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Take It Easy

Nice plug-in to slow down things

Nice plug-in to slow down things

This DSP plug-in was designed to allow musicians to play along theis favourite songs changing the music tempo and tone.
Enjoy your pratice.

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October 25, 2005 by Ary Medeiros148358 downloads

Take It Easy - Nice plug-in to slow down things

Staff review

Pitch/Tempo control

Does what it claims to do without any issues. Nothing special, just works as expected.


Thought it could be handy. - But then my playlist stopped working, and songs just kept jumping foward and backwards without any response to the controls. Could be really good plugin, but there are some bugs to clear out first.Ps. Try to include somekind of bpm counter in it. - November 26, 2008 by Mikko Mulju

Perfecttttttttttt - I've been waiting years for this, Im not kiddin, really years lookng for this ... since 1999 or something .... - November 18, 2008 by Samer Ahmed

Crashes and gets stuck - This plugin does work, but it has a bug which crashes Winamp. In addition it has gotten stuck and Winamp can then only play a track starting from the middle. As a result I can not recommend this plugin. Another dance group has also seen this problem, so it is definitely a plut-in problem. - February 11, 2007 by John Clement

Does what it says, on some files... - It worked great for me on most of my songs, that is, those in standard MP3 format... but when I tried it with an MP3 encoded with Windows Media Player with MS's Lossless Codec, Windows completely crashed to the blue screen of death. If the plug-in doesn't have compability for the file type, it should do nothing, not crash my system. - May 12, 2006 by Eric Bouray

Excellent! - Exactly what I needed to listen to lectures in MP3 format and skip over the low-yield parts. - April 30, 2006 by t g

Does What it Says On The Tin... - Perfect for me - needed to slow down some bass lines for practicing. Nice work. - March 9, 2006 by Brendan Gillatt

Sort Of! - It sort of works. But there is considerable lag when changing settings while playing song. Needs more work. - November 16, 2005 by meeshu Bahniuk

Works and is kinda cool - Simple and delivers what advertises. Only, chokes in low pich/tempo and delays the response if changed during playback. Just like any other Winamp audio plug-in. - November 15, 2005 by Marcelo Meireles

Works Better than Slow Me Down - Allows speeding up and slowing down with more precise control than Slow Me Down. - November 8, 2005 by Ken Koellner

Good but Too Simple - Good plugin, doesn\'t degrade sound quality much at all. Even with the few exceptions listed below, it\'s the best plugin for this purpose I\'ve used yet. Notes: Needs some work when handling it\'s buffers; buffers don\'t refresh when skipping through a song. Does not flush buffers when changing songs. Also Tempo changes (especially while set around -50) take a while to take effect. While changing tempo, it will pull old buffer data for playback. Noticing subtle inconsistancies in playback, while values are not set to 0, multi-layer timing may be inconsistant. No advanced settings. - October 28, 2005 by Dennis Goends