congratulations ! - GREAT !!!!!! Such GREAT !!! - June 10, 2002 by WAFR WAFR