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Stereo Swapper

swaps the left and right stereo channel

swaps the left and right stereo channel

Perhaps I'm blind, but I couldn't find this feature anymore in the newest Winamps nor plug-ins, so I made it myself :)This DSP plug-in swaps the left and right stereo channel. Plain & simple.

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August 5, 2002 by Randy Simons41430 downloads

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Stereo channel swapper

Simply switches the left and right channels of a stereo signal. Straightforward and easy to setup.


Does wjhat is says, excellent. - I sit at a computer and have the audio jack for my headphones on my right hand side. Cable lengths and a splitter for some external speakers make it awkward to change this.I recently bought some new earphones that have the cable split point off centre, with the left ear lead being shorter. This means the wire hangs naturally down my left and side, which is opposite from where it needs to plug in!Using this stereo swapper plugin, I can use the earphones around the wrong way (left earbud in my right ear), and have the cord hang nicely down my right hand side.Very useful indeed :-) - October 8, 2009 by steve

It Simply Works - and Works Simply! - No muss, no fuss. No switches or adapters to buy. Just click on Stereo Swapper in the DSP window and the channels switch.Sure, you can do the same thing by fumbling around in NSPS trying to find the right effect to load, but this is just plain easy.Exactly what I wanted. - September 19, 2009 by marshall

Just what the docter ordered. - My speaker set-up and things I do with my sound require me to quickly switch between normal set-up and a reversed set-up (It'd be ridiculous to move speakers back and forth every day when it should be easily done digitally.) All the other plug-ins for Winamp made such a simple task either way too complex for what was to be done, or just didn't succeed in doing it on my setup. This is what I had been desprately looking for, thankyou! - January 30, 2006 by IMa Mee

cool - hey i tried alot of these plug ins to get my 5.1 surround to sound good, this lil one did the trick, heck for the longes time only the left and right channels worked, now i got all 5.1 going, sounds sweet - July 11, 2004 by Roger Bone

Nsps - Good idea, but Nsps that comes with Winamp5 can do it's job and some more. - April 4, 2004 by Henrik Andersson

LOL - hehe LOL for noobs that cant switch boxes >:-) if they dont know how to get a box switched :P 5 stars for noobs :P - July 9, 2003 by Wesey UbuuIsak

if it worked... - ;actually nikki c is wrong, there are circumstances under which the swapping of channels is entirely necessary and has nothing to do with the end user's work ethic. besides, as far as that goes, some speaker chords jus' don't stretch, man. ;i am currently using winamp v2.91, and this plugin does not function properly. following the install instructions to the letter, the plugin .dll is placed in the winamp\plugins\ directory, and the plugin is listed in winam prefs under dsp/effect. however, only the 'configure' button appears when the plugin is selected from the list of dsp/effect plugins. there is no 'start' button available. the quick help screenshot for step 6 on this page would seem to show that the visualization menu is selected, not the dsp/effect menu. ;in any event, the plugin does not work... at least with this version of winamp on windows nt (and yes, i'm willing to admit this could be winnt's fault -wouldn't be the first time). ;just tried it out v2.81 and it didn't work either. will attempt on a windows2000 machine later. - July 9, 2003 by cRaig theIconoclast

Good Job - To the other raters: it's not practical to switch speakers (especially if the cords are long and behind every other piece of equipment on your desk) every time you want the sides switched. If you don't have a use for it, then this plugin is not meant for you, so there's no point in rating it down. - January 18, 2003 by Matthew B

Not worth it - If you want to swap l-r channels, just move your speakers arnd or wear your headphones the other way arnd... ;) i hope simons would come up with something more useful... - September 18, 2002 by M Karthikeyan

i wonder what THAT is good for... - useless,thats all it is. - August 14, 2002 by andreas finken