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Tray Control Mercury

A visual upgrade for Nullsoft Tray Control

A visual upgrade for Nullsoft Tray Control

This is a visually enhanced version of Nullsoft Tray Control. The icons are loosely based on the Winamp 5 Modern and MMD3 skins, and come in 32-bit, 24-bit, 256-color, and 16-color variants.

This will overwrite the original Nullsoft Tray Control plugin. If you wish to revert back to the old version later, backup gen_tray.dll before continuing.

Compiled in VS.NET, and tested in WINXPPRO.SP2 + WA5.093/WA5.1, which means there's no guarantee that it will work on all systems.

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October 17, 2005 by Jose Olarte48697 downloads

Tray Control Mercury - A visual upgrade for Nullsoft Tray Control

Staff review

Does what it says


Very good, but only a small but... - Functionality is good, but the next track and previous track buttons are the wrong way round!!! Other than that, looks good, works fine. - January 17, 2006 by Chris Holmes

Excellent - Excellent plugin, simple and effective - January 2, 2006 by ajaxx ajaxx

ok - but the previus and next butons are the wrong way - November 19, 2005 by Sandar Kleven

Its Awesome - Its the perfect for when you are surfin the web and you don't want restore Winamp, then press the buttun, then minimize. It's awesome. - October 27, 2005 by Aaron Casey

Good - Definately better than the ugly white ones - October 19, 2005 by �w����� �H��gH����