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Control winamp from your system tray. TrayAmp is a general winamp plugin, which adds up to eight trayicons to your System Tray. It has the following features:- 3 Sets of Icons- Different actions for left and rightmouse: -Previous Track -Play -Pause -Stop -Next Track -Decrease Volume -Increase Volume -Quit Winamp -Show Winamp -Configure- Hint texts give information of the actions performed by a click- Each icon can be enabled or disabled, so when you only want three icons you can get three icons.

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February 1, 2003 by UFO Productions103169 downloads

TrayAmp - Featured Plugin.

Staff review

Very handy plug-in

Allows for you to have Winamp functions in your system tray. Really easy to use configuration options. Good download for those that like convenience. -dg


Love it - Now I can control my music without doing much. I think I used the old version of this, but the both-buttons stuff's brilliant. Now two little icons in the tray control all my music :) - May 18, 2004 by Alex Wood

I love this plugin - i love this plugin because if u windowshade winamp the buttons are so tiny but this really helps and oh yes WHOEVER HATES THIS PLUGIN CAN JUST %$#@ OFF - August 13, 2002 by Ian Maxon

I love it - a long long time ago on a pitiful comp, i was usin this plug-in way b4 winamp v1.0 came out!! i've bben lookin for it ever since. i ved it then, and i still love it. i'm runnin xp pro, and i've never had a problem with it. way to go!!!! - June 16, 2002 by p t

Whats the point? - Whats the point of this plug-in? All you have to do is go to the prefernces in Winamp, say for the exe to appear in the system tray, then when you play songs, just right click the icon, go to Playback, and then control from there! It may sound complicated since i sed it step by step, but it's not! It's 2 clicks! - April 6, 2002 by Ted Ster

can't wait - he did you all know that the are making an update???????????????? Trayamp 1.1 I can't wait for it so Hurry - September 3, 2001 by Tijgermug Tijgermugske

Yery useful! - This thing rocks, especially if you have Winamp only in the Tray and can't alt+tab and use the keyboard controls when you need to. With TrayAmp you can control Winamp quickly while you're using other programs, and you can completely customize it, too. (As it has been said in the review, only 1 or all buttons, it's up to you - as is the right-/left-click functions and icons they use) The next version will rock even more. 'nuff said. :?) - September 3, 2001 by Marc�l Str�hle

Good, but not perfect... - I like the quick and easy volume control...but it's missing the "open" button like on the Nullsoft version! - August 31, 2001 by christine watnik

tray amp - Its not bad well it not like i have mad a better one its just it needs more to make it better ,needs a small equillizer - August 28, 2001 by stuart weis

UFO??? - Look like ???...... make more of this stuff!&! - August 28, 2001 by richard thoy

Not bad.. - ...but since I'm always concerned of not getting too much into the tray in order to keep system performance up, i rather not use it... but a very good idea - August 28, 2001 by Daniel Schneider

m?kemmel - harika ?ok g?zel b?yle bir ?eyi aray?p duruyordum m?ti????? - August 27, 2001 by Umut Savasim Celiker

Robin? - leuk geprobeert robin van poppel!?!?!?!?! - August 27, 2001 by hacky the hacker

It does confuse you alot - Boy It got me so confused and I have hard time to keep the icons hidden but it wont - August 26, 2001 by Rusty Olsen

Kick@$$ - I've always enjoyed using the tray buttons for WinAMP. This Plugin is an awesome extension of this functionality. - August 23, 2001 by Sonny Savage

NICE ONE! - Its the coolest plugin i've ever seen!! - August 23, 2001 by Serge Sahakian

I don't try this yet! - I give it 4 because of the idea!!! - August 19, 2001 by Kourosh Meshgi

great - buttons in a sys tray where excisting for a long time, but finaly there is this great update!! - August 15, 2001 by Tim Bakker

Not 'bad at all... !!!!!! - thin is gonna give me more space....on the desktop - August 14, 2001 by Jonathan Saw

Cool - You know what this is brillient. And I thought that Justins Frankels was good. He should be taking lessons from you (no offence Justin). How about making a Joytick PlugIn to control Winamp (also what Justin has made). One thikng thoughcan you not use the awful color for the configeration background. Good work keep it up. - August 12, 2001 by Giles Cotterill

Excellent - I had another trayicon plugin, because I'm always working on various things at a time, but it sucked. This one really works and has many more good features!! I'm looking forward to new plugins from you guys. - August 12, 2001 by Afro Kip

quick, easy, intuitive.... - not only does this plugin employu an excellent winamp tray control setup, it also utilizes an excellent configuration setup that allows the user to customize the actions of each of the buttons, even down to the effects of a right click or a left click. superb job ufo productions, i look forward to your future releases. - July 31, 2001 by brian connolly

Great plugin - The most flexible tray icon plugin I've seen so far. The ability to assign different functions to left/right click is very nice and saves on screen real estate. - July 13, 2001 by Anand Thakur