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uICE RCC v1_13

Controls WinAmp with infrared remote controls.

Controls WinAmp with infrared remote controls.

uICE Remote Control Client controls common WinAmp actions like play, stop, pause etc. with standard remote controls from TV sets or other home theater equipment.uICE RCC acts as a TCP/IP client connecting to the uICE (Universal Infrared Control Engine) server.Now with Direct Playlist Access and OnScreenDisplay.

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February 27, 2001 by Chris Mueller55184 downloads

uICE RCC v1_13 - Controls WinAmp with infrared remote controls.

Staff review

Give it a try you lazy people!

If you are super lazy then Im sure you will want this. Control winamp from around the room. Im not sure what the uICE part is but Im looking into it. Seems kind of cool. c-


great plugin, too bad there is only a limited amount of controls - generally it's a good plugin, works smooth, supports uIce which is great, indeed a good idea, though it can be done better, only a bit though =) the only prob i had with it was it's limited functions, by that i mean i can only control play, stop, etc. and not all of the things winamp can do, like toggle fullscreen. anyhow, thx alot, im still using it. - September 21, 2006 by t h

I don't know the wardware - I ned know wath is de wardware necesary for implement this plug-in. refer to de remote control and cpu receptor. thank - January 29, 2006 by Gustavo Bertelli

?? - where do i download the remote?? - May 3, 2002 by nobody special

Can i have a remote? - Great idea, I guess. Do i get a remote for downloading this? 'Cuz I don't think my TV remote will work, will it? - March 16, 2002 by Scott Felch

Great! - After Creative Labs refused to write drivers for the Infra Kit for Windows XP I found uICE and bought it! Then I found this plug in and I love it! Direct playlist access via buttons 0-9 is a god sent. Easy to use, extremly fats and most of all stable! - February 17, 2002 by Stephen Ball

Best remote control plugin - This is the best and easiest program to control winamp through a remote control. I tried a bunch of different programs and nothing compaired to uice. Plus it has support for many different types of remote control including my RealMagic remote. - June 28, 2001 by Jesse Rohland

so what do i need? - and how much will it cost me? - May 6, 2001 by philihp b