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Tray Control

Another Tray Control

Another Tray Control

Control Winamp from your system tray and show the player current status. It has the following buttons: Previous, Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Volume. Hint texts give information of the actions performed by a click. You can customize the buttons with your own icons. After installation a folder will be created in ...Winamp\Plugins\TrayControl where you can find the icons: 0_backward.ico, 1_play.ico, 2_play_on.ico, 3_pause.ico, 4_pause_on.ico, 5_stop.ico, 6_stop_on.ico, 7_forward.ico, 8_volume.ico, 9_volume_mute.ico. The icons' size is 16x16 pixels.

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May 21, 2010 by Blue Nation13369 downloads

Tray Control - Another Tray Control

Staff review

Basic Notification Icon Controller

This has a few basic icons for previous, play, pause, stop, next and volume and it works though there's nothing spectacular about it.