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Tray Control for Winamp

Lets you control Winamp via keen system tray buttons

Lets you control Winamp via keen system tray buttons

Lets you control Winamp via keen system tray buttons. You can configure which buttons you want to show, too.

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December 15, 1999 by Justin Frankel66185 downloads

Tray Control for Winamp - Lets you control Winamp via keen system tray buttons

Staff review

How did Winamp get into my Tray?

Will you look at that. Winamp is sitting all alone in the tray. And the real kicker is I can control Winamp with it!c-


when u have in playlist only radio stations, and cclick right mouse on next track = move to previously item then winamp crashed - February 27, 2011 by [email protected]

How to change the icons - Here is a how to change the tray icons like Conny Stenberg and myself have done. It's really quite simple - the tool I used is availible free online as a demo: 1. Get an icons editing package that can read icon librarys stored in .dll files. I use Microangelo 5. 2. Open the gen_tray.dll file using the program. I used the Microangelo 'Explorer' tool. 3. Edit the individual icons in the file and save the library. That's all there is to it! Happy listening! -Kell - September 28, 2003 by Kell Bengal

hehe It works! - Windows XP hated the title bar one but this one works fine.....yeah! - August 4, 2002 by Sean Shannon

Nice - It would have five stars if it let you make your on buttons but other than that it rules. Thankz its a cool plug in people should try it. - June 13, 2002 by Tom West

wohoo! - best ever!! - May 31, 2002 by Konny Beck

Perfect! - This plug is great! HEY WA-TEAM: Put that in the next version!!! But... How to change the icons? they aren't very nice... not that important but would be nice... - February 20, 2002 by Lukas Domnick

AWESOME!! - This utility is absolutely priceless! I use the system tray controls all day long! - January 3, 2002 by Billy Kendall

I LOVE IT - I LOVE THIS THING!!! I hacked the icons to a more appealing look. Other than that, great job. - November 22, 2001 by Joe Rodriguez

SWEEEET!!!! - What a great idea! I wouldn't have thought of it, but when I browsed past it I thought I would give it a shot. Works great, totally stable, very, very handy. I also agree that this should be included in the next Winamp version. - October 19, 2001 by David Fisher

I'm sick of searching for this - Why doesnt this one just ship with the winamp installer? - October 13, 2001 by mike g

hmmmmmmm - havn't i seen this before on my title bar ???????? - September 3, 2001 by tobias humble

Brilliant - This is so simple, and suits me very very fine.... - May 13, 2001 by Taitsiak Heilmann