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TrayAmp 2

Control Winamp from your system tray.

Control Winamp from your system tray.

TrayAmp is a general plugin for Winamp. It allows you to control Winamp from your system tray. New features in this second version are:+ Brand new engine and configuration.+ Space for 25 icons.+ Now using preset files.+ AutoUpdate.+ Custom toolhelp.+ Stupid bugs fixed.+ New functions added.+ Reverse icon mode for Windows XP.

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October 13, 2002 by UFO Productions15767 downloads

TrayAmp 2 - Control Winamp from your system tray.

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The Best plugin I EvEr saw in my LIVE!!! - This plugin has everything you will EVER need in a Tray plugin!!! up to 25!!! options, and all custom so if you want only 5 functions you can!! By the way: Nikkie c said: "get rid of the pop up and this plugin is perfect" But there is no pop up in this plugin... it's just an update screen, you can shut this off if you want!!! GREAT PLUGIN!!!!!!! - August 4, 2003 by Weebl Bob

well I like it - I have been useing trayamp 1 for ages now and love it. but now ver2 is here and even though I still have it set up the same as I had ver1 I love all the new stuff ver2 has. I can control the major functions of winamp without even thinking, increase/decrease volume, next/prev track, play, pause, stop, and quit. all with only 5 easy to find buttons. - October 15, 2002 by Steven Glennie