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Video Dominator

keeps (only) the Video-Window allways on top

keeps (only) the Video-Window allways on top

Video Dominator for WinAmpWanna work on PC and watch Internet-TV or other video stuff?This plug-in makes it possible.How to use:Open any videofile or NVS TV-Stream,and click on the Video window to keep it on top(turn effect off: hold Ctrl + click on the Video window)Notice: the Video-Window has to be deatached!!! By [email protected] Fun...

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February 23, 2004 by Philipp B.33886 downloads

Video Dominator - keeps (only) the Video-Window allways on top

Staff review

Very handy plugin for watching video streams.

Straightforward plugin that allows you to keep your video window always on top of your other windows. Very useful for those that like to watch video streams while working in other applications. You need to have your video window detatched for this to work properly.


Does not work - The new version of winamp (5.2) has forced this to stop working, in the previous versions this software is amazing! I think Nullsoft need to look at this current version as there are a lot of divide by zero errors after just installing the damn thing. (i have installed 5.2 on 4 machines with windows XP and all of them have shown the errors). Please fix this software it would be great for it to work again! - March 4, 2006 by poo head

Nice - but could be better - It works indeed the way it says it does. I have two problems: 1) The video window is minimized when the winamp main window is minimized. 2) When multiple video's are enqueued in the playlist, it switches back to the winamp main window when switching. In my opinion, the plugin would be finished when these two things are fixed. - October 5, 2005 by Henk Piterson

what can i say - it does exactly what i want it to do. makes it much much easier to unobtrusively watch a video while doing something else. thank you, dude who wrote this. - March 7, 2005 by lex kahn

Works nice - Does what it says, keeps the windowed video on top.. But if you double click it while it's still on top, it makes the video full screen, but the video window minus the video(Just the frame), visable over the top of the full-screen video... Hmm.. Easy enought to counter though (Ctrl+CLick the window, then double click) - Ben - October 16, 2004 by Ben Dickson

@ Patrick Neil - This Plugin is for them who wanna see the video and work in other programs, not for then who wanna see only the video window in the fullscreen mode. Mail me if you have any questions. - September 26, 2004 by Philipp B.

Fullscreen problem - When I full screen video, the window stays on top of the full sceen too. What good is that? It's just a black window in the middle. If I try to move the window Winamp goes a little crazy. I'll keep trying but I had to uninstall this program to be able to use the full screen function again. - September 25, 2004 by Patrick Neil

nice !! - 5 stars become of it don't extra thing just i needed and more if i like it. the VIDEO by all i needed to see,when working and it can in handly. it just what i looking for [ a sizerable, moverable, video ] - June 1, 2004 by divid tomess

ok - Yes, but it sets only the \"video window\" in from of other windows. So you can see only the video and not the player. - March 2, 2004 by Philipp B.

why? - um...couldn't you just set winamp to "always on top"? - March 2, 2004 by dlinkwit 27