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Studio Sound FX


Imagine the amazement you could be feeling right now, as you experience true Studio Sound.

Acuity Sound Technology from QO Labs. A sound so precise it would gain the seal of approval from professional recording artists, all from your existing speakers in your own home. A sound so real that you will finally get to enjoy your music collection, the way the Studio engineer intended in the studio. Imagine the amazement you could be feeling right now, as you experience true Studio Sound. Are you curious to know how this is all possible? Let your ears show you that this is all possible, and enjoy true Studio Sound from your PC, when you download Studio Sound FX now.Studio Sound FX can also be used with your favourite DSP's such as Jammix and Enhancer.

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September 18, 2008 by QO Labs191877 downloads

Studio Sound FX - FREEWARE - Imagine the amazement you could be feeling right now, as you experience true Studio Sound.

Staff review

Bring something special to your music files

I really liked this plugin,it brought somethingvery special to the music playing in winamp.It combines clarity and punchy bass with a clean top end,together with the backround ambiencethat you only get with studio recordings.The interface is nice and clean,easy to navigateand the amount of control you have over the finalsound is superb.The added bonus of a spectral analyzer via the configbutton just sweetens the deal.


The best output plugin of the Winamp! Excellent!!! - July 25, 2010 by Rodrigo

New options are opened if you click twice on parts of it. Makes sound so clear and profesional. - July 1, 2010 by Vladan2mail

Excellent - First off, the page says it's free. However, you don't get *all* the features for free. The features unlocked to free users are amazing though.Second, this plugin shouldn't even be necessary. Windows Media Player and Foobar2000 both have amazing sound quality without any weird config or plugins. Winamp, however, has poor sound quality, making plugins like these necessary. The Winamp team should have focused a little more on their sound codecs. - August 22, 2009 by jdpineapple

Sonofabitch!!! - I use a laptop with shitty speakers.. hav always hated the sound.. this thing makes it sound GOOD! :) - May 18, 2009 by mayank_is

WOW! - The sound improvement is amazing and it's so simple to use. - January 25, 2009 by Phil Bono

Nice plug in but... - This is a nice plug-in and it does work. What concerns me is their web site. It tries to install the "JS:Packed-Y [Trj]" Trojan on your computer! For that sleeze-bag behavior, I give it ZERO. - December 13, 2008 by Richard Kelsch

Exceptional - This plugin has a brillant interface and sounds extremely impressive. A must have. - November 8, 2008 by Rocky Czaplewski

QO Labs just keeps getting better! - Brilliant plugin! Here you get all the processing power of their amazing PowerFX2, but with a streamlined interface & foolproof options guaranteed to kick your sound up a notch and give it that extra polish without the fuss of a million settings or the risk of overdoing it. The compartmentalized quick settings make this plugin perfect for casual listeners looking for a little pop to their sound or true audiophiles looking to polish up the edges of their sound in a concise final step.Great work QO Labs -- keep up the great work!! - November 8, 2008 by Chris Grose

Sounds Really Good - This Studio SoundFX plugin makes music sound far better than before. It's simply the best DSP plugin for winamp. Unluckily it is too heavy on system resources. - October 27, 2008 by Cem Eralp

Excellent - What can I say? How can I say? My music is real music now.Thanx QO Labs. Great Job. - October 17, 2008 by serhat atan

alex - hi - October 17, 2008 by alex rosa

good sound - i would like you help fix it please - October 10, 2008 by lunick joseph

Terrific - I've been a happy Winamp user for maybe a decade. I've also been using the DFX plugin for years to my complete satisfaction. This Studio Sound FX plugin is the first sound enhancer I have ever tried that I can use in conjuction with DFX and significantly improve my sound quality performance. And it's FREE!! - October 9, 2008 by Warren Koch

Nice resampling, best with other DSPs - I'm currently using this plugin with iZotope Ozone (Enhancer 0.17 would also pair nicely with this I think) and I'm very happy with it. Resampling to 192 KHz 32-bit with a "6" balance rating gives nice clarity to the music. I turn off the bass intensifier in favor of iZotope's tube amplification.I also like the ability to switch from "speaker" to "headphone" mode with this. It definitely makes a (positive) difference.Conclusion: This plugin is powerful, but could use more options (Either that or a true slider bar instead of just low, medium, high for most settings) for tweaking to get that "just right" sound. - October 3, 2008 by Jon Rey

wonderful looking ,let me try this out ! - wow! - September 24, 2008 by carl morgan

Amazing!!! - This is by far the very best plug-in I have ever come across. The clarity this plug-in produces is second to none. I will be recommending Studio Sound FX to everyone! - September 21, 2008 by Natalie Johnsone

Can't install this!... - It says: "Winamp is required to run this plugin. Would you like to download Winamp now?" ??? - September 20, 2008 by Pt Tripede

Well Done! - Not usually a big fan of DSP/output plugins, but this one is probably the best I've tried.Amazed at how much difference it makes in the sound of my music. Really adds punch and clarity. Also really easy to navigate and you don't have to be an audio engineer to understand how to use it.Only downside is it appears to be pretty cpu hungry. - September 19, 2008 by Tim Bower

excellent - it's free it's ok all the best - September 19, 2008 by soon peng

Amazing quality audio - I can finally enjoy quality audio through my headphones!The difference between the plugin being active and inactive is amazing.My music sounds more alive with the plugin on, I don't think I could go back to my "dead" music now... - September 18, 2008 by Wesley Twyman