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TonioWare s BPMeter

THE beat counter for Winamp

THE beat counter for Winamp

This plugin catches the signal and calculates the beat.

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November 14, 2003 by Tonio Ware109250 downloads

TonioWare s BPMeter - THE beat counter for Winamp

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Beats per minute calculator

Wannabe by Spice Girls = 54.8 BPM


Sucks - crashes my winamp. don't bother - May 18, 2008 by Jamieson A

don't use this if you have epilepsy - Oh man it's really really ugly. Don't even think about using the volume gets worse. The color scheme is the hardest thing I've ever looked at on a computer. The BPM computation is merely OK. If you're listening to something with a 4/4 beat between 120 and 145, it does an OK job of getting the beat right.If you switch to a 3/4 or anything more complicated it will freak out and read BPMs all over the place. So forget using this for breakbeat or hip-hop. I also tried this with some happy hardcore (ex. Scooter) at a 4/4 beat and it was really hit or miss. Once the beat gets faster than 150 it starts to get unstable and will sometimes give the correct beat, sometimes not. (Mostly it was giving me something at 2/3 or 1/2 of what I was actually playing, so I think it gets confused with the highs). Conclusion: If you're spinning really basic 4/4 beats, and no one can see your screen (no VJing with this up), this will work. Anything else and you're better off to do by ear or buy a real BPM counter. - January 22, 2008 by Joey McAdams

A useful idea to start with... - This is generally what I was looking for (a bpm calculator). However, I share the criticism of some users. BPMeter doesn't seem to have reached its final stage of development yet. The installation works without any problems and places BPMeter under "DSF/Effect". Once installed, the bpm output is bouncing permanently, and leaves you guessing about the true speed of a track (I was trying it with various jazz files). Using the "show volume" function displays the volume in red, also toggling permanently. I switched that off soon. BPMeter comes in a separate window which doesn't gel too well with the Winamp player as far as the visual is concerned. A separate entry under the "view" menu would be fine also (in order to be able to switch visibility on and off). So, this plugin can be considered useful to some but don't expect wonders at this point. It would be great if this neat little thing was developed further. - January 8, 2008 by az frankie

yes - god - November 13, 2007 by rui loureno

Just what E-DJ's Need - This is a very helpful utility, for me. I LIKE IT! - December 15, 2003 by Marty Torres

Clunky but workable - This is a little clunky if you don't know much about how the settings work. And the display is a bit hard on the eyes. It does what it's supposed to do though, so I'm not complaining. - June 15, 2003 by Cuddly Otter

inaccurate - when set properly this plugin is fairly accurate. i tested it on a song i wrote/produced at 135bpm and it returned between 135 and 135.6. i did notice that it did drop the counter during silent parts .. from what i've seen on most beat counters on mixers and turntables it retains the count before the beat dropped but indicates the part is silent by flashing or something like that .. perhaps a feature that would be useful in this? not really important i suppose. - February 7, 2003 by Jason Woodrich

Works good - Does its job well but its a bit on the... ugly side :) - January 20, 2003 by Andew Bell

Simple yet Effective - All those people complaining about this program... Just don't have a clue... As long as you set the computation length at around 10 seconds, you'll get a better average bpm. (only problem is u have to listen for atleast that long)---------- As far as turning it off....Ctrl+P > DSP/Effect > Select (none) - July 16, 2002 by Josh Joseph

Learn To Use It! - You people who are complaining about it not being accurate. Try not setting the refresh rate so low. At 2000ms it was .3 beats off. I know for fact because I tested it on a song that I made at 160bpm, it reported 160.2-160.4. That's damn good to me. So, before you bitch about a plugin not working, next time...learn to use it! - June 15, 2002 by Dj Kritikal

Bad & Buggy!!! - It killed my winamp... Besides it doesn't work very well, only at every second song. - May 20, 2002 by Valentin Mueller

WTF!?!? - Is the BPM 120 or 140!?.....NO THANX! - May 5, 2002 by Erwin Dark

BULLSEYE! - Great beat counter! - The is the business for a working club DJ who likes to mark up all his tracks with its BPM. Saves sitting around for ages with a stop watch in hand .. Feet going like the clappers! ..Its ACURATE too! ..Nice one! - April 5, 2002 by Terry Slade

w00t! works with metal! - In contrast with AtomixBPM (which keeps changing from 60 to 140 bpm each single second) this one works with metal. - June 12, 2001 by Vlas Baard

Inaccurate as hell - After testing it with several songs that other plug-ins detected fine, I was yet to find one song that this plug-in detected properly. - May 5, 2001 by Rob Hills

funny, but beware - i don't feel like being dumb, but i just couldn't stop it or deinstall it... - April 23, 2001 by Betty Boop