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tac plugin for winamp

high quality audio compression

high quality audio compression

tac (transparent audio compression) is a new high quality audio compression formattac site:

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August 23, 2000 by karsten madsen50116 downloads

tac plugin for winamp - high quality audio compression

Staff review

New high end audio compression format

This plug-in allows you to play TAC files in Winamp. Although, I couldn't easily get my hands on a TAC file to do some testing, the format does rate high on audio compression comarison charts. ( for more information. Hopefully, more TAC files will be available in the future. -dg


Defunct - Why bother? TAC is officially dead. Btw, the actual site, in case someone wants to get info on a defunct format, is The link to the message board gives more informations on the format death. - January 11, 2002 by Roberto Amorim

COMPRESSOR-YAY! - I haven't even opened the download yet, but I was hoping to find a compressor, I copy things (spoken word) from the net to MINIDISC (holds over 140 minutes on MONO mode) and , the compressor should come in REAL handy for this.... one of the people I listen too talks too softly sometimes! THANKS! - May 19, 2001 by clyde briggs