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The Ultimate Media Library Plugin 1.19

Filebrowser feature for Media Library

Filebrowser feature for Media Library

This plugin will add your Media Library an explorer-like filebrowser feature, it recognizes hard drives, audio and mp3 (data) disks, removable drives (memory cards, pendrives, and most of mp3 players), and network drives. Now it's able to open and edit m3u playlists too. The plugin allows you to add named and timed positions to your songs (e.g. long mixes), the playback will start from that time. You can also map folders (e.g. your music folder) and playlists (add their shortcuts to the ML list). Files and folders can be copied/moved by drag&dropping them. The plugin is fully customizable, and will match Winamp's skin. For more information and screenshots check out

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January 19, 2009 by Peter Horvath185908 downloads

The Ultimate Media Library Plugin 1.19 - Filebrowser feature for Media Library

Staff review

media library file explorer

The Ultimate Media Library Plugin is the tool you need for exploring your folders with Winamp. Another cool feature are positions for quick bookmarking of songpositions instead of seeking manually.


Does not work with Winamp anymore, it crash my winamp....But i hope they fix it, it is a good program! - September 15, 2010 by Jevon Jones

I am confused please. I downloaded and installed this add-on and winamp stopped working. what do I do. Are they not compatible. My operating system is vista - September 8, 2010 by [email protected]

Rubbish. As soon as I install, I can no longer RUN winamp. I get a CTD on start, and I have no idea how to fix. - September 7, 2010 by Doughnut

This plugin crashes the Pro Version on Windows 7 - September 2, 2010 by [email protected]

Bonjour - March 15, 2010 by [email protected]

So far gread add on. Does exactly what I was looking forward to. Using on an XP machine. - November 16, 2009 by cbeckner80

Good work! But... - I can't see any ratings, play counts etc... All columns arre emty except "filename". The same problem with MyTop ML Plugin.(MyTop - ver. 1.1; Ultimate ML plugin - ver.1.18) - June 9, 2009 by free_gemini

Unstable Download ? - Needs work, to handle current firewall settings without change to conform...ERROR:Process,ID=oxfd58(8024), Thread ID:o1x1e1c(7708)....Would like to knowof any other way to download product than one listed, inform ne via E:MailThank You, PS> this is not a remark, but a suggestion... - May 31, 2009 by Mr.Bruce Whippie

Won't Save Config and Won't Uninstall - The plug-in works well enought but you have to reconfigure it every time I start WinAmp, as it doesn't save the configuration. It keeps trying to read the A: drive until you unselect it. It offers limited viewing of files which is based only on filenames, not tags.The plug-in will not uninstall. - April 22, 2009 by Andy Hobbs

Won't install. - Failed to install after a half dozen attempts with and without Winamp running. But when skipping the error just went to an ad page for apartment rentals... - January 31, 2009 by Kevin Finck

It works well for me! - This is an excellent library plug-in which does exactly what it says. I prefer this Windows type) file location system to find my music. Winamp ought to adopt 'Ultimate Media Library Plugin 1.15' and integrate it in the main program. That's how good it is. - January 23, 2009 by Richard McGill