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The Brain

Tired of shuffle and playlists? The Brain learns from your listening patterns and provides automatic song selection.

Tired of shuffle and playlists? The Brain learns from your listening patterns and provides automatic song selection.

The Brain is our ground-breaking intelligence module. It's not a playlist. It's not random shuffle. It's the way you listen to music. The Brain knows what you want and how you want it. It knows when you want it and it's going to give it to you. You've got to hear this.

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December 16, 2002 by Adam D'Angelo14929 downloads

The Brain - Tired of shuffle and playlists? The Brain learns from your listening patterns and provides automatic song selection.

Staff review

Don't touch that playlist.

The Brain will do it for you.


very usefull - I use it since 2 years with always the newest winamp-version. Today I kann say, after month's of playing songs, "the brain" has created my own charts. Always whenn I'm to lazy of serching good songs, I click on "brain://play" in my winamp-bookmarks and relax. With "shuffle" I had to hear also bad songs, but with "the brain" winamp plays only my finest songs. And the best thing is you have nothing to do, becourse of "the brain" works without interaction in the backround and creates silently your individual charts, which you can hear and also view in the browser by typing "http://localhost:8541/". In my opinion better than the best media libary. - December 16, 2008 by ALEX Vercetti

Decent Idea - It's a good idea, but it wasn't what I wanted. I would have given it a higher score, but the uninstallation from the Add/Remove menu you said to use did not work... And of course, the uninstall button from Winamp did not work either. I had to remove all the files manually so that winamp wouldn't give an error message every time it loaded up. Thanks. - August 10, 2007 by China Town

Not support winamp 5 - I cannot imagine i could forsake jump to file, new skins and so on just for having brain in winamp. Right now I have installed brain in my winamp so it does a perfect log. when I actually don't have time to press next button frequently I close winamp, open Synapse and activate brain, that's it. The best solution for today. Talking about synapse, supports only mp3 and wma, always crashes on XP and uses 100% of your PC CPU, playlist is limited to around 1000 entries but some ideas ARE revolution! The most actuall thing is, that the brain logs some kind off neuron connections between songs and yoou'll be surprised when it will play actually the song you want to =?) - September 5, 2005 by Dainius Ziura

Oh, NOO!!! - Very nice stuff... But > does not works under Winamp 5.02, only the hitlist... Did not tried with newer versions, so I'm sorry if I say some shit... (Now downloading the new, and try again) - April 24, 2005 by Gergely Tarsoly

Don't like it... - It only plays songs which are previously played, the whole song, in some sort of 'recording' mode. I think it would take too long time to 'record' my whole collection of 8000 mp3's to make this plugin useful... - March 1, 2003 by Oystein Raknes

Sweet - The Brain is awesome.....I can't believe how well it knows me. And its part of a whole media player, which honestly kicks Winamp's ass. This is, unconditionally, the best media player I've ever seen, and even better than that, its free! I found it while looking for Winamp components, and I found The Brain. This thing was exactly what I needed for my music collection, beating out any randomization of playlists by far. Then, I saw that it had a website, so I visited, and to my surprise, it was only a part of an awesome media player. Its correction of ID3 tags did exactly what I had considered paying for in MoodLogic, for free!! Now, with the Meta-Brain, I don't even have to play all my songs, but it recognizes exactly what I want, before its ever seen it. And, with plug-in and skin options, this player is bound to take off for the same reasons as Winamp did, only better. - January 24, 2003 by Matt Goldstein

Word. - The Brain intelligently makes playlists for you better than you could ever imagine. But as the authors say, don't blame them if the Brain one day decides you're no longer necessary and vaporizes you. Get it while you can. - December 19, 2002 by Mark Zuckerberg

The Brain is smarter than you. - Are you tired of annoying randomized playlists? Do you ever wish you had your own personal DJ? Well, look no further than The Brain, because I garuntee it is smarter than you and all your friends. - December 18, 2002 by Hayden Cacace