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VidAmp plays AVI, QT, MPEG and ANIM videos

VidAmp plays AVI, QT, MPEG and ANIM videos

The VidAmp plugin lets you play AVI, MPEG, MOV (QuickTime)and ANIM video clips using WinAmp. AVI and MPEG files areplayed using the Windows MCI drivers and MOV using Apple'sQuickTime for Windows. VidAmp has native support for IFF ANIMfiles (types 5 and 7).

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August 3, 2000 by Christer Sundin779297 downloads

VidAmp-v1.0 - VidAmp plays AVI, QT, MPEG and ANIM videos

Staff review

Make Winamp your full media device...

Great plug-in that allows you to associate AVI, MPEG, MOV and ANIM files with Winamp. The VidAmp viewer also comes with the default Winamp skin to keep things visually consistent. -dg


didnt even work - didnt make any changes... just gave me this stupid error "unable to write to object c:/program files/winamp/videoobjectplugin.ini" and gives me no way to uninstall the stupid thing - March 23, 2008 by bill johnson

plays mov files nicely - little slow in loading the file, but does a great job of playing mov files.. recommended - December 13, 2006 by uj g

sucks - you have to install quicktime either way. lame - August 29, 2006 by james maclean

Vidamp - A l'air de fonctionner mais non d?sactivable. Tr?s difficile ? effacer, le consid?rer comme un virus. - April 30, 2006 by Vincent s

This one works - This program works great. U should be able to 2x xlixk to use full size tho - December 28, 2005 by Kai Cooper

Good offering - aye. It plays .Mov, runs without much hitches and does not degrade on anything Unfortunately, it does not allow the use of an equalizer, which is NOT CONDUCTIVE TO GOOD HUMORS! possibly I have the only computer being affected by this, but the video window defaults to the very top left of the screen, and cannot be moved around when ones taskbar takes up the top of one's desktop. Anyways, a solid performer, and if you want a .mov player without selling your soul to quicktime, get this. - August 2, 2005 by Mk3 Alternate

Rock On! - The title says it all. It works for me! Five stars, Sundin! -- FutureBiomedMan -- - May 21, 2005 by Future BiomedMan

VidAMP - If I could give this one 6 stars, I would.. without it, I'd be lost! Although you need "Quicktime" installed to view those "MOV" files..which works great when you do! For me - I want to thank you Mr. Sundin for making this one! I do a lot of work now with digital camera's, & now I can view those "AVI", MPG, MPEG, & MOV files with clarity & ease.. I use "Irfanview" sometimes to, but limited viewing size... wereas with "VidAmp", I can RE-size the viewing are with ease! Thanks again! L. Larsson - August 20, 2004 by Lee Larsson

All good to me - Well, it plays MOV files doesn't it! And most other video. I dunno what people were saying about "you can't change the size of the video". Methinks they forgot to check the SCALE box and spoke too soon, in which case no, you can't resize. You make something foolproof, but there'll always be a bigger and better fool. - June 22, 2004 by cypher zero

Won't play .mov files without quicktime installed. - No thanx, quicktime is like a frickin virus, I refuse to install it, and if this can't play mov's like it says it can its worth 1 star. - June 19, 2004 by jhgjhg jhgjhg

Needs overdue bug attention - I have no objection about the two screen format It works fine for mov.files However when viewing other codec files in the winamp videoscreen a bug stops The screen shape in preferences from being accessed when this plugin is downloaded and installed in winamp Thus it is a waste of time for it means I still have to have 2 playas to view my files correctly This was a problem in Winamp 3.1 And sill the same bug has not being corrected for Winamp 5 - January 21, 2004 by stalingrad ONeill

needs work - has some good parts but needs more work .... - December 19, 2003 by nikkie c

Great, but there's a problem... - VidAmp does a good playing my video, even my QuickTime MOVies. My problem with it is that it plays every video in the same size window (unless you switch to fullscreen). What Mr. Sundin should've done is make it use WinAmp's default video window because it will re-size to the default size of the video. - December 13, 2003 by John Sellers

YAHOOO! - Vidamp is one of the most Advanceds Plug-ins I've seen!, But when our Beloved WA comes with It's own Videoplayer Vidamp was left out-scene, the problem: Incompatibility, So if you have any older version of WA you MUST, NEED and WILL Dowload this marvel, with the DivX plugin which is in Winamp Page Too Hitten Mitsurugi Ryuu ShoRyuZan Poncho - September 5, 2003 by Alfonso Rodriguez Martinez

Wonderful - I think this plug-in was wonderful, played all my viseo files with no problem and they look great. - August 31, 2003 by myairsa littleton

Simply The Best (The Unbeatable too) - This is great to use feel and say "GREAT". It is on top already but i'll wait if it gets any updates for any additional functionality. Till then Best of my Wishes - August 21, 2003 by ASHISH SHARMA

Gr8 just gr8 - Although there is now winamp3 with it built in, I discovered this b4 th@ and it has never caused me any significant problems at all! 1 problem that I have found, is it opening the VidAmp window when it shouldn't, and it poping up windows saying 'VidAmp cannot find the winamp window' but apart from that, its the best Winamp2 plugin I've found yet - April 1, 2003 by Mike Curry

I killed my other vid programs - This has always been my favorite pluging and it allways work, good work.( i just hope my 100Mhz processor can handle it) - March 25, 2003 by adam bryant

cao - sve najbolje - December 24, 2002 by radoslav borovicanin

wow!!!!!!!! - I would give it more stars than that, but this is based on a scale of 0 to 5. This plays almost Anything and with a few others, kiss windows media player, real player, AND quick player goodbye. you can call yourself the A/V man, but that would be dumb. - November 23, 2002 by Alan Burkes

The only with hardware support! - I am using a Thinkpad 770 with included MPEG decoder chip. This plugin is the only one I know with hardware support. This does not only mean better picture quality but also a CPU with almost nothing to do. A great plugin but I am hopeing that the developement will be continued. - September 24, 2002 by Peter Stindl

Has bugs - It is capable of playing movies, but not a clean plugin. 1) Every time Winamp opens, Vidamp gives an error that it can't find the Winamp window. 2) Vidamp does not sufficiently buffer the incoming data; attempting to watch a movie off a CD plays choppy and Vidamp becomes inresponsive. - September 8, 2002 by Pascal Getreuer

The best player for Vid files - This player is really good! It was the olny program wich was able to play a DIVX Movie on my 233 pentium with 32 MB Riva TNT and 64MB Ram. I could'n believe it. - August 29, 2002 by Cee Jay

Very Good :-) - Great Job :-D I was getting sick of having a hard time loading playlists into windows media player. Much nicer only needing to have 1 program open that works better. Keep up the good work :-) - August 1, 2002 by James Nikolai

VIDAMP ROCKS!!!! - hey this plugin really rocks ive been using it since it came out now at home for movies/music videos and at discos for music videos hehe -- i like this plugin over others because 1. you can move it onto your TV-out (Gforce/TNT# nView tested) and it will stay there! i love this plugin but i wish there would be a new version with added features and maybe a few code fixes to make it work beter(although it already works great so i dont know if thats possible) ps: "(oh and also whenever a new song begins it brings WinAMP to the front and makes it active regardless of what I'm doing)" not here :) and oh 'could not find vidamp window' - July 19, 2002 by Nick Tencate

wowowowowow.... - hey..this is i really enjoy my winamp with videoclips...thanx a lot.. - June 18, 2002 by Moahan Raaj

Risk the download ;o) - Yeah I am new at this but... I enjoy the plug-in and although I don?t know anything about computers it works ;o) - June 12, 2002 by Shayana Angel

Danger, Kills file associations - The player sometimes works. It gives "Can't find WinAmp windows" erorrs constantly. It distroys your file associtations under Windows 2000. Plus you have to reinstall the OS (as a upgrade, not fresh copy) because there is no Media Player 6.4 exe for Windows 2000 (Says you need a updated version). Installling WMP 7 won't repair the associations. Also whenever you start it it corupts the file associtations again. Even after I fixed them with a reinstall! It has no uninstaller (you habeto manually find its DLL and delete it!) Also remeber this plugin hasn't been updated 2 YEARS! So there will never be any bug fixes whatsoever. Overal it has a good idea, but since there are hundreads of bugs that make it impossable to use and no uninstaller I wouldn't use it. - June 4, 2002 by pete daniel

The idea was fine, but... - This particular plugin constantly crashes my computer. As soon as I installed this plugin, my computer would restart after certain files stopped playing. (It couldn't have been anything else, since I didn't install any other plugins at that time.) It's pretty much unusable since it causes my computer to reset every 5 minutes or so. - June 3, 2002 by Nutty Schmo

Excellent, I can now play music videos through WinAMP - This is a great player for WinAMP. I can now play my videos through VidAMP in WinAMP without the need to mess with DVD Station. It even uses my RealMagic DVD card for the decoding of the MPEGs :). The only minor problem I've come across is that if I move the small window the video stays in the same position until I resize the window (I think you need to add the code for OnResize to OnMove as well), but apart from that it's a superb utility. I would give it 5 stars had it not been for the minor moving fault (oh and also whenever a new song begins it brings WinAMP to the front and makes it active regardless of what I'm doing). Another handy thing is I can create a playlist of my music videos, DVD Station only lets me do that with VideoCDs or DVDs (actually is it asking to much to have a TV Output button added for people with Hollywood Plus RealMagic cards??? ;)). - May 24, 2002 by Darren Forster

Dear Mr. Bad-UI... - RE: "Where's the button to load a video?" To load a video, press the "load" button. Yeah, on that thingy up there called the WINAMP MAIN WINDOW. I can't believe this is so hard for you. BTW, VidAmp has a sort of harsh framerate, but I'm giving this 5 stars to balance out the 1-star rating by the aforementioned. - May 10, 2002 by Afree Izumi

It's a good concept... - do I load a *(&%@(*&#(*@*&# movie? Bad UI is rampant in this plugin. - May 3, 2002 by Joshua Kwan

Fine - A pop-up control bar might be nice. Like in Media Player 2. Apart from that, no probs on my Athlon T'bird, 1000MHz, 320Mb RAM, Win 98 SE box. - April 28, 2002 by Fat man

Yeah... umm... - It's a good idea, I've actually been asking when a version of Winamp will come out with video capabilities, but the thing doesn't work. It doesn't even install into my commputer right. I had to go and find in_vid.dll, copy, and paste it to where it had to go. And then when I do get it to show up, it won't skin and (most of all) it won't work! The things not crap, but the creator has to work some stuff out. - April 9, 2002 by Zachmo Camerino

Vidamp - It's okay on .AVI's but is a little slow. Also needs DVD adaptor version thingy. Also it makes my comp slower - February 27, 2002 by Ben Jolitz

VidAmp Question.. - Allright, VidAmp works great, but sometimes when I start Winamp, it says that "VidAmp cannot find Winamps Window" or something, if anyone knows how to fix that let me know asap, Please E-mail me at [email protected] or [email protected] - February 23, 2002 by Brandon Kramer

good - I was using fist Vidamp, then Tara, and I came back to the old, good Vidamp. Pitty doesn't support all formats, so Winamp canot be a default Video player... - February 18, 2002 by jacek karma

Pure BLISS! - This is the BEST plugin ever for WinAmp. It should be standard with the program! It enables you to play not only music, but video as well. And with the exception of Flash or Real Audio, it handles every type. But I see a future where this plugin BECOMES WinAmp, and people start making plugins for IT, lol, that handle additional file types. - February 7, 2002 by Wouldn't You Like To Know

Screw it - Good Idea but it uses way too much cpu time for my taste. - February 4, 2002 by Christoph Hack

excellent - try to use it with a video beamer - That?s what I?ve done at a party: I connected the video beamer with the external VGA-Out of my notebook and extended the windows desktop with that second screen. (No Clone!) Now I moved the Vid-Amp Window onto the second screen (beamer), where the videos are displayed. On the Primary Screen (Notebook-TFT) I can handle the Playlist etc and the beamer only displays the videos (make the windows-background color black) You can add the videos to your playlist just like MP3?s. - February 3, 2002 by Robin Reinhard

Incredible - Video on Winamp... what more needs to be said? - January 31, 2002 by Tom Scott

Great start for a great plugin! - Whoa! It's about time someone gave winamp some video capabilities. The full-screen mode isn't multi-monitor friendly, and other audio plugins wont work with it.. but hey, it's a great start. I'd love to queue up a bunch of PVs in a playlist and let them run fullscreen on a secondary monitor. - January 8, 2002 by Brian Mason

Skins for everything! - It's a good plugin, plays all the files I tried, and... It's skinnable! Shameless plug ~> Download my skin WSZ Circut Mix (assuming it's been approved) and you will see. - December 17, 2001 by Chris Reed

Yes! Now I can get rid of Windoze Media Player! - Whoever created this is a genius. I hate that blitherin' Micro$oft and how flashy they act, how phony their advertisements are, etc. The genius who made this has very well added the missing puzzle piece to the great Winamp. Now I can view my movies (which I only have one decent one; a clip of a pie getting thrown in Bill Gate$' face while in Belgium sometime in February 1998) with Winamp, no longer be forced to use Micro$&#* products, and know that ther\e's a g4enius o\\ named Christer Sundin (ignore the strange characters, my bvackspace key just broke_) YOU ARE AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWEEEEEEESSSSSSSOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMEEEEE, genius! Thanks goes to Nullsoft for making and amazing prodiuct and that genius guy for creating a wonederfullly wonderful plaug-in. (And the backspace key is still boroken. along with the arrow keys n the shicft key[s]. sorry.) - December 3, 2001 by Andrew Marchetta

very, very good. - I like this a lot, but it would be good if someone skinned it - November 10, 2001 by ajay taak

nice...plugin - it is a nice plugin but when will updated versions come - October 31, 2001 by blue5001 5001

It really whips the llamas ass! - Its awesome.. I used to use Morpheus, but its trash... whoever made this deserves the noble prize for whoopin' the llama!!!! - October 8, 2001 by mikey modena

the formats pretty much worked... - except when it came to divx avi where it on the first movie i tried on, played normally but i couldnt press anything in winamp so i had to kill it. with the 2nd movie winamp crashed.. - October 5, 2001 by Alex Palex

this plug is kickin! - You would think that Nullsoft would have thought of this first...I love watchin music videos, and I love winamp...hmmm...this plug is the thing that's missing from it now!! - September 26, 2001 by Jeff Richard

VidAmp-v1.0 - I like this plugin a lot...since i am anti-microsoft and the DivX players for linux suck. I use this hogs less resources than WMP....welll its worth the download and besides its only 112KB who can complain! - September 16, 2001 by Andrew Bense

It plays qt mov with out me arsin about dlin qt - It plays qt mov with out me arsin about downloadin qt - August 11, 2001 by Darren Horrocks

t - Great!!! - August 10, 2001 by thang tran

Great Plug-In ! - A great plug-in for my preferred (ex-)audio-player :-) I love the compact and usefull WinAmp-player but i really missed the ability of playing movies! ps: First test show full functionality. - August 7, 2001 by guest guest

no sound - is this plug in is bogus or is it my pc? is it just my POS computer or does this not play sound with mpeg files?? - August 3, 2001 by drew taylor

OK - WHY IS IT SO FUCKING SMALL!!! - July 23, 2001 by Scott Mason

The best input plugin for winamp!! - I love this plugin. I almost took off my windows media player wen i saw this. My favorat video player is now vidamp. skinable too! It doesent get any better!! - July 11, 2001 by /\QU/\TR()N|CS *

Vid-Amp it rubbish!!!!!!!!!!! - This is total shit man,Do somesthing about it,letting everyone down,nothingz gone into this one Beware needs some serious shit done on it! - July 6, 2001 by Roy Snarley

Sonidero - It does what it says. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the VIS plugins do not work with VidAmp. Keep up the good work. - July 1, 2001 by Roberto Tenopala

great - Vidamp should be part of the full winamp like AVS. In many ways its better than all other media players (because it plays most kind of filetypes quick and smoothly. - June 16, 2001 by oliver meis

Great.....But NOT perfect - I think this is a great plugin, but I normally start Winamp in windowshade mode, which results in a Vidamp error message : "Unable to find Winamp Window" - If this were fixed it would be perfect! - June 12, 2001 by Mike Gorton

I'll use Media Player . . . - It's a good idea, but too choppy, and WAY too small, you'll have to do better to compete with Media Player in the video category. - May 27, 2001 by Jeff A

Great, making winamp the best media player out there - Vidamp, the best video plugin for winamp. I mylsef use this plugin every day to watch all types of movies, nice and fast, no lag, and the quality is excellant. PS: don't stop updating! thx You People with SLOW COMPUTERS can't take it, i bet you windows media player or any other takes up either more or the same amount of recources! - May 25, 2001 by Nick TenCate

What's up with the Negative Reviews - Jeez, it seems like every review in WinAmp has some idiot zapping a proggie. This one is 5 star Gold. It needs to be aware that downloaders may not have the codec a little more, but what an excellent utility. It allows loading of multiple files, and runs well. It sure adds a nice dimension to WinAmp. For the WinAmp staff, find the guy/gal who made this program and develop this one. It's a potential giant killer. - May 23, 2001 by boolean fool

it plays, but it burns recources - This is a great idea...if it weren't so heavy on older machines. i would use it more if it didn't burn so many CPU cycles. my machine uses around 98% of the CPU time just to support it. - May 22, 2001 by Bugg Sam

hmmm........... - great idea...but then again,would it really bea that useful??? i mean, another QT or Mplayer window is just a click away too... - May 21, 2001 by Nic Borrott

Jiril Victor gave it - The program irrationally uses resources though there are no ample opportunities.... - May 20, 2001 by V.R. Jl

i like it i like it - man this thing rockes! why didnt winamp have this then ? i can play my videos whaen ever. you got to down load this today! - May 16, 2001 by justus marrs

What a stupid idea - Um, this is a terrible idea for a plug-in :P There are plenty of apps to run movie files in.. it doesn't even interact with Winamp in any way.. BOOOOOOO - May 11, 2001 by Lithium Trip

Good! but don't stop updating. - It can't play WMV, rm files. I hope that It will be upadated for enable to play Such Video files. - May 1, 2001 by Ganada A. Hayashi

Works most of the time. - Ok it works most of the time, but on occasion at winamp startup I get an error saying the VidAmp can't find the Winamp window... perhaps the author is trying to subclass the window a bit too soon. Anyway, it's nice when it works. - April 23, 2001 by Clay Stallard aka Haywood Jablomi

Wow,Its great,download it quick before its too late - I think this is a great lookin plugin,its free,sleek interface!,it also plays in quick time mode,its great,download it now! - April 18, 2001 by jack insole

plays videos! - yes, finally my winamp can play videos. and it isnt a bloated plugin with a bunch of useless features. i would recommend this - March 29, 2001 by s 1138

Wow...Great plug-in. - Probably the best video plug-in for Winamp. Video runs smooth and looks great! Also has other nice features. - March 28, 2001 by Ben Brian