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Twitter plugin

A plugin that posts what you listen to twitter

A plugin that posts what you listen to twitter

This plugin uses twitter and audiotwit to post what you listen to twitter

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January 22, 2009 by Nick Papanotas24769 downloads

Twitter plugin - A plugin that posts what you listen to twitter

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Interesting Twitter integration

Twitter integration for keeping up with your friends


search for "twittamp" in google - September 22, 2010 by cadmagician

Your pluggin definitelly needs a "post" button, because if I am listening a hughe music list, my followers can see the time line flooded with my songs... The solution is easy, you may put on Winamp skin a button for post manually or automatic, or you can create a option popup over windows clock icons, when a song start playing, I can click in the popup if I decided to post. Good idea, but needs development. - July 27, 2010 by [email protected]

This plugin is crashwinamp if there is no connection to the internet on windows 7. otherwise works great - July 19, 2010 by [email protected]

Awesome!, but..... - I am looking for a way to remove the @listensto auto mention and the 3 autofollows that occur when you install the plugin. I am more than willing to give credit where credit is due and would even consider paying a small fee to obtain a version of this plugin - sans those features.I am using this plugin as a way to tweet an Internet Radio Broadcast that is 100% legal (royalties are paid, credits are given) not a Shoutcast, and would like a way to insert my own autofollow and automention.Additionally if you could make it tweet an audio stream, and not just a static playlist you would have something that is very difficult to find. I know, I've been looking for weeks. - October 8, 2009 by ypchris

Were Is The Pause Button - ok so I like it, but how do i pause it when i dont want it to show on twitter but still listen to the song on my own?? WHERE IS THE PAUSE BUTTON, i have reinstalled it 4 times because sometimes I dont want it to show on my twitter and sometimes I do! HELP!!! - June 28, 2009 by charelblessed

Works...but, - I would like to see more configuration:Title - Artist - AlbumAnd...if possible, aditional options like "Year" and/or "genre"Tks for plugin and continue make better. - May 25, 2009 by viawebnet

Compatibility for non English tags - When I played Japanese tagged songs, it posted information to Twitter as greeked charactors... - April 30, 2009 by Yoshiaki Saita

No Stream Feed - When listening to local music files, it works fine. But doesn't work for streams. Only updates the original stream title, not as the title changes. - April 29, 2009 by Greg Empey

One serious bug - When my track info is transmitted to Twitter via the plugin, the two letters after "" are dropped. For example, composer "Lonin" becomes "Lin". The track info looks fine on my website, or when I paste it directly into Twitter. Is there any documentation? - April 7, 2009 by Mark Whitnall

it work - Sorry i forgot to desactivate my firewall rules for winamp.. - February 19, 2009 by J G

I like it! - Works perfectly for me. I am using an older version of Winamp (5.35). I would like to see more configuration options, such as, show "Year", "Composer", "Comments", etc. - February 10, 2009 by John Luck

Worst Twitter Idea Ever - Who is actually going to follow an account that uses this? Let's assume that the average song length on a station is 5 minutes, that's 288 tweets per day!! More than likely it's more like 3 minutes, which is 480 tweets per day!!!!! Seriously, who the heck would follow something like that? - February 10, 2009 by Jesse G

Doesn't work - Maybe something is down somewhere but I couldn't get it to work. Gave username and password but acted like it could not connect when clicking OK on the configuration dialog. - January 24, 2009 by Mark Headrick